Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope it was a day filled with family, fun and faith. I'll post pics of Princess Bear and her haul soon!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas House Tour '08

Sorry I'm so late in the day with this. PB is sick! We just got home from Prompt Care. We didn't get more than half of the house decorated. Darn snow/ ice storm. No power & freezing temps doesn't induce a very merry Lets decorate mood! Here is what we have up so far! Enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas pictures

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Another day another dollar

Have I ever mentioned to y'all that I don't like rain or cold weather? I tend to hibernate all winter long. I do not go out unless I have to. Last night we had freezing rain for several hours and then just enough snow to cover it. I've never missed an Illinois winter in all my 35 years. Right now I'm feeling a beach, with hot cabana boys and yummy tropical drinks calling me! If I can't just run away how about a vacation?!!!? I know I have more to post on but I'm a bit on the tired side...naptime anyone?!!!? I do want to share this video with you guys. I saw this & started looking into hedgehogs as pets. They are supposed to be really good pets...even if you have cats & dogs. My parents are dead set against it. Darn the luck! The song for the video is going to stay with you but its so cute! Boogie Hedgehog Now isn't that just the cutest?!!!!?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Man...I just woke up but is it naptime yet?

I WANNA TAKE A NAP!!! Princess Bear is feeling better but still not sleeping very well and keeping very odd hours. Its enough to make me a bit crazy! She did go back to school today! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she makes it all day but if not no biggie! She was excited to get back! We also had her Christmas pictures taken last night. That kid loves the camera! I will try to post some of the pics later! I've also been going crazy trying to kick off the Christmas Extravaganza at Savvy SAHM Reviews (my other blog). Its got a ton of great giveaways so go over there & check it out. Enter a giveaway or 2 while you're there! The Christmas Extravaganza is Dec. 12-14th! (yep this is shameless plug! I admit it!) Other than that I'm trying to keep my mom off my back, get my child back to healthy and sleep every once in a great while. Although I had great plans I haven't made a dent in Christmas decorating. This weekend for sure. That and about 100 Christmas cards...UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Man...I honestly get scared when I'm this tired! My mom gave me one of her gift certificates for a pedicure & I'm supposed to go in an hour & I just want to sleep. How sad is that? My feet desperately need the pedi though (my ped egg hasn't helped much lately ) so I guess I'll tough it out. (Think they'll be offended if I fall asleep during the pedi?) Ok.... of to clean, go to the post office and then a pedi!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello! We're still alive...Princess Bear is just one sick kiddo at the moment! Last week we attempted to do her follow up CT Scan. PB had a total and complete meltdown. A far cry from the kid who did a CT a few weeks earlier and had no problems. So after approximately an hour of trying to convince her this test wouldn't hurt we went home. She returned to school and things were ok for a day or so. I was in panic mode with the salon order (don't ask...I remade the clippies & delivered Friday evening). When I picked up PB from school on Friday her racking cough was back so I called the peditrician & she was put back on augmentin. It helped but not nearly enough. By Saturday afternoon she was running a relatively high temp for her, was coughing, and very short of breath. We were supposed to go to my sisters for a birthday dinner for my mom. In all actuality it was a surprise party for my mom. I love the way my family just didn't even mention it to me. Oh well it is what it is right? Sunday PB's temp was up even more and the kid couldn't even walk through a few rooms without being out of breath. I tried keeping her in bed with books & movies but she wasn't down with that. Yesterday I called the peditrician as soon as they opened & was told to take her to Prompt Care. Well the good news is that she doesn't have pneumonia....thank goodness! The bad news is that she does have a huge respiratory infection and there isn't a darn thing I can do that isn't already being down. My poor child is coughing so hard she vomits, she's completely miserable & the advice is keep up the antiobiotics & breathing treatments. Get as many fluids in her as possible and as much rest as possible. UGH! My mom also had one of her "its time to go ape crazy" moments about the condition of our rooms. Neither one took very long but honestly I think taking care of PB is more important than cleaning. So that is the story on this side.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please wake me up!

Ok....remember awhile back how I posted about how I was just a barrette making fool?!!!? I was getting so much accomplished & I was so proud of myself?!!!? Well, today I was supposed to drop everything off at the salon. Last night I went to get the box of clippies & I CAN'T FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was up until 5am tearing apart my room and making some new clippies. I can't believe this. The plus side I'm throwing out more unneeded stuff which is great but I'm still in full on panic mode. Knowing my luck I'll find them the day after Christmas! Since I'm now of the age that I feel like something you scrap off the bottom of your shoe after only 1 hour of sleep & going to put Princess Bear to bed and I'm crashing myself!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm....

Ok, I've really started to wonder if my mom has any idea how out of touch with reality that she is sometimes. As I've mentioned we're having some problems with Princess Bears behavior in school. Yesterday was the first day that PB did not hit or poke someone. The fact that I took TV away may have had a positive affect. Now for the downside PB was very defiant, not listening to directions and generally not behaving. Again, no TV. My mom has decided that the reason PB is acting this way is 1) because I'm a bad mother and 2) because PB always here's my parents bitching at me about not doing things in the house so PB feels she can do the same thing. My mom decided last night that I'm doing irreversible damage to my daughter and that we should move out (this was after one of her friends at work convinced her that there really was low income housing available in the area...THERE ISN"T!) My dad finally got my mom to cool down some but the whole thing has me shaking my head. Now I'm going to go bang said head into wall and get PB ready for today's CT scan. Fun fun fun!

HM Sarah Siggy

Monday, December 1, 2008

Man, its been awhile!

Dang, did y'all miss me?!!!? I feel like I've been gone forever! It was a bit crazy around here last week. I was launching the new blog. It was fun...a bit of trial & error but I think I'm on a roll now! Then with the holidays Princess Bear was off school from Wed on. Things are a bit smoother with her. I'm counting to 3 a lot but we're getting somewhere I think! Thanksgiving was relatively ok until my mom lost her ever loving mind at the end. It was so ridiculous its almost funny. I swear if someone ever taped my life & I ever watched it I would feel like I was watching an episode of Punked! Saturday was my nephew's birthday party. I think I have some great pictures....I haven't gotten around to downloading them yet! I'll try to do that and share some! Its hard to believe its been a year! He's such a good little boy. Then again he was looking at one of Princess Bear's books yesterday and went to town trying to tear a page out. I was so proud of her though. She got this panicked, oh sh#t look on her face and then just started laughing. She was ok with helping me patch it up. Other than that things are just moving along here. My dad & I have been trying to get holiday stuff started but it seems as though fate & my mother have other plans. On Friday my dad got out the outdoor lights and discovered out of the 7 strands of icicle lights only 1 was working. Hmmm...not good! My mom as decreed until the house is PERFECT there is no putting up anything. While PB is at school today I'm straightening up our rooms and dusting and vacuuming. After that I'll try sneaking a few things up. So that is the story on this side!

HM Sarah Siggy

Monday, November 24, 2008

Blog kick off!

Ok...I did it! The giveaway & review blog is up & running! I still need a button but I'm working on it! Please go check it out! Savvy SAHM Reviews

Let me know what you think! If you know anyone who does buttons let me know that as well! Thanks!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Whew! That is all I can say! I'm so glad that its Friday. Then again the idea of spending 2 days with Princess Bear right now is a bit daunting. I'm not quite sure what is going on with her but we're having some really major behavior issues at the moment. Yesterday she came home with only 1 star again. She just won't keep her darn hands to herself. She is also being really defiant at every turn. Yesterday on the way out of school she laid down on the ground & threw a fit because I insisted that she hold my hand. It ended with me picking her up like a sack of potatoes and carrying her to the car. Oh, and she lost all TV privileges yesterday. Then she was in time out several times. I just don't know what to do! Soon I'm sending the kid to the moon or developing a drinking habit!

Yesterday I did a lot of groundwork in getting the new blog started. I'll give you all the link on Monday. That is the "grand opening" of the blog. It looks like there will be a giveaway blitz everyday for at least a week maybe even 2. I'm very very excited!

