Friday, May 14, 2010

My Poor Baby Girl

Princes Bear (PB) went to sleep last night so excited because she talked to her friend Shay who had major surgery yesterday morning and was relieved that Shay was ok. Ever since my dad's extended hospital stay PB panics about anyone being in the hospital. She was also excited because she had a playdate set up for Sunday with her other BFF Aidan who she hasn't seen since he transferred schools in October. His mom & I finally connected and the kids talked on the phone. It was so cute. Well, this morning PB woke up crying that her tummy hurt & running a 102.3* temp. I think this is pretty much wiping out our weekend! When I called her in at school I was actually put on hold. Evidentally this is hitting the school hard- joys of having kids in a germ factory. So that is the excitement on this end!


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