Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ack- lets try this again!

Yes, so once again I've fallen off the face of the earth. I have more posts rambling around in my head but didn't actual do them. I did realize that a lot of it was generally ranting and then I realized that it perfectly acceptable. As a matter of fact thats what this basically started as. So I'm going to try to blog on a consistent basis and not bitch too horribly much! Since it is late I'm just going to do a brief rundown of life in these parts.

-I am the proud aunt to another nephew. Luke is so cute and for the most part a very chill baby (unless you're changing him that is!) He had some big issues with jaundice and still is. He goes back to the Dr tomorrow & I'm worried that he's going to be re-admitted to the hospital because the kid is freakin' yellow! I don't mean a bit yellow I mean holy crap yellow down to the whites of his eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

-My daughter has had a pretty good summer all in all. It was more productive than some of our other summers but as usual per my mother I haven't done enough (ugh!)

-I'm starting to do scrabble tiles for the boutique I sell at. I'm dropping off the first set tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I really do need some money!

-I'm still as, or perhaps even more, on my quest for sustainable living. Our garden is still doing well & I'm going to try making homemade ketchup this year!

-Apparently we're moving. This is with mixed feelings. My parents have lived in this house since I was 18 months old. Although things are not the best now it was always a place that was here to come back to. The neighborhood has seen a decline but my folks still were ok with it. Then our neighbor who literally has been like a grandmother to me my entire life told us she's moving into assisted living. She is truly one of the most amazing people I know. Princess Bear (PB) wants to go there daily just to visit. It would be impossible to log how many hours I've spent sitting on her front porch talking. Well now that she's moving my parents feel theere is no reason to stay. They wouldn't have moved and left her here but thats no longer a consideration. I did find the almost perfect house for all of us. It has a 20' x 46' garage with an attic. In addition to parking for 2 vehicles it has a workroom and 2 offices. In all but the worse weather I figured that 1 office could be a playroom for PB and the other a craft/ work room for me. Then we'd be out of there hair most of the time.

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