I've also been doing a ton of work on getting things ready for a salon here in town & to stock my etsy store. Right now I'm working on scrabble tile pendants. Man, I may never play that game again but I do have some darn cute pendants!!!

Princess Bear had her appointment with the ENT this morning so we could see what we are going to do about her adenoids and sinus'. The Dr. seemed very nice & completely competent. He does want another CT scan done within the next few days so we can compare how she looks after being on antibiotics for a month. After that the Dr. can make a better call on how to proceed with surgery.

After her appointment this morning and dealing with a panic attack from my mother (I can't even go into right now...I'll try tomorrow!). I took Princess Bear to school. Then I went out to the mall where my sister, bil and darling nephew were having pictures taken. I've barely seen my nephew because everyone has been sick for the past month and a half. I saw him for a few minutes yesterday and he broke my heart being a bit nervous. Today was a completely different story...he was all smiles and hugs for the Aunt Sarah so I was loving it! He really is a completely precious little boy! I can't believe he'll be 1 next week! How the time flies!

Ok, I'm off to clean this pit of a house. Since I've been sick nothing has been done around here lately. At least the bathrooms won't be scary anymore!

HM Sarah Siggy

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seeking advice!!!

Ok so I'm throwing myself out here and giving y'all a list of things I'm looking for advice on. Some simple some a bit more out there. Feel free to drop a comment or an email! Feel free to link to this if you think you know some people that can help!

1) My mitzvah for the day. My dad is in charge of the St. Vincent DePaul Society for our church. One of the things they do is try to help out parishioners who are having a hard time by giving gift cards for grocery stores, gas etc. Through his work there we have met a truly wonderful elderly gentleman who is having a very hard time financially. He was actually part of a religious order on the West Coast but some health problems that can be potentially life threatening combined with the fact that the order didn't have a way of helping members with medical needs prompted him to move back here. This man is on a very very limited budget. He gets $25-$50 every month from SVdP and that is his grocery money. Last month he called because it was a few days before the end of the month and he literally didn't have enough left to eat. He had pasta no sauce, bread, no eggs and no peanut butter. This situation truly breaks my heart. I told my dad & he took an extra food card there & I sent my dad with some coupons. He said the gentleman was so excited to see the coupons so I've been saving the coupons I'm not using to send over to him. Do you all have any advice on anything else I can do for this gentleman? Any sites that are great for coupons or budget meal planning? (This would also be a HUGE help for Princess Bear on myself because its the middle of the month and our food budget money is GONE! Thankfully we can snag from my parents if we run too low!)

2) I'm working really hard on setting up my new blog. I want the purpose to be reviews & giveaways with a concentration on daily activities and a special child per month. This is what I'm thinking of so far:
Magical Monday- a giveaway every Monday
Tipster Tuesday- practical tips for life including green living
Wrapped up Review Wednesday- a product review by me
Thrifty Thursday- tips and advice for thrifty living
Fantastic Friday- a HUGE listing of blog giveaways

The blog certainly won't be limited to this but this is going to be the working backbone. I'd love to have giveaways more than once away. I'd love to have guests come in and give tips and advice.

So what exactly am I asking for here?
-what do you think of the concept?
-would you be interested in providing a giveaway item or know someone who might be?
-would you be interested in providing tips, thrifty living ideas or being a guest?
-Any constructive criticism is appreciated!

3) Christmas. Share with me what you're doing for Christmas. I'm excited but I'm also starting to panic. Money is tight so I'm trying to figure out what to get for Princess Bear. What are you getting your kiddos? What are some of your holiday traditions and recipes? I'm trying to get focused on having some fun decorating and maybe starting some new traditions. I'm also looking for things to do to keep PB amused during her vacation. We go to the Dr. tomorrow to see if she's going to have surgery over break so I'm pretty sure we'll be housebound for a few weeks.

So that is what I'm up to! Feel free to jump in anywhere!

HM Sarah Siggy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gotta love it! I know I've mentioned that Princess Bear is having rough patches overall in kindergarten. Things run smoothly for awhile and then boom! Enter a rough patch. Princess Bear is having an even harder time since the fire at school and transitioning to the new location. Add that she's been sick as well as everyone in the house & we've got a recipe for disaster. There are a few things that Princess Bear is usually using stars for at school. The most common are talking when she shouldn't, not lining up to come in from recess, not keeping her hands to herself and not participating during learning time. Some of these I understand and others I'm thinking "ok guys she's you want to come in from the outside or keep playing?" We have good days and bad days but all can be dealt with. Unfortunately in her never ending attempt to keep me on my toes PB has stepped up the bad behavior. The ones that have surfaced are she's tried throwing away something that belonged to someone else and today she hit someone in the chest. Well, the throwing away is unacceptable no matter what. The hitting was a result of the person poking her. I tried explaining that she has to use words and tell the person to stop and then tell an adult if it doesn't. My dad called to check on how things were going & to tell me when to pick him up from work so I filled him in on today. He started chuckling and thinks if the other person was messing with PB she shouldn't loose a star for hitting them. Please just shoot me now!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hanging in there!

Ok...apparently our house is a hotbed of germs! My precious baby girl is still sick but thankfully its nothing too awful. After being off her allergy meds for a week she was sick and so ready for her skin testing to be done. The night before she came down with the virus my dad has....yep no food poisoning for him. Instead a combination GI/ respiratory virus. Princess Bear was a seriously unhappy kid on Wed night. Let me tell was a long night. I cancelled the appointment with the allergist so I was able to get her back on all of her meds. Unfortunately she was well on her way to a respiratory infection due to being off of meds and then being around my dad really did her in. She's such a little trooper...she wanted to go to school on Friday! The child couldn't stop coughing but she wanted to go. The pediatrician put her back on antibiotics even though she's fighting a virus her sinus still aren't clear enough for an infection not to pop back up before we see the ENT this coming Friday to see about adenoid surgery. She's still tired and a bit grumpy but feeling better. Me coming off of the asthma attack and getting hit with this thankfully wound up with the GI part of it more the the respiratory because I don't think my lungs could have handled that. Then again I walked into my parents room last night about midnight muttering something about "Food poisoning my a#s!" along with a few other choice phrases. I'm looking forward to watching my tape of the Unit and then sleeping, sleeping and sleeping some more!

I'm also hoping that a few more days of good sleep gets me in a good place because I need to get my butt going on stuff! My Christmas blog is at a standstill. I've also decided I want to dedicate a blog to doing reviews and giveaways and want to put some time in on that. I need to get things ready to sell at the boutiques around here and its less that 2 weeks until its time to start decorating for Christmas! Jen over at Jenontheedge is talking about a Christmas home blog tour....I'm so stoked! Anyhoo, that is what is going on here. We're all alive and hanging in. Just a bit battered and needing rest at the moment!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still alive....I think!

OK I'm pretty sure I'm still alive....just not completely sure though! I started the prednisone last night. Man, can I tell you what 40mg of prednisone at once does to a body? First of all your bathroom becomes your best friend! Drink anything and pee it out about 30 minutes later...its scary ridiculous! Seeing as my breathing was so bad yesterday though that I honestly couldn't do anything for more than a few minutes before being totally out of breath and that has already eased up I'm thinking the meds were a good call. Now I'm just exhausted but too jittery to sleep. I am so glad that Princess Bear has school today so I can just veg if I want.

