Friday, November 21, 2008


Whew! That is all I can say! I'm so glad that its Friday. Then again the idea of spending 2 days with Princess Bear right now is a bit daunting. I'm not quite sure what is going on with her but we're having some really major behavior issues at the moment. Yesterday she came home with only 1 star again. She just won't keep her darn hands to herself. She is also being really defiant at every turn. Yesterday on the way out of school she laid down on the ground & threw a fit because I insisted that she hold my hand. It ended with me picking her up like a sack of potatoes and carrying her to the car. Oh, and she lost all TV privileges yesterday. Then she was in time out several times. I just don't know what to do! Soon I'm sending the kid to the moon or developing a drinking habit!

Yesterday I did a lot of groundwork in getting the new blog started. I'll give you all the link on Monday. That is the "grand opening" of the blog. It looks like there will be a giveaway blitz everyday for at least a week maybe even 2. I'm very very excited!

I've also been doing a ton of work on getting things ready for a salon here in town & to stock my etsy store. Right now I'm working on scrabble tile pendants. Man, I may never play that game again but I do have some darn cute pendants!!!

Princess Bear had her appointment with the ENT this morning so we could see what we are going to do about her adenoids and sinus'. The Dr. seemed very nice & completely competent. He does want another CT scan done within the next few days so we can compare how she looks after being on antibiotics for a month. After that the Dr. can make a better call on how to proceed with surgery.

After her appointment this morning and dealing with a panic attack from my mother (I can't even go into right now...I'll try tomorrow!). I took Princess Bear to school. Then I went out to the mall where my sister, bil and darling nephew were having pictures taken. I've barely seen my nephew because everyone has been sick for the past month and a half. I saw him for a few minutes yesterday and he broke my heart being a bit nervous. Today was a completely different story...he was all smiles and hugs for the Aunt Sarah so I was loving it! He really is a completely precious little boy! I can't believe he'll be 1 next week! How the time flies!

Ok, I'm off to clean this pit of a house. Since I've been sick nothing has been done around here lately. At least the bathrooms won't be scary anymore!

HM Sarah Siggy

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