Saturday, August 6, 2016


Princess Bear (PB) and I were at my sisters house hanging out with her dog since they were in Indianapolis for the day.  Bailey (my sister's dog) doesn't do well when she's left alone for more than 4 or 5 hours.  So when they do day trips like this we go over there a couple of times to let the dog out & PB gets her dog fix.  Bailey loves playing catch and I swear PB would launch balls for that dog for hours!  We'd been there hanging out for about an hour and my mom called and said that we needed to meet her at a dog adoption event that was sponsored by a rescue here in town.  There had been a couple of dogs they had that my sister & I pointed out to my parents.  This had been the only time in 42 years that they'd been without a dog.  I also kept reminding them that the longer we waited there was a good chance that the weather might be seriously crappy while we were trying to housebreak a dog.  So while my Dad was really dragging his feet I have to say that I wasn't surprised when my mom called today.  So we headed back to Peoria to meet the dog.

As soon as we pulled up to the event I knew it was a done deal.  When we arrived my dad was sitting out front and the dog had her front legs wrapped around his arm and I knew he was done for.  She's somewhere between 4 and 6 months old and a Boxer Pittie mix.  We're actually the 3rd home she's had in that short amount of time.  Her original owners were not allowed to keep her because she was a Pit mix.  The 2nd home was her foster but it's still a lot of bouncing around for a baby.  She's a very sweet dog that loves giving doggy kisses and cuddling.  She's great during car rides.  She has a few behaviors that need to be worked on.  A few times today she has jumped up on the couch by jumping over the arms.  One of those times knocking me upside the back of the head.  She's also peed in the house twice but my mom's convinced she's done that  because she can tell the cat has.  The places she went aren't anywhere near where the cat has marked though.  She wasn't at all happy about being crated for the evening but for the most part she's a very good girl.

She's the first dog we've had that really likes toys so the trip to Pet Smart was a ton of fun.  I'm thinking she might be Princess Leia for Halloween!  She's really good with other dogs and she and the cat didn't mess with each other the only time they were near each other.  So far things are looking great!  The only hitch is a name.  The name she came with was Sasha.  That said she doesn't respond to the name and we're not crazy about it.  The problem is coming up with a name we all like.  PB wants to name her Rosie.  My dad and I like Wrigley.  My dad loves Maverick.  I wanted to call her Remington and call her Remi for short.  My mom has voted all those down.  Friends and family keep on throwing suggestions out there.  We've had several Chicago Cub and Chicago Bear names thrown out there but nothing is sticking so far.  Luckily if you want her and whistle she comes so I guess we have some time to come up with a name.

Without further ado please meet....Dog!  lol

 photo Puppy 1_zpsm7njoqjg.jpg
Meeting PB for the first time

 photo Puppy 2_zpsveocaxff.jpg
Chilling at home

 photo Puppy 3_zpsvfe3mzsc.jpg
Sleeping between my parents. Aren't the ears adorable??!!!??