Just because I know y'all have missed my little tirades so much did anyone read the little blurbs this morning on AOL news? Or last night hear about the code names given for the Obamas? Renegade? Huh? I did get a chuckle out of "The Renegade is on the loose, I repeat, the Renegade is on the loose" bit. Anyway I digress this was this mornings daily Obama blurb "Fix Economy?Yes, He Can" Ok....I know I said this election was about the lesser of the 2 evils but already some neat ground work is being laid out. I liked in his acceptance speech on election night that Obama already pointed out that many of the things he promised may not even happen in this term...that's some pretty early cover your butt! Also although I'm much more Democratic in my thinking (I know surprising based on my reactions, huh?) I really want to have most of the world realize that unfortunately the Republicans are not the responsible party for this economic collapse. I'd love to lay it at their feet but truth is truth and it can't be done! Now the Republicans and everyone who voted good old W in to a second term are responsible for this travesty of a war we're in and I'll gladly give that one to you. I just can't dump the economic problems on you as well... damn the luck! Why am I on this? Frankly because I'm already sick of all the speculation on what Obama will or will not too from the legit to the inane (c'mon is a dog choice this important?!!!? Go to the dang shelter & adopt!) OK, thats my rant for the day. I'm going to go get the Princess dressed so I can come home and crash!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've even got a few post ideas rattling around....

Sorry for the lack of posting! I've had a post for yesterday & today but my sad sorry butt is being kicked by one heck of an asthma attack. I literally have no energy. I have slept on and off all day with Princess Bear sitting on me watching TV. I'm heading to the drugstore...the Dr. has decided that prednisone is in order. Hopefully this will kick in quickly! I've got posts to write!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Press rewind & lets try this one again

OK, obviously my stars are not lined up correctly or something along those lines because the past few days have just been a calamity of errors! After the driving excursion the other day I really figured that I was due for a break, right?!!? NOPE! Friday Princess Bear had the day off of school because it was parent teacher conferences. I dragged PB along to her conference and all things considered it went relatively well. I don't know why she's working under a normal report card as it is since her IEP is the most important document and really the one that I care about. It is no huge surprise that for most of the categories on her report card that PB received "N" for needs improvement. Ok... not the end of the world and seeing as I'm working with her every day in addition to what she does at school I'm not too worried. I'm more worried about the socialization factors and how she and the other kids are adapting to the new school location. (To say its still rough going is putting it mildly!)

Anyway my mom has a major project at work that happens 4 times a year. She had planned on me coming in to help her on Friday before she knew PB had the day off. She told me to see if PB could go to the Crisis Nursery. I set it up for PB to go for four hours. Then I Thursday I mentioned to my mom that everything was a go and she flipped. HUH?!!!? She had it taken care of. Hello I did what you "commanded" and you're going to get pissy?!!? So she decided not to bring work home that night & that I'd go in and help her. I get to her office on Friday and my mom has lost any semblance of normal and rational thinking & behavior. Color me oh so excited to be spending a few hours with her! She wasn't even ready for me to help her so I sat on the phone calling locale businesses asking for them to donate to the school since so many things are still needed. Finally my mom gets to where she needs help and we fly through it and its time to go. We get PB from the Crisis Nursery and go to Sam's. Ok...I think Sam's is not a great place for any little kid and you take a child with sensory issues into that place & you have to understand that its not going to be a walk in the park shopping experience. My mother forgets this every time...despite repeated reminders. By the time we were out of there PB had lost movies & TV for the next day and was in tears. My mother was pissed and blaming me and telling me that if her behavior didn't get better we were going to be kicked out because she couldn't deal with it. Fun and games I tell you! We get home and I start dinner for PB and myself. Meatloaf muffins...pretty easy right? Well my mom kept on jumping on PB's case for making noise or "Messing with her karma" as my mom put it (hello...what 5 year old gets that?!!!?) and she tells us to go on the other side of the house while dinner is in the oven. Just as the time is going off my mom starts screaming for me. We walk into the kitchen & its smoke filled. As in BIG TIME! I grab some hotpads and get the pans out of the oven. The grease had dripped down and was burning. This had to be happening for awhile. My mom of course goes into a tirade. Skip to Saturday night. While my parents were out and about I got online and looked for some green cleaning ideas for cleaning out the oven. I found several references to a baking soda, salt and water mixture. I made this & applied it to the oven. Directions say to let it sit over night. My parents come home with a can of some oven cleaner & I show them what I'm trying. I then spent an hour using SOS pads to clean the oven racks. This morning I start to scrape out the baking soda mixture and clean it up. My mom is literally standing 2 feet away just staring at me. She tells me to wrap it up that she'll run the cleaning operation after breakfast. I tell her that its not done but she decides its good enough. She then turns on the oven to preheat it for breakfast & guess what?!!!? SMOKE! Hello I did mention that I wasn't done, right?!!? At this point my mom & dad both bust a gasket & it starts getting ugly. My dad tells my mom to just run the self cleaning mode then. Ok folks I'm severely asthmatic and don't do well with fumes like that. Its also about COLD here in Illinois now. We have all the doors and windows open. I was washing dishes and there is steam coming off them because it was so cold. Princess Bear also was sick. She literally just curled up on my mom and stayed there for a few hours. For the child that barely ever stops moving you know this isn't a good sign. She then woke up and had the flying poops. Poor kid was not happy. She then decided that she needed mommy. We still freezing our butts off, wearing winter hats and many layers as well as piling on the blankets. I quit checking the thermostat when it read 56 degrees! PB was begging to take a bath and was refusing to eat or drink anything. We took a short nap and then I did some cleaning in the kitchen. Finally the oven was done and life was looking up! Now enters the projectile vomiting. Have I ever shared the fact that I'm a sympathetic puker? It really doesn't matter if its my own child. I did ok at first but then she threw up in the bathroom sink... a lot. My dad insisted that I could not just rinse it down the drain so there I am with a dixie cup digging puke out of the sink. Good golly do I love my life some times! I also have not had the opportunity to talk to Mason this weekend...not even once and I HATE THAT! Yep I'm officially having a pity party! Anybody else want to join in ?!!!?

HM Sarah Siggy

Friday, November 7, 2008

Diary of someone who has absolutely no sense of direction!

OK...I will be the first to admit that I have no sense of direction and that I can't read a map to save my life! One time on a family vacation my dad was driving, my mom & sister were asleep so by default he gave me the map to try to figure out something. He still won't let me live this down! He asked how far we had before we reached X "Uh, I don't know! About an inch and a half on the map so however far that is" Yes my days of playing navigator were over! I am one of those people who needs very clear and concise directions and then I can remember how to get there for the next 20 years but please don't ever ask me to deviate from the know route. It is a bad plan! When I was in Chicago I did everything in relation to where the lake was and by sight. It works...really! Now why am I sharing this with you? Well because I actually managed to get Princess Bear and myself lost yesterday in my hometown! Yes I'm totally serious! And it was totally scary if you could have seen where I was at. Think absolutely worst ghetto neighborhood possible....we were there! We had gone out to the north end of Peoria to get a grilled cheese for Princess Bear & I hopped on 474 to get downtown so we could pick up my dad. I didn't take the Peoria exit because I thought going towards the Bloomington exit would get me closer to downtown. NOPE! I wound up all the way in Bartonville and then came into Peoria through the ghetto. I mean I saw neighborhoods that I've never ever seen in my life! I had tried calling my dad repeatedly with no avail. My dad is one of those people that never ever gets lost (it must skip a generation!) I mean he can say "I need to go this way and the sun is to my ____ so everything is all good" My dad finally called us and I filled him in on what was going on. When I told him where we were I thought he was about to stroke out. He was like turn around and when you get to X or X turn left." Ok. I went to hang up but he refused...that's how worried he was about where we'd gotten lost! Man...I think I should ask for GPS for my Christmas...what do you think?!!!?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drumroll please!!!

Wow! Today is a milestone for all sorts of different reasons!
-this is my 100th post!
-today is election day (you DID vote, right?)
-Princess Bear returned to school today at her new location
-Once again I'm a busy bee...motivation just bit me & I'm on a roll. Its amazing what a pissed off mama can do!

So first and foremost I want to thank those of you that have become a part of my life through blogland! Its been awesome! I've learned & grown a lot! I've met and become friends with some incredible people! When I started on this blogging journey I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing (in some ways I still don't!) but its been fun! Here's to the next 100 posts!

