Friday, May 14, 2010

My Poor Baby Girl

Princes Bear (PB) went to sleep last night so excited because she talked to her friend Shay who had major surgery yesterday morning and was relieved that Shay was ok. Ever since my dad's extended hospital stay PB panics about anyone being in the hospital. She was also excited because she had a playdate set up for Sunday with her other BFF Aidan who she hasn't seen since he transferred schools in October. His mom & I finally connected and the kids talked on the phone. It was so cute. Well, this morning PB woke up crying that her tummy hurt & running a 102.3* temp. I think this is pretty much wiping out our weekend! When I called her in at school I was actually put on hold. Evidentally this is hitting the school hard- joys of having kids in a germ factory. So that is the excitement on this end!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love it when something finally clicks

So I've really been doing a lot of thinking and looking into habits that I want/need to change. Its scary how much time you can waste online. Its just a time sucker! That said I'm going to be watching what I do online.

Now for today's post- I think there has to be some sort of rule that a father and his son cannot procreate within the same decade. It just doesn't seem right does it? Now I'll be the first to admit that I've had a habit of dating men that are a bit older than I am (not much older; thinking in the 8- 10 years older range). I dated someone when I was at Great Lakes who had his first son when he was rather young. So you have me at 25/26 dating someone who is around 34. His first son was around 14 at the time. His son and I had a great relationship. We used to spend a lot of time just talking about life. I was the adult that he felt ok talking to. I thought this kid was a really good kid over all. His dad I and were friends for a long time after our spilt too. Actually I have no idea why we aren't still friends but that's a whole different post. Anyway, Chris is/was a good kid. He wound up becoming a father rather young (like father like son, right?). I was worried for him when he and his significant other wound up having 2 little ones while they were so young. He seemed to be really in love with her though and really enjoyed being a father. I found out that his dad has remarried for the 3rd time (I think) and has had another child or two. Then Chris and his first wife split and he just had a son with the new woman in his life. I could also go into a full fledged rant on what the hell it is about men having a son that turns them into puddles of mush that doesn't happen with daughters but again I think that's probably another post. Now Chris is on to a new relationship with a woman who is actually several years older than he his and he just had his 3rd child. All of this and he's the age I was when I was dating his dad. I was so not thinking of having kids let alone 3 at that point. It just makes me really sad overall. Sad that his dad is still playing the fatherhood game while trying to get relationships right and sad that Chris is following in his footsteps. His relationship with his daughters is going to be strained. I don't have warm fuzzies about the relationship he's in now so I wonder about his future relationship with his son. Just sad stuff.

HM Sarah Siggy

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just another Manic Monday......

Man~ there's a lot going on but honestly I don't even know what!!! Princess Bear is doing very well in school & aceing all of her spelling tests so I'm a very proud mommy. Some weeks the words come easier than others but she's so close to really reading and so very excited about it. I think we'll have another bookworm in the family! When you tell her you have a surprise one of her first guesses is a trip the bookstore- there could definitely be worse things!

The weekend was riddled with lots of fighting with my mom. Big surprise, huh? I've also given up on the idea of having a "nice" Mother's Day until a) Princess Bear is older and b) we have moved out. My mom did come to the realization this weekend that the relationship we have is "unhealthy". She was actually surprised at this realization. Wonders never cease. Now the only downer of this realization is that she thinks all the changes have to be on my part. Baby steps right? I do feel like I'm in a position to take more control over my life & I feel really good about it so maybe things will smooth out all the way around!

PB is very excited- my parents bought a hummerbird feeder and we have one of my grandmothers left over that I'm going to clean as well. We put up the new one last night and PB was upset that the hummingbirds didn't come in droves. Patience young one! I've been pushing for a bird feeder so this is a good start! We have a very dear family friend that now as a wild turkey visting him daily and it eats out of his hand. He wondered if PB would like to see the turkey & called on Friday when the turkey was visiting him. PB got a kick out of it to see the least! It came within a few feet of us and she thought that was the coolest thing ever! I'm on a mission to plant some flowers so I can attract some hummingbirds and flowers as well as some seeds to attract other birds. I'm so immersed in my country lifestyle magazines and having a wonderful time with it! So thats the story on this end!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A case of the blahs

So I've been coming to the realization that I have a serious case of the blahs. In an attempt to get myself out of this I've been doing a bit of life evaluation and contemplation. With everything going on I think one of the biggest things I need to change is my diet. For a few reasons. Losing weight, feeling better and eating better foods certainly can't hurt. I also need to make sure Princess Bear is eating well. We packed her lunch today & she was thrilled. A good old peanut butter & jelly, sliced strawberries and sliced carrots. Lunchtime at school is usually a diaster with fights and name calling so I'm hoping that her bringing her lunch won't cause any problems.

I'm doing some major housecleaning trying to get the rooms all neat and pretty so my mom can quit bitching and then we can start the summer with nothing over our heads. I'm also trying to figure out some fun plans for the summer.

So thats what is going on in this neck of the woods- oh so exciting I tell you!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Really- not truly to be evasive

I'm not I swear! It just seems that my life is a force unto its self. I'm STILL fighting with the local school district and school board. I have yet another case of MRSA. If that isn't a kick in the head, guess what? Princess Bear has MRSA too. She was complaining about her head hurting. There was a little scab on Tuesday night. By Thursday night there was a HUGE, I mean ginormous bump there. On Friday night I got the great pleasure of putting my daughter in a bath, softening it up and emptying a pus filled mess. UGH! So thats life around these parts! Anybody else having fun?