Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just a quick recap

Hi! I know I've promised Princess Bears toothless smile pics & Halloween pics. Please be patient! I hope to get them up tomorrow! By the end of Halloween I looked at my dad and told him I was banning it for next year. PB did have a wonderful time. She had the most fun sitting on the front porch and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. None of the pics turned out very well but what can you do right?

Saturday was just a low key cleaning & learning kind of day trying to get PB up to where her class is. Now today on the other hand started out with a bang. We got a call shortly before 9am. It was one of my closest friends to tell us that PB's school had caught on fire! Here is a link from the Chicago Trib. Being nosey as we tend to be in a somewhat small town we walked down the street to see what was happening. We weren't sure if we wanted PB to see what was going on but decided since she has a big time with a change in routine & had gone on a field trip (ok...not really a field trip its across the street & a block down from the school!) to the fire station last week that telling her was the best bet. What concerns me is that initially teachers were allowed back in the building and then everyone was told to get out. Something suspicious was found. I'm just so thankful that it didn't happen when the kids were in school. I know that fire drills are practiced but reality is always harder. There are also a few classrooms that have severely disabled kids and it would be very difficult to move them in a panic. Here is another article addressing a problem with the fire station. Ok...I'm going to bed & being so glad that my baby is safe.


Susan said...

I am so glad it happened when the kids weren't there. How much damage did it actually do? That's my gradeschool, ya know!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad the kids weren't there!