Monday, December 1, 2008

Man, its been awhile!

Dang, did y'all miss me?!!!? I feel like I've been gone forever! It was a bit crazy around here last week. I was launching the new blog. It was fun...a bit of trial & error but I think I'm on a roll now! Then with the holidays Princess Bear was off school from Wed on. Things are a bit smoother with her. I'm counting to 3 a lot but we're getting somewhere I think! Thanksgiving was relatively ok until my mom lost her ever loving mind at the end. It was so ridiculous its almost funny. I swear if someone ever taped my life & I ever watched it I would feel like I was watching an episode of Punked! Saturday was my nephew's birthday party. I think I have some great pictures....I haven't gotten around to downloading them yet! I'll try to do that and share some! Its hard to believe its been a year! He's such a good little boy. Then again he was looking at one of Princess Bear's books yesterday and went to town trying to tear a page out. I was so proud of her though. She got this panicked, oh sh#t look on her face and then just started laughing. She was ok with helping me patch it up. Other than that things are just moving along here. My dad & I have been trying to get holiday stuff started but it seems as though fate & my mother have other plans. On Friday my dad got out the outdoor lights and discovered out of the 7 strands of icicle lights only 1 was working. Hmmm...not good! My mom as decreed until the house is PERFECT there is no putting up anything. While PB is at school today I'm straightening up our rooms and dusting and vacuuming. After that I'll try sneaking a few things up. So that is the story on this side!

HM Sarah Siggy


Jen on the Edge said...

Most of our lights burned out last year AFTER I put them outside. It would infuriate me to come home at dusk and see yet another section of lights gone dark.

I always clean house before I decorate too. :-)

Susan said...

Well, I hope that you can get the decorations up soon! Maybe that'll help your mom get in a better mood.