Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Not dead yet

There's been more and none of the above list was in chronological order.  I can honestly say that I missed the blog and blogging as well as checking in with those whose blogs I follow.  I can also say that the break was very necessary.  My mom breaking her foot at the holidays really threw a wrench in things but we survived it quite well.  Adopting a puppy (she was 10 weeks old when we brought her home) was quite the change.  The last time we'd had a puppy I was in high school and got a puppy as my 16th birthday gift.  There is something to be said for having one dog to train the new one!  My cousins death really threw me for a loop for so many reasons.  He was 4 years younger than I am and had been healthy before this whole nightmare started.  He was incredibly full of life and the father of 3 young children.  It was so very hard to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousins go through this horrible ordeal. 

Through all of this Mason has been absolutely incredible.  The man can drive me absolutely crazy inside 3 seconds but he is always there for me.  He's even kind of talked me into moving to Colorado at some point in time.  There was no way that I could be ok with the idea of living in California and for reasons that I'm not really sure I understand he doesn't want to consider Illinois.  He really wants to go back to Colorado.  I can't say I hate the idea.  I just wish the town he wanted to go to was bigger.   I'm a city girl at heart.  I want to be close to a city and that isn't going to happen if/when this move takes place. 

I could probably babble on for awhile longer but it's 1:40am and I have an early Dr's appointment.  I just needed to get a post under the proverbial belt so I can get back into the swing of things.