Today is Election Day. I'm not going to go into one of my political rants here. The only rant I will go into (& it will be short!) is how imperative it is that you vote! I know that in some ways this election may seem like a lose/lose situation but its still a right that many have laid their lives on the line for so go vote please! It doesn't matter who you vote for just that you do it! That way you can crow if your candidate wins or have a foot to stand on if yours doesn't & then you can b#$ch to your hearts content! You don't vote you have not write to crow or b#$ch so go vote!!!

Princess Bear started at her new location today. I won't even go into the chaos that ensued. She was a bit nervous about going to a new school and there was only so much that I can tell her. I walked out of the school about to launch on the other hand. My friend Danita is the aide in Princess Bears room so she took me to the class room so I could get a feel for things. Of course there is no A/C and the temps are supposed to be in the mid 70's. I'm so scared that they will be overwhelmed and not keep a close eye on PB. Also there needs to be some more planning. If you were walking your child in you had to park a couple of blocks away and walk them in. Now most of the special needs kids have been sent to a different location but PB & her integrated class are at the new location with most of the rest of the transplanted students. Several kids in her class use walkers. They had to park a few blocks away and walk in....crossing a busy street. No a good thing by any stretch of the imagination. I also noticed that there was NO WATER for the kids since the water hasn't been tested by the health department yet. So I've done a few things. I've got a call in to the Superintendent of School. I've already talked to the director of grounds and have established a working relationship with him. He is aware of PB's need to keep cool so I'm glad I got that resolved. I've also started a petition to get a water truck brought back to the fire station a block away from my house & the school. It seems as though it will be a minimum of 3-6 months before the kids can get back into their old school. So I'm going to be the irritating mom calling and checking on progress.

So that has been what is going on in my neck of the woods. OH! A few more reasons to go vote! Show your I Voted Sticker @ Krispy Kreme & you get a free Patriotic Donut & if you go to Starbucks & show your sticker you'll get a free cup of coffee! Who doesn't like free stuff?!!!? So go forth and vote!

HM Sarah Siggy

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just a quick recap

Hi! I know I've promised Princess Bears toothless smile pics & Halloween pics. Please be patient! I hope to get them up tomorrow! By the end of Halloween I looked at my dad and told him I was banning it for next year. PB did have a wonderful time. She had the most fun sitting on the front porch and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. None of the pics turned out very well but what can you do right?

Saturday was just a low key cleaning & learning kind of day trying to get PB up to where her class is. Now today on the other hand started out with a bang. We got a call shortly before 9am. It was one of my closest friends to tell us that PB's school had caught on fire! Here is a link from the Chicago Trib. Being nosey as we tend to be in a somewhat small town we walked down the street to see what was happening. We weren't sure if we wanted PB to see what was going on but decided since she has a big time with a change in routine & had gone on a field trip (ok...not really a field trip its across the street & a block down from the school!) to the fire station last week that telling her was the best bet. What concerns me is that initially teachers were allowed back in the building and then everyone was told to get out. Something suspicious was found. I'm just so thankful that it didn't happen when the kids were in school. I know that fire drills are practiced but reality is always harder. There are also a few classrooms that have severely disabled kids and it would be very difficult to move them in a panic. Here is another article addressing a problem with the fire station. Ok...I'm going to bed & being so glad that my baby is safe.

Friday, October 31, 2008

No Tricks...Just Treats for you!

I'm back with a list of blog giveaways for y'all! Adults deserve some treats today right?!!!? Here goes:
The Giveaway is having a giveaway for 2 adult crocheted beanies HERE They are super cute & don't forget that you lose most of the heat out of your head! If you win you can look great while keeping warm!
The next five giveaways are from A Ordinary Life - she has some great giveaways!
My little Pony Holiday movie HERE
An expresso Machine & Starbucks card giveaway HERE (can you imagine if I won this? I'd NEVER sleep!)
Tinkerbell movie & Magic Wings giveaway HERE Princess Bear would go bonkers for this! She loves Tink & her wings are so stretched out they don't stay on anymore :(
A Build A Bear giftcard HERE
A Step2 LifeStyle Kitchen giveaway HERE
Holiday Card give away at Cool Kid Christmas blog HERE
Ohana Mama is also having a Holiday card giveaway HERE
Jamie's Precious Peas is having a couple of cute giveaways Check them out!
To win a couponizer go HERE
1-2-3 Let's Get Orgazined HERE
A few of these ebooks are actually on my Christmas list as is the couponizer so I would LOVE to win either of these!
Have fun & good luck!
HM Sarah Siggy

Thursday, October 30, 2008

So the motivation bug has bitten me! I lined 30 clippies today. I'm going to go do some more as soon as I finish this post. I feel like I'm a bow making machine! Its kind of nice! I feel as though I'm accomplishing something and I'm excited about the prospect of earning some money! I'm going to finally start listing things on etsy and my beautician is going to carry them in her store! That way I can come up with money for next semester, Christmas and maybe even pay my parents back some of the money I owe them! All is all its just a nice feeling! I'm spending time every evening and then the time that is now free since I'm not in Chem anymore.

Princess Bear is alternating between being excited about Halloween and wanting to stay home and forgo all things Halloween. Is this normal for a 5 year old? Last year she was Goliath from JoJo's Circus. It took a few hours to convince her to even costume up and then she was more interested in socializing with the other trick or treaters. This year she is kicking it old school. During one of our attic cleaning sessions my sister & I found our old costumes my mom made. It saves money and frankly decision making! My friend Maria took her daughter to I kid you not over a dozen stores & Emily couldn't find anything that worked for her. UGH! I'd go crazy!!! I'm looking forward to seeing my nephew in his first costume. So what plans to you have for Halloween?

HM Sarah Siggy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another milestone for PB

I have forgotten to mention what happened this past weekend! Princess Bear lost her first 2 (yes 2!) teeth! On Friday night she was eating a frozen fruit bar and kept on saying something about her tooth. I thought that the cold had gotten to her. A little while later she was standing in our family room near the den messing around in her mouth. I see her spitting and looking in her hand and then a hear a "blink" on the floor. I asked her what that was and she just looked at me. I don't know if she thought she was in trouble or what but she just stood there. I asked her again if it was her tooth and she nodded yes. I went over there and picked it up and started explaining losing teeth to her. I also being a first time mom had to jump online to see if 5 is a "normal" age to be losing teeth or if it part of her accelerated growth problem. IT IS NORMAL!!!!! So after being filled in about the tooth fairy and whatnot I showed her in the mirror where the tooth used to be. She was very upset and kept on wanting me to pull up the new one. Ummm, sorry can't do that! The next morning she was asking me to pull up a tooth again & I said no and then she started wiggling the other front tooth! UGH! It wasn't ready to come out so I took her to her swimming lessons. That afternoon after fiddling with the loose tooth enough it was loose enough to come out. She looks like the cutest little jack-o-lantern! I started singing "All I want for Halloween is My 2 Front Teeth". She didn't like that too much even when I explained that it was taken from a real song. My baby isn't a baby anymore! :( I will say that she looks incredibly darn cute right now! I'll post a pic soon!

HM Sarah Siggy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Ink or not to Ink

Moms Tats Pictures, Images and Photos

I saw that & it just gave me a little chuckle. Princess Bear is very used to my tattoos (I have 3 but want a few more). The joke when I was pregnant with her was that she would be born with tattoos. As I mentioned I have 3 and would love more (unfortunately my father HATES them & has laid down the law...I get any while I'm living in their house I'm outta here) and her sperm donor is very inked. Sleeves and other misc. pieces. I wanted a tattoo from the time I was a freshman in high school and saw Nikki Sixx's blue rose tattoo (I don't even think you can see it anymore!). My parents did everything in their power to dissuade me. I had a HUGE variety of temporary tattoos. It doesn't work folks!

So you may be asking yourself...what the heck is this post about? Well, I'm curious about a few things.
-what are your views on tattoos/body art (ie scarification, piercings, etc)
-do you have or want any body art
-what do you think of your child getting a tattoo when they're older
-if you have tattoos is there a story or meaning behind it?

