Thursday, September 5, 2013

Freedom Farms- Lisa & Dad's Farm

OK, people have always seemed to wonder what happened to the King father and why his was not part of the picture.  The family seemed to want to stay mum about it which I fully supported as their right to privacy.  It seems lately that they are bringing him to the forefront.  In this interview with Lisa she discusses how the divorce affected her children.  Makes you wonder what really happened.  What happened to a couple that they divorce after so many years and 10 kids together.  Read the interview HERE

Also here is the listing of the farm.  Check it out HERE.  How did they have have 12 people in a 4 room house?  Whoa!  Serious sardine action! 

Farm Kings Season 2 episdode 12?

Ok- is that right or did I somehow mess up the episode count? Ugh! Who knows! This episode was basically covering the Farm to Table Dinner and Pete's frustration with Lisa asking too much of him. The dinner had to be cancelled on it's originally planned date due to weather. It was interesting to see how different brothers looked at the situation differently. I understand (and pretty much side with) Joe and his decision to cancel the event. Thankfully it could be scheduled for the next night and there wouldn't be a big monetary loss. Of course some people wouldn't be able to make the next night and would have to be offered a refund but that's a pretty insignificant cost for keeping people safe. I also was somewhat liking Tim's idea of holding the event under a tent and weather be damned. Unfortunately storms are unpredictable and best not to be responsible for 100 people's lives while hanging out in a storm. The day the event did finally happen seemed to be a huge cluster f*&k. It was great that Tim set up tables and chairs. Thankfully he was thinking ahead and taking care of some of the needed choirs to get the event off the ground. It once again seemed like Joe threw something together by the seat of his pants and was wishing for the best. It was clear that there was no clear idea of who had what responsibility and that things were not ready in any way, shape or form when people started arriving. Joe's excuse of planning it for 15 minutes after the markets closed just is bad management. How can you throw something like that together in 15 minutes and where is the time to take care of any unforeseen complications? The whole thing with Pete feeling frustrated by Lisa's demands was funny and sad at the same time. Why is it that Lisa has to be the one that works the hardest and does more than anyone else? She's one hell of a lady that has raised a great family so why does she always need to look for the validation of how much she's doing and how good she is? I was totally cracking up when Pete went to her house to talk to her and share his frustrations with her and she then asks him to dig up a couple of trees for her. Seriously Lisa???? Did you not just hear the words that were coming out of your sons mouth??!!!?? It's obvious that Lisa is spread thin as everyone else and needs more help. She almost needs Bitty at the gardens and then someone else that is her help alone at the home market. There was also an issue of the baler breaking down. Man I know those boys deal with equipment on a regular basis but they seem to have some bad luck with things breaking down when they really need them. Again Tim was the responsible one always making sure the younger boys were away of potential dangers. The next episode is the season finale. It appears that it's going to be a dozy covering the sale of their fathers farm. Hopefully they tie up the loose ends that are floating around and GAC will announce season 3 soon!