Sunday, November 9, 2008

Press rewind & lets try this one again

OK, obviously my stars are not lined up correctly or something along those lines because the past few days have just been a calamity of errors! After the driving excursion the other day I really figured that I was due for a break, right?!!? NOPE! Friday Princess Bear had the day off of school because it was parent teacher conferences. I dragged PB along to her conference and all things considered it went relatively well. I don't know why she's working under a normal report card as it is since her IEP is the most important document and really the one that I care about. It is no huge surprise that for most of the categories on her report card that PB received "N" for needs improvement. Ok... not the end of the world and seeing as I'm working with her every day in addition to what she does at school I'm not too worried. I'm more worried about the socialization factors and how she and the other kids are adapting to the new school location. (To say its still rough going is putting it mildly!)

Anyway my mom has a major project at work that happens 4 times a year. She had planned on me coming in to help her on Friday before she knew PB had the day off. She told me to see if PB could go to the Crisis Nursery. I set it up for PB to go for four hours. Then I Thursday I mentioned to my mom that everything was a go and she flipped. HUH?!!!? She had it taken care of. Hello I did what you "commanded" and you're going to get pissy?!!? So she decided not to bring work home that night & that I'd go in and help her. I get to her office on Friday and my mom has lost any semblance of normal and rational thinking & behavior. Color me oh so excited to be spending a few hours with her! She wasn't even ready for me to help her so I sat on the phone calling locale businesses asking for them to donate to the school since so many things are still needed. Finally my mom gets to where she needs help and we fly through it and its time to go. We get PB from the Crisis Nursery and go to Sam's. Ok...I think Sam's is not a great place for any little kid and you take a child with sensory issues into that place & you have to understand that its not going to be a walk in the park shopping experience. My mother forgets this every time...despite repeated reminders. By the time we were out of there PB had lost movies & TV for the next day and was in tears. My mother was pissed and blaming me and telling me that if her behavior didn't get better we were going to be kicked out because she couldn't deal with it. Fun and games I tell you! We get home and I start dinner for PB and myself. Meatloaf muffins...pretty easy right? Well my mom kept on jumping on PB's case for making noise or "Messing with her karma" as my mom put it (hello...what 5 year old gets that?!!!?) and she tells us to go on the other side of the house while dinner is in the oven. Just as the time is going off my mom starts screaming for me. We walk into the kitchen & its smoke filled. As in BIG TIME! I grab some hotpads and get the pans out of the oven. The grease had dripped down and was burning. This had to be happening for awhile. My mom of course goes into a tirade. Skip to Saturday night. While my parents were out and about I got online and looked for some green cleaning ideas for cleaning out the oven. I found several references to a baking soda, salt and water mixture. I made this & applied it to the oven. Directions say to let it sit over night. My parents come home with a can of some oven cleaner & I show them what I'm trying. I then spent an hour using SOS pads to clean the oven racks. This morning I start to scrape out the baking soda mixture and clean it up. My mom is literally standing 2 feet away just staring at me. She tells me to wrap it up that she'll run the cleaning operation after breakfast. I tell her that its not done but she decides its good enough. She then turns on the oven to preheat it for breakfast & guess what?!!!? SMOKE! Hello I did mention that I wasn't done, right?!!? At this point my mom & dad both bust a gasket & it starts getting ugly. My dad tells my mom to just run the self cleaning mode then. Ok folks I'm severely asthmatic and don't do well with fumes like that. Its also about COLD here in Illinois now. We have all the doors and windows open. I was washing dishes and there is steam coming off them because it was so cold. Princess Bear also was sick. She literally just curled up on my mom and stayed there for a few hours. For the child that barely ever stops moving you know this isn't a good sign. She then woke up and had the flying poops. Poor kid was not happy. She then decided that she needed mommy. We still freezing our butts off, wearing winter hats and many layers as well as piling on the blankets. I quit checking the thermostat when it read 56 degrees! PB was begging to take a bath and was refusing to eat or drink anything. We took a short nap and then I did some cleaning in the kitchen. Finally the oven was done and life was looking up! Now enters the projectile vomiting. Have I ever shared the fact that I'm a sympathetic puker? It really doesn't matter if its my own child. I did ok at first but then she threw up in the bathroom sink... a lot. My dad insisted that I could not just rinse it down the drain so there I am with a dixie cup digging puke out of the sink. Good golly do I love my life some times! I also have not had the opportunity to talk to Mason this weekend...not even once and I HATE THAT! Yep I'm officially having a pity party! Anybody else want to join in ?!!!?

HM Sarah Siggy


Anonymous said...

My jaw actually dropped open as I read this. I'm so sorry that things were rough this weekend!

Susan said...

Sarah, you MUST get out of that house. The two of you need your own space, hon. It's not healthy for you, but it's also not healthy for that sweet little girl to see you being treated like that.