-I have a sun on the inside of my right ankle. I want to add to this & turn it into an ankle wrap. I want the moon on the outside and shooting stars going up the back of my Achilles and a few more stars in the front. I love the whole sun, moon and stars idea. Its also the first thing I usually see in the morning and there is a face in the sun so its like a reminder to have a nice day.
-My second tattoo is a Celtic symbol for love and friendship between people who are separated. One of my closest friends and I got this when I went to visit her in FL several years ago. Mine is filled in purple and hers is teal. I LOVE Celtic knot work and the symbolism worked for what we were looking for. Its on the small of my back and was the least painful. Actually pretty much was a walk in the park until I got on a plane 2 days later to come back to IL...that was not a fun plane ride!
-My third tattoo is a frog holding a rose on my right shoulder blade. My nickname from my father since birth is Rosefrog. I was having a very hard time when Wayne was leaving Great Lakes for California and decided to go get a tattoo. I got my first one when I was 24 then I waited 3 years before I got the second. The turnaround between 2 and 3 was all of a couple of months. It was also by far the most painful. I almost had to have the guy stop and I have a HUGE tolerance threshold. I finally made it through the tattoo and got home. Then the fun begins. I had an allergic reaction to the green soap they use to wipe the area. Thinking about it is enough to make me itch now!

So that's my ink you have one?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas....

Ok folks...I'm in a GREAT mood! The upcoming Christmas holiday is starting to descend upon us & I LOVE IT! I am the Queen of Christmas! Princess Bear has truly become the Princess of Christmas. We get this from my dad who is a Christmas freak. Honestly we have so many Christmas decorations we can't even get near displaying everything. I love everything about the season. Now don't get me wrong I'm not ready to put up any of our trees (yes that is a multiple as in 1 live in the living room, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the family room, 1 in each bathroom, 1 in my room and 1 in PB's room) and I'm not ready to dig out the Christmas music but I am ready to start planning. I think it started when my dad brought home the first of many containers of egg nog last night. Today I used my favorite coffee mate flavor...Peppermint Mocha! Since I don't do coffee often and I slept for 8 Hours of sleep...woohoo! I feel great! My folks are driving back to Chicago for a family party and I'm fully caffeinated, having a lazy day with Princess Bear and watching the Fox Pregame show on TV. Honestly does it get any better? (the correct answer is NO! & I really do love me some Howie Long!) So in honor of my great mood and my love of hanging out online randomly wasting time I decided to check out etsy and share with you some random Christmas findings. Truly this are random findings. I don't know any of these sellers, have never bought any of their things but thought "Hey this is cute/cool/a good idea" or something along those lines and decided to share with you. As a person who used and is going to set up an online store I can tell you that the holidays are a great time to support the little seller. You get more attention, often a better made product and what isn't to like about that? So without further ado here is a list of some things I think are cool!

Great Sculpted bows This are so cute for any little princess & frankly I'm jealous of her talent! I see these in PB's future!
Handmade Holiday Cards Very cute!
Another cute Hair Clippy
Gift Tags These have a very vintage feel
Snowman Brooch just darling!
Girls Embroidered shirt Great for showing some Christmas spirit
Christmas Candles a set of 6 Christmas scented votives
Santa Centerpiece
Gift tags very whimsical
Bloomer Panties ok its good to know that I'm the only mom who wants her daughter decked out from the top of her head to the tips of her toes!
Gingerbread DIY PDF file this is so cool! Print it and put it together! I love this concept!
Wood Cut Ornament This is very cool & there are many to choose from
Printable tags another concept I love. Print & you're good to go!
Felt tree ornaments Darling & I'm always looking for ornaments that are PB, cat & dog safe!
Snowman crochet pattern this is so cute & makes me wish I could crochet much better than I do!
Handpainted ornaments These are so pretty & she has many different designs
Ho Ho Ho garland so cute! She has different says and different holidays
Santa Hat & Bloomers Ok, I would have given my eyeteeth for this when PB was a baby & my bil would have a fit if I put my nephew in this for pics. If I thought there was a chance of my having more kids I honestly would buy this and store it for the perfect photo op!
Snowflake dog dress I am one of those people that is crazy enough to dress her pets. Unfortunately our current pets are too big (and the cat would shred me alive if I tried to put this on her) but this is darling!
Holiday Candy wrappers I love doing this for PB to share with her friends and these are cute!
Santa & Snowman painted shovel very cute and has many other designs too
Christmas whipped body butter I'm a lotion junkie! I also love her scent descriptions!

HM Sarah Siggy

Friday, October 24, 2008

WOOHOO & an update!

Ok...I'm so excited! I won a blog contest!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the contests I shared with y'all in one of my listings this week! I won Mommy Calling Cards from Cutie Pie Custom Creations. The blog having the contest was Frugal Mommy of 2 girls - if you get the chance check out her blog as she has some other great giveaways going on right now! Thanks for the great contest Karen!

Today has been one of those insanely weird know the kind that you look back on and can't decide whether its been a good day or a bad day?!!!? I was talking with my mom last night about calling the Dr's office today to get the results of Princess Bears (PB) CT scan or if I should wait until next week. This morning I was eating breakfast, browsing through the newest Current catalogue (man do I love that catalogue!) and the phone rang. My dad was playing hooky from work (actually took a vacation day) and we both answered at the same time. I hear the voice say "This is Dr. X and I'm looking for the family of PB" I take the call and start to worry. I NEVER get calls this quickly on tests results. The Dr. then goes into the whole report on how PB has slight to moderate thickening of the sinus cavities. Not a surprise since my entire family has evil sinus problems but considering she's only 5 a bit early. Then the Dr says that PB has cysts in both of her maxillary sinuses. WHOA! I start to go into panic mode and thankfully the Dr. picked up on that. She explained that this kind of cyst is not at all uncommon for those who have sinus problems. I felt much better after hearing that. PB's adenoids are not huge but enlarged. Based on the CT results the Dr wants us to go to the ENT and see about getting the adenoids, tonsils and cysts removed. Now my big concern is finding a competent Dr to do this surgery. I know that its a pretty easy all things considered surgery but since PB's issues are craniofacial I'm still worried. I'll keep you guys posted as we progress with this.

Today is my big cleaning day so it was time to vacuum the house and hit the bathrooms full force. I've got to confess since I've been making my own cleaning solutions I'm enjoying cleaning a lot more! I also had to make new batches of soft scrub cleanser & toilet bowl cleaner today. I LOVE the recipe I have for the soft scrub! It works so well and smells great! Its awesome all the way around and I can chuck it under the sink and not worry if PB gets into win win! The toilet cleaner on the other hand while working very well just STANK to the high heavens. It has a ton of tea tree oil in it...not one of my favorite scents.

I picked up PB from school and knew immediately things hadn't gone well. She only got 1 of 3 stars and was in a BAD mood. She was just awful on the way home. We get to the house and she decides she wants cuddle time in the car and then screams "PEEPEE IS COMING!". I get her in the house and to the bathroom and the phone rings. I grab the phone and talk to my sister for a few minutes. PB comes into the kitchen and starts foraging for food. Seems pretty low key and you wouldn't think anything was amiss would you? Oh, I forgot to mention that PB was sans pants and underwear. Not odd but still.... A few minutes later PB goes back to the bathroom so I follow her. What sight greets me? PB laying loooooooooooooong sheets to TP on the floor. A floor that happens to be very very very wet. She had an accident & thought she'd just clean it up by herself & I'd be none the wiser. Ok...don't think so! Oh did I forget to mention that one of the dogs pooped in the house earlier today? Another rarity in our house. Let me tell you that when a 85 lb lab/ pit bull mix poops in your house its not a wee little pile!!!!!!!! Think hazmat suit and big pooper scooper. Honestly, are the stars not lined up right today?!!!!?

