Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still alive....I think!

OK I'm pretty sure I'm still alive....just not completely sure though! I started the prednisone last night. Man, can I tell you what 40mg of prednisone at once does to a body? First of all your bathroom becomes your best friend! Drink anything and pee it out about 30 minutes later...its scary ridiculous! Seeing as my breathing was so bad yesterday though that I honestly couldn't do anything for more than a few minutes before being totally out of breath and that has already eased up I'm thinking the meds were a good call. Now I'm just exhausted but too jittery to sleep. I am so glad that Princess Bear has school today so I can just veg if I want.

Just because I know y'all have missed my little tirades so much did anyone read the little blurbs this morning on AOL news? Or last night hear about the code names given for the Obamas? Renegade? Huh? I did get a chuckle out of "The Renegade is on the loose, I repeat, the Renegade is on the loose" bit. Anyway I digress this was this mornings daily Obama blurb "Fix Economy?Yes, He Can" Ok....I know I said this election was about the lesser of the 2 evils but already some neat ground work is being laid out. I liked in his acceptance speech on election night that Obama already pointed out that many of the things he promised may not even happen in this term...that's some pretty early cover your butt! Also although I'm much more Democratic in my thinking (I know surprising based on my reactions, huh?) I really want to have most of the world realize that unfortunately the Republicans are not the responsible party for this economic collapse. I'd love to lay it at their feet but truth is truth and it can't be done! Now the Republicans and everyone who voted good old W in to a second term are responsible for this travesty of a war we're in and I'll gladly give that one to you. I just can't dump the economic problems on you as well... damn the luck! Why am I on this? Frankly because I'm already sick of all the speculation on what Obama will or will not too from the legit to the inane (c'mon is a dog choice this important?!!!? Go to the dang shelter & adopt!) OK, thats my rant for the day. I'm going to go get the Princess dressed so I can come home and crash!


Anonymous said...

Okay, just put down the drugs and step slowly away... :-)

Actually, the dog choice is a stupid thing for the world to debate, but it's significant for the Obamas because one of the girls is allergic, which rules out many breeds.

Heather said...

Blech...I HATE prednisone. I've been on that so many times for asthma, and I hate the way it makes me feel.

Don't even get me started on politics right now.

Hope you feel better soon!