Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope it was a day filled with family, fun and faith. I'll post pics of Princess Bear and her haul soon!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas House Tour '08

Sorry I'm so late in the day with this. PB is sick! We just got home from Prompt Care. We didn't get more than half of the house decorated. Darn snow/ ice storm. No power & freezing temps doesn't induce a very merry Lets decorate mood! Here is what we have up so far! Enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas pictures

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Another day another dollar

Have I ever mentioned to y'all that I don't like rain or cold weather? I tend to hibernate all winter long. I do not go out unless I have to. Last night we had freezing rain for several hours and then just enough snow to cover it. I've never missed an Illinois winter in all my 35 years. Right now I'm feeling a beach, with hot cabana boys and yummy tropical drinks calling me! If I can't just run away how about a vacation?!!!? I know I have more to post on but I'm a bit on the tired side...naptime anyone?!!!? I do want to share this video with you guys. I saw this & started looking into hedgehogs as pets. They are supposed to be really good pets...even if you have cats & dogs. My parents are dead set against it. Darn the luck! The song for the video is going to stay with you but its so cute! Boogie Hedgehog Now isn't that just the cutest?!!!!?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Man...I just woke up but is it naptime yet?

I WANNA TAKE A NAP!!! Princess Bear is feeling better but still not sleeping very well and keeping very odd hours. Its enough to make me a bit crazy! She did go back to school today! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she makes it all day but if not no biggie! She was excited to get back! We also had her Christmas pictures taken last night. That kid loves the camera! I will try to post some of the pics later! I've also been going crazy trying to kick off the Christmas Extravaganza at Savvy SAHM Reviews (my other blog). Its got a ton of great giveaways so go over there & check it out. Enter a giveaway or 2 while you're there! The Christmas Extravaganza is Dec. 12-14th! (yep this is shameless plug! I admit it!) Other than that I'm trying to keep my mom off my back, get my child back to healthy and sleep every once in a great while. Although I had great plans I haven't made a dent in Christmas decorating. This weekend for sure. That and about 100 Christmas cards...UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Man...I honestly get scared when I'm this tired! My mom gave me one of her gift certificates for a pedicure & I'm supposed to go in an hour & I just want to sleep. How sad is that? My feet desperately need the pedi though (my ped egg hasn't helped much lately ) so I guess I'll tough it out. (Think they'll be offended if I fall asleep during the pedi?) Ok.... of to clean, go to the post office and then a pedi!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello! We're still alive...Princess Bear is just one sick kiddo at the moment! Last week we attempted to do her follow up CT Scan. PB had a total and complete meltdown. A far cry from the kid who did a CT a few weeks earlier and had no problems. So after approximately an hour of trying to convince her this test wouldn't hurt we went home. She returned to school and things were ok for a day or so. I was in panic mode with the salon order (don't ask...I remade the clippies & delivered Friday evening). When I picked up PB from school on Friday her racking cough was back so I called the peditrician & she was put back on augmentin. It helped but not nearly enough. By Saturday afternoon she was running a relatively high temp for her, was coughing, and very short of breath. We were supposed to go to my sisters for a birthday dinner for my mom. In all actuality it was a surprise party for my mom. I love the way my family just didn't even mention it to me. Oh well it is what it is right? Sunday PB's temp was up even more and the kid couldn't even walk through a few rooms without being out of breath. I tried keeping her in bed with books & movies but she wasn't down with that. Yesterday I called the peditrician as soon as they opened & was told to take her to Prompt Care. Well the good news is that she doesn't have pneumonia....thank goodness! The bad news is that she does have a huge respiratory infection and there isn't a darn thing I can do that isn't already being down. My poor child is coughing so hard she vomits, she's completely miserable & the advice is keep up the antiobiotics & breathing treatments. Get as many fluids in her as possible and as much rest as possible. UGH! My mom also had one of her "its time to go ape crazy" moments about the condition of our rooms. Neither one took very long but honestly I think taking care of PB is more important than cleaning. So that is the story on this side.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please wake me up!

Ok....remember awhile back how I posted about how I was just a barrette making fool?!!!? I was getting so much accomplished & I was so proud of myself?!!!? Well, today I was supposed to drop everything off at the salon. Last night I went to get the box of clippies & I CAN'T FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was up until 5am tearing apart my room and making some new clippies. I can't believe this. The plus side I'm throwing out more unneeded stuff which is great but I'm still in full on panic mode. Knowing my luck I'll find them the day after Christmas! Since I'm now of the age that I feel like something you scrap off the bottom of your shoe after only 1 hour of sleep & going to put Princess Bear to bed and I'm crashing myself!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm....

Ok, I've really started to wonder if my mom has any idea how out of touch with reality that she is sometimes. As I've mentioned we're having some problems with Princess Bears behavior in school. Yesterday was the first day that PB did not hit or poke someone. The fact that I took TV away may have had a positive affect. Now for the downside PB was very defiant, not listening to directions and generally not behaving. Again, no TV. My mom has decided that the reason PB is acting this way is 1) because I'm a bad mother and 2) because PB always here's my parents bitching at me about not doing things in the house so PB feels she can do the same thing. My mom decided last night that I'm doing irreversible damage to my daughter and that we should move out (this was after one of her friends at work convinced her that there really was low income housing available in the area...THERE ISN"T!) My dad finally got my mom to cool down some but the whole thing has me shaking my head. Now I'm going to go bang said head into wall and get PB ready for today's CT scan. Fun fun fun!

HM Sarah Siggy

Monday, December 1, 2008

Man, its been awhile!

Dang, did y'all miss me?!!!? I feel like I've been gone forever! It was a bit crazy around here last week. I was launching the new blog. It was fun...a bit of trial & error but I think I'm on a roll now! Then with the holidays Princess Bear was off school from Wed on. Things are a bit smoother with her. I'm counting to 3 a lot but we're getting somewhere I think! Thanksgiving was relatively ok until my mom lost her ever loving mind at the end. It was so ridiculous its almost funny. I swear if someone ever taped my life & I ever watched it I would feel like I was watching an episode of Punked! Saturday was my nephew's birthday party. I think I have some great pictures....I haven't gotten around to downloading them yet! I'll try to do that and share some! Its hard to believe its been a year! He's such a good little boy. Then again he was looking at one of Princess Bear's books yesterday and went to town trying to tear a page out. I was so proud of her though. She got this panicked, oh sh#t look on her face and then just started laughing. She was ok with helping me patch it up. Other than that things are just moving along here. My dad & I have been trying to get holiday stuff started but it seems as though fate & my mother have other plans. On Friday my dad got out the outdoor lights and discovered out of the 7 strands of icicle lights only 1 was working. Hmmm...not good! My mom as decreed until the house is PERFECT there is no putting up anything. While PB is at school today I'm straightening up our rooms and dusting and vacuuming. After that I'll try sneaking a few things up. So that is the story on this side!

HM Sarah Siggy