PB and I went to pick up my mom from work and came home. Now one of my treats for today was my very first issue of Mother Earth News arrived today. I'd never heard of this magazine before. Heather from over at Wanting What You Have mentioned it and am I glad she did!!! I'm so completely in love with this magazine already!!! If you've never read a copy I would encourage you to check it out! My other favorite magazine is the Economist. Another great read with wonderful global views and opinions!

My mom isn't feeling well so tonight has been one of those pins and needles kind of nights. In between that and PB being in a snit I'm truly ready for a glass of wine! I did call my best friend tonight and we talked for an hour and a half.... something we haven't had the opportunity to do it years! It was really nice! A lot is changing in my best friends life and she's really out of sorts so I'm a bit worried about her but she's another tough one and I know that everything will end well...its just the journey that does you in sometimes isn't it?

As for me I'm hanging in. I don't know if I've mentioned the health issues I've been having. I have some permanent nerve problems that result in muscular problems in my back since I was pregnant with PB. When she was about 2 it got to the point that I went to my Dr one day and he gave me a shot of Demerol in the office and told me to take the back roads home. After that I was in physical therapy for 9 months. After I got out of therapy the PT said this isn't a permanent fix...when it gets to bad again come back and we'll start over again. Well my back has been acting up more and more with less downtime between each episode. As of 2 weekends ago I couldn't even stand up straight! A pretty obvious sign that something just isn't right! I made an appointment with my GP because I needed more tramadol and muscle relaxers. My Dr. is great about managing issues with non narcotics (my grandfather became addicted to morphine after his stroke and the thought scares me). I really thought the Dr. would start me on PT right away...nope he wants to try medication first. Ummm, ok if I have no other choice. That was the reason I couldn't attend my uncles funeral. My dad didn't want me and PB making a 3+ hour drive with my back being like this and then driving home again in the same day. I still wish I could have been with my family. Since then I've been taking the meds and I am able to walk upright most of the time! A definite plus! Now today just because I'm me and if its odd and it can happen it will happen to me I've pulled the muscle in the back of my skull/ did I do this?!!!!?!!!!?

Now on the school front I did wind up dropping the chemistry class. I took the test the day that my uncle was taken off life support and I just couldn't concentrate. That was the deciding factor. Time to regroup, reorganize and start again next semester. I am also at a crossroads with what I'd like to do when I grow up. I thought I'd decided on dental hygienist but lately I've been giving some serious thought into becoming a sign language interpreter. Any pros or cons that you guys know of for either job? I'm going to set up a meeting with the head of the sign language program and get more details from him. I know some sign language because that is what we used with PB since she was basically non verbal until she was 3.

I've decided that I'm going to take the time that I would have been in class or lab and concentrate on making bows, bracelets and other goodies. That way I can stock an etsy store and sell that at a salon here in town that has expressed some interest.

So that is the long drawn out version what has been going on with me. Lots of "stuff" and transitioning to get through. So what have y'all been up to?

HM Sarah Siggy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ok I really haven't been doing a good job....

A good job of really talking about what is going on in my life. So I bet you think I'm going to remedy that right now, right?!!? NOPE! Actually I only have a few minutes right now but I do promise a full disclosure tomorrow!

So what do you think of the giveaways I posted this week? I'm so in love with Calico Critters! They're also somewhat safer on a green scale so I really am going to put those on Princess Bears Christmas list. I know my sister will add to it. They are just so stinkin' cute! I've also started to do some major cleaning in my room. I had a few miscellaneous boxes that I felt the need to take care of NOW! My room is looking like a bomb hit it but I have gotten rid of some more "stuff". Now this all started because I need to find my buttons to cover some for a salon here in town. Well, I can't find the darn buttons but I'm still holding out hope!

I'm going to call the Dr's tomorrow to get the results of Princess Bears CT scan. I'm so nervous because even though kids get their adenoids out all the time since PB's main issue is a craniofacial birth defect it makes it a bigger risk and more of a challenge to even find a Dr. to do the surgery. I hate the idea of another surgery no matter how minor but my poor baby is STILL sick! She has a few really good days and then she gets clobbered! Poor kiddo!

One last little note before I wrap this up- if you are looking for a relatively easy pumpkin bar recipe grab Paula Deens...super moist & oh my goodness good cream cheese frosting! Princess Bear is still missing her Pre-K teacher and aides so we baked a double batch yesterday. One for them and one for us... good stuff I tell you! Ok now I'm off to make a cup of tea and then fall into a book for awhile!

HM Sarah Siggy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The kid is a trooper! & more giveaways!

Ok, once again my child as amazed me! She made it through the CT scan like a trooper! Once the tech told her that she could hold my hand everything was all good...ok almost all good. It actually took a few tries because Princess Bear couldn't keep still long enough. She wanted to watch the spinning or check to see that I was right there. I could tell the techs were getting a bit frustrated & they decided to use the straps to secure PB's head. I asked for them to put a washclothe over her eyes. That did the trick...they were able to run the whole thing and PB held still like a champ! I'm so proud of the kid!

So more giveaways to tell y'all about! I've happened about a few blogs that just have AMAZING giveways! So without further ado here they are!

Common Sense Reviews is giving away a Girls Gourmet Cupcake Maker HERE
This is so cute! PB would have a ball with this! Anyone with a little domestic diva needs to head here!

Jaime's Precious Peas is having SEVERAL omg amazing giveaways today! They are:
Milestone Parenting Routine giveaway HERE
Oopsie Dazie Clippie giveaway HERE
Ciao Bella giveaway HERE
Ok EVERYBODY needs to run over to Ciao of the coolest sites for natural care I've seen in awhile. Stuff of moms & it!

Red Sox Mommy is giving away a pair of Eleven brand shoes HERE

Momma Findings is giving away a Memories Wrapped Up Book HERE

The Present Professor is giving away some cute hair clippies HERE

Peony Paperie is a BEYOND COOL stationary etsy store. For their giveaway click HERE Really go check out her stuff!

Momma Trends Calico Critter giveaway HERE
I've never heard of Calico Critters now I get sucked in right before the holidays...guess what Princess Bear is getting!!!

This one I'm not even getting an extra entry for passing it along but I saw this & knew that Jenontheedge would love this & thought I should pass it along! This is Common"Cents"ical giveaway for Little MissMatched Socks HERE

dkMommy Stop is giving away a copy of Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life HERE

A Virtuous Woman is giving away a Walgreens Card HERE

The Frugal Momma is giving away a copy of Green Christmas book HERE

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is having a giveaway from Prints Charming HERE
I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with this etsy store! I would give my eyeteeth for the Mommy and Me Christmas Purses - Snowflakes, Polka Dots, and Jolly Snowmen. stinkin' cute is that?!!!? Princess Bear would get such a kick out of us having matching purses!

HM Sarah Siggy

Oh happy day....

Well I kept Princess Bear home from school today. The child had NO desire to stir until 9:30...I'm awful I know but she has to have a CT scan today and I want to baby her. I've been mentioning a test but not in great detail. I just hope she'll lie still long enough for the test to get done so we don't have to go back and have it down under sedation. I'm about to hop in the shower and then drag her off to the hospital...wish me luck!

P.S. Have another big listing of giveaways I'll post later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look what I found for you guys!

Ok, so I've decided its time to step off of my political soap box and have something fun on here! So when checking some of my favorite blogs and finding a few new ones I found a TON of blog giveaways for y'all to enter! Have fun!!!

Frugal Mommy of 2 girls is having a giveaway for a Fall rag tote (this is SO pretty!) Check it out here

This one isn't a giveaway but does have an awesome way of making some money! Take a peek! Swagbucks.

Another Frugal Mommy of 2 girls. This is for Cutie Pie Custom Creations here

The Giveaway is having a Lulu* $25 giveaway. AWESOME accessories! Check it out here

Designs by Vanessa is giving away 3 pairs of earrings right here

Nurse Mommy is giving away a shirt from tottiebean here

A Working Blogging Mommy is giving away $25 at LaBella Vita. I haven't heard of LaBella Vita before but I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this! They have California Baby (the Overtired & Cranky bubble bath is magic!) and a few lines that I'd love to try. Check it out here

Great dad is giving away a copy of Alvin & the Chipmunks Thanksgiving DVD here

SisterlySavings is giving away an apron. These are so cool. Very vintage & they even have plus size aprons! Go here to check it out!

Crunchy Mom is giving away a onesie or lap t from Happy Panda (specializing in big & tall baby stuff...I so need to get some of this for my nephew). Go here to check it out!

Maria's Space is giving away a $25 Apple Card if you go to Ciao and do a product review here

The next three giveaways are for the scrapbookers out there!

Poppets Place giveaway here

Jill's Cards is celebrating 10000 hits with a giveaway here

Maxine's Arts & Crafts is doing a scrap giveaway here

Modbe style is having a hat & scarf giveaway here

Happy Housewifey is having a Kmart card giveaway here

Sage & Savvy is having an AWESOME giveaway from SkinnySkinny here and you can check out SkinnySkinny here I so want to try some of their soaps!

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy is having a Clean w/ UV light giveaway here

So ladies, have a blast! Sign up and keep your fingers crossed that you win!

HM Sarah Siggy

Friday, October 17, 2008

More on Politics

In a few moments I'm going to embed a video that I think every adult (please note I said adult- do not have your children around while viewing this please) should see. There are a few things I love about being a citizen of the US. The biggies are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Religion is an especially big issue for me. I was raised in a bi-religious household and understand the need for tolerance. You don't need to agree with what I believe in and the same holds true for you and the next person and so on. The right to disagree is a wonderful thing. My dad is Roman Catholic. A very, extremely devout Roman Catholic. My mom is Jewish. My parents have been married for 40 years as of next month. At times I consider that quite a feat considering the times. My parents made the decision to raise me and my sister Catholic. We went to parochial school from kindergarten through our senior year of high school (actually my sister also attended an all girls Catholic university...I couldn't even think about handling another 4 years). I don't know why my parents decided to raise us really doesn't matter. If you want to get technical about it by Jewish law I'm a Jew because my mother is. In some ways my parents covered all their bases in that if we ever wanted to follow my moms religion we didn't need to convert. My parents did celebrate the Jewish holidays with us. When we were each respectively 18 we were told that we were free to pursue what we wanted as far as religion went but if we were living in their house we had to follow an organized religion (a bit overbearing but did you expect more from my parents?). Now I can say that growing up being around 2 very different religions made me have a lot of understanding for those of other religions. 2 of my closest friends are Wiccan. Now the reason I'm sharing all of this is because I think that everyone has the right to what they feel is the correct religion for them. You have the right to practice that religion as you see fit. Within that though you do not have the right to hurt someone because your religion dictates it. In a very round about way I'm trying to say that radical Islamics scare the heck out of me. Do I think Islam is a religion that is fine? Sure as long as you don't think its the only religion that can be on this earth. I will NEVER EVER for as long as I live be able to understand people who think like this:

Something else touched on in this video is Honor killings. Another thing I will never be able to make sense of. If you want to read a very good account of an Honor Killing please read Burned Alive by Souad. I read this book several years ago. It is one of those books that will stay with you forever. A very difficult but good read and is well worth your time.

I'm bringing this up because as the election approaches I think that we really need to pay attention to the policies each candidate as on Israel and Iran. Israel because they are staunch allies and we have always been theirs. I see no reason for that to change. Iran because it seems as though they are a country that has more than its fair share of radical Islamists and they want to go nuclear. Could be a problem.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Political Question

Ok a few things before I start out. I want to thank everyone who left a comment or emailed me about my uncle. Thank you so much, it really does mean a lot. I'm hoping that the family gets through the next few days well. As I'm watching my parents pack I'm getting more and more upset that I can't go up there and be with my family.

On a totally different note I went to my sisters house today & spent several hours with her & my nephew. I usually see my nephew at least once a week but between him and Princess Bear being sick its been almost a month. I was in withdrawal! My sister and I have a very complicated relationship but since we've both become moms its gotten much better. So it was really nice to spend time with them. My sister took me to a store where she lives called Hissy Fits. OH MY GOSH! I was in heaven! If I had money I would have had so much fun!!!! They carried lots of Biscotti & Bebemonde if that gives you any idea. We got my nephew his first pair of squeeker soles!!!

Now on to what I really decided I wanted to post about today. PLEASE PLEASE feel free to comment! If you want to do it anonymously that's ok too. I understand that politics is "one of those" subjects. That said I've always been one that LOVES a great debate. Religion and politics being some of my favorite subjects. I'm also known among my friends for being a bit radical and irreverent in my beliefs (IE Palestine can be blown off the face of the map or any country that knowingly harbors terrorists cannot complain when their country is then attacked (so quit complaining Lebanon) are a few comments I've been known to make in the past). I'm sharing these thoughts not to incite but let you know that I'm not one that is typically shy about what I feel.

That said I must say that this is the first election I've voted in since being of age to exercise that right that I honestly feel its a lose/lose situation. In all honesty I think both McCain & Obama have good points and policies as well as bad. I don't think there is a clear cut "this is the right person for the good of the country". Something else I think that has to be considered is the vice presidential candidates. In all honesty I think we have a better than good chance of that person filling in. The fact is that John McCain is an older man, and Barak Obama if elected can quite possibly become a martyr.

So I'll list a few things I like or don't like about the candidates. What do you think?
-John McCain has experience
-John McCain is a man that deserves respect for his service
-John McCain seems a bit "hot" can be good or bad. You don't want a cool as ice president but you also don't want one that has to be reigned in all the time
-McCains taxation plan is worrisome
-McCains medical coverage plan is not a good fix (neither candidates is)
-Palin...who is she? Another political newbie
-Palin- just busted for abuse of power
-Palin is a hunter. I hate it. I hate that she has killed wolves from a helicopter. Can't respect it at all.
-Palin a mom, not only a mom but a mom to a special needs child. Her journey is new but it will affect everything in her life
-Obama- is an Illinois boy...we take pride in our own! (even if they're a transplant!)
-Obama is a brilliantly dynamic speaker (then again as it was pointed out to me so was Hitler)
-Obama has passion
-Obama has limited experience
-Obama in my opinion needs to decide where he stands as far as race (would not have been an issue but unfortunately his former Reverend made it one)
-Obamas medical plan isn't good. As an Illinois citizen I can tell you horror stories of things happening in this state.
-Biden...honestly I know next to nothing about him...nada so feel free to fill me in.

These are just a few things I've got bouncing around in my brain. There are still a few weeks left for me to ponder this. I do know that no matter what I will vote. I could go off on a tangent about people who don't vote but I'll save that for another day. Although I'll share this with you. In the Bush vs Kerry election I made a sign and pinned it on the front of Princess Bear that said "Mommy says that I'm a Democrat...Go Kerry- Edwards! But whatever you are you need to go vote!" The little old ladies at the voting site loved it!

HM Sarah Siggy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How's it going?

Man can I tell you that the last couple of days have been surreal and its not going to get better soon? My dad is taking his brothers death very hard. My dad had kind of made it a mission since my uncle got sick to call him and check in on him every few days and they grew a lot closer. My dad was there when my uncle passed. He arrived at the hospital and my uncle died about 3 minutes later. My Aunt had a lot of support which is great but honestly what do you tell a woman who was just widowed at 44 and left with 3 boys 12 and under who are very hurt and confused?

My moms boss offered mass for my uncle today which is so nice. Then someone who works at the hospital who went to High school with my uncle and knows my mom came by to talk to her. He was telling my mom some stories of my uncle in H.S. My dad got a real kick out of the funny ones and really liked hearing that my uncle was very nice to everyone. The guy did say if you were having a party and needed to get beer that all you had to do was tell my uncle! I guess I came by some of my traits rightfully! My dad was a bit of a brawler and a pool shark. I'm not a shark and haven't played pool in years but I LOVED playing pool when I was living up North working for the Navy. Its kind of weird because my dad is the oldest of 6 and my mom is one of 4. I've always had lots of aunts and uncles around growing up. It almost makes me feel bad for my daughter and nephew.

I'm having a hard time feeling guilty all around because my uncle and I often butted heads (he also tortured me as a kid!) and just being angry because he had fought for his life so long and so hard that I really just thought he was going to make it. I feel so awful for my cousins. The twins are 9 and Joey is 12. The last 4 years of their life has been overshadowed by their dads illness and now he's gone. I also can't go to the funeral this Saturday and really not happy about that. I would like to be there for the family.

Well, once again this was one of those posts of my just needed to blog to get it out. Not too exciting to read I'm sure but hopefully it will help me put everything in a good perspective.

HM Sarah Siggy

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If praying is something you do...

They are taking my uncle off of all the medications and machines. My parents are on their way up there right now. Please send prayers to the family most especially my cousins.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And we came back home

Princess Bear & I have been housesitting/dogsitting for my uncle. It was lovely to have a break from my parents but coming back has been absolutely awful. My mother is once again on the I can't follow through with what they expect so I should "do the right thing" and start calling homeless shelters tomorrow. My parents have decided that I don't do enough around the house and that from now on I will be doing 2-3 hours of work that they detail for me. Now I suppose that's fair since I live here but the fact that they are setting up a schedule and don't care if there are any extenuating circumstances or not is a bit much. The fact that they're new thing is to have me clean the house is almost comical. As I've mentioned before my parents have never ever been the type to have a clean home. My sister and I never made our beds as youngsters because my parents didn't. We didn't know that you were supposed to. There was never any kind of cleaning schedule of dusting is this day, vacuuming is this day or anything of that sort. People knew (and still know) that they have to call a few hours ahead if they want to come by the house. You simply can't stop by our house on a whim. If you do you are liable to be entertained on the front porch. I suppose that's why I'm feeling so bitter about this. My parents are expecting something of me that they don't expect of themselves. And they're using it as a reason to kick me out. Now I know that I can really get into the routine of using my control journal and put of my downtime until I get done. It takes 21 days to make a habit right? So here's to me kicking butt in the next 21 days. Wish me luck!

P.S.- I wonder what my parents will come up with next to kick me out?!!!?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pay It Forward Winner is....

Ok...either my blogging really sucks or everyone has been very busy this week! I only had one person leaving comments all week! So Jen from jenontheedge is the PIF winner! Jen I need an address to send a package to you!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm running away...anyone want to join me?!!!?

Ok...I've had it! I'm done! I'm throwing in the towel! I'm too tired and I can't deal so I've decided that I'm going to run away. To someplace like this:

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So, who wants to join me?!!!?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its the little things

Princess Bear had a very rough night last night because she is still not feeling well. Actually I think she's taken a tour for the worse and whatever this ick is in now buried in her chest. She was up at 1:30 am screaming about her nose hurting and trying to kick me out of bed. Man, I don't even need to have a partner to have bed sharing problems!!! I finally got her back to sleep but it was a pretty fitful sleep. This morning my mom was home...hmmm? I woke PB up and discovered she was running a low grade temp. I was going to keep her home but my mom axed that idea. I figured worse case scenario the school could call my mom (I had lab & class today) and my mom could pick her up. My child is such a little drama mama. She walked into my moms room wanting some grandma sympathy and goes "Poor Princess Bear" (ok she used her real name but you get the idea) and hangs her head all woe is me like. She then looks at my mom and tells her "its going to be a very hard day" Goodness where does the kid come up with this?!!!? We finally get going and I drop her off at school where she refuses to give me a kiss :( and I head for lab. We usually have a prelab quiz. I'd read over everything once but wasn't quite ready. Thankfully no prelab quiz today! YEAH!!!!!!!!! Oh, before I forget I also saw my professor on the way to lab and told him that I was making an appointment to take my test on Tuesday...another YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this morning things were going fairly well. I like pleasant mornings. Especially since I'm not in any way, shape or form a morning person. If you want someone to talk to between 11pm and 2am...I'm your girl! You expect reasonable, rational and pleasant the hours of 6am to about 11am are exempt. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and don't try to change it, ok?!!!? Back to lab, I have a really nice but not so intelligent lab partner so I tend to do all the work. Today we were doing radiation testing and plotting half life charts. I LOVE LAB! I wish I could just hang out in a lab all day running tests! I then went & hid in the computer lab at school which turned out to be a very good move. I just was trying to avoid my mom in all honesty!

I finally head home & call my mom to see if she's heard from the school. Nope but she is all in a rage. Huh? Yesterday I was uber productive. I did a few loads of clothes that I plan on listing on ebay and hung those on the line. 2 loads of my clothes and 4 of Princess Bears (since she's not feeling great she's taking multiple baths or showers per day....that really adds up on the laundry front!) Since I didn't know that my mom had taken the day off I left everything hanging on the line. The evidently was bad. Very, very, very bad. Dang... sometimes I feel like I really can't win with my mom! They say I don't do enough and want me to keep track of my time and then when I do two buttloads of work she isn't happy. My mom also decided that it was time to do some deep cleaning today. My plans were to come home and study chem for a few hours before picking up PB. Clearly not happening. Sensing my moms grand mood I call my sister on my way home. Nada. I wait about 10 minutes and call her again. I figure she can come over with Tyler and run some interference. What I didn't know is that she'd had her own run-in via phone with my mom (since my sister is the golden child this is very rare). I ask my sister to bring over little dude anyway and her response is NO WAY! I tried reminding her that she would need something someday but that one didn't work. UGH! After several joy filled cleaning hours with my mom we picked up PB and then headed downtown to get my dad from work.

They tried us off & went to run errands. PB was exhausted and beyond a little moody. She loves our next door neighbor Mary Jean so we went to visit Mary for a bit. On the way there PB grabbed some stale bread crumbs to feed the birds. She then filled the bag with fallen leaves to do some art projects. I love, love, love the family fun website! Its awesome! I printed out a Halloween countdown calendar for PB and got some great fall and Halloween craft ideas. They also had some amazing Halloween costume ideas. Including a washing machine and bubble bather. Some need to keep those in mind for another year! PB spent about an hour gluing and re gluing leaves and grass on a piece of paper. I love that she loves creating so much! She finds such joy in little things!

So I've got to say, other than wanting to sleep my mom a sedative at one point, today was an ok day!

HM Sarah Siggy

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

Hey there! Four days in a row! I'm on a roll folks!!! I should be studying for tomorrow's chem test but that is actually what I'm contemplating right now. So far I have a C in the class. I can definitely do better but for some reason (mostly lack of motivation) I'm just not doing well this semester. I'm so tired and worn down its not even funny. The thing is I really don't want to drop this class and start over because I've already done that once. I was taking this chem class last spring but then I wound up dropping (without my families knowledge). My sister was having a lot of health problems related to the birth of my nephew and I was spending all my free time driving out there to take care of my nephew. I wasn't willing to bring down my GPA by getting a C in chem then. Now part of me says that I should study my butt off today and go to lab and then take the test tomorrow. See how I do. Maybe I'll do ok but I truly have no grasp of the info for this test. I really really don't want to take this class again but I honestly have no motivation. I truly drop Princess Bear off at school and then want to crawl into bed. Ugh! What to do, what to do!

HM Sarah Siggy

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All about my blog

I decided to keep things light but continue with my role of blogging. Therefore I decided to explain my blog and why I have what I have on here!

First of, the name- Sarah’s Soap Worthy Life. I’ve always felt that at different times in my life I would qualify for my own TV show; either a sitcom or a soap. I’ve actually mentioned this theory to my family a few times over the years at the holidays when we’re all together. You take my life and add more family & I’m just constantly amazed that NBC is knocking on our door!

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HM Sarah Siggy