Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Just for fun

Two nights ago after a weekend of worrying about Princess Bear (PB) I called the Dr.'s exchange.  Most of the time they try to get you to take the child into the ER.  I explained that an ER trip wasn't necessary but a Dr's appointment was.  Our Dr. is a wonderful Dr. and it's often tough to get an emergency appoint.  The nurse I talked to agreed that PB could wait until morning and made an appointment for her.  Unfortunately her regular pediatrician is on vacation until next week.  The nerve! :)  So we went with our back up pediatrician Dr. S.  PB has met Dr. S on several occasions when she couldn't get into her regular pediatrician but whatever she needed to be seen for warranted more than a nurse practitioner.  When her regular pediatrician retires Dr. S will take over PB's care.  So there we were for our 10:30am appointment.  Of course we didn't actually see the Dr. until around 11am.  She was concerned about a couple of things.  She heard wheezing in both of PB's lungs.  PB's been fighting the same ick that I had before Thanksgiving, my mom had in Florida and my dad has now.  The Dr. had put her on antibiotics and cough medicine the week before.  Dr. S was worried that the medicine wasn't working and perhaps switching would be the best plan of action.  She also agreed that with PB being sooooo lethargic for the past 24 hours and it getting worse it seemed like the illness was triggering her Gilberts Syndrome (basically causes bilirubin to build up in the liver).  She didn't want to overreact but thought that admitting PB for 23 hours to the hospital so she could receive IV antibiotics as well as a lot of IV fluids to help flush the excess bilirubin would be a good idea.  She explained everything to me before I left.  I did as if I could stop at home before going to the hospital so I could feed the cat and get some clothes for PB and myself.  She said no that she really wanted to get fluids started as soon as possible.  She said that after I got PB  registered and on the Peds floor I could run home.

So I called my mom to let her know we were incoming (She works at the hospital as a secretary in Pastoral Care).  I text my sister and gave my dad a quick call.  Then it was time to call Mason as we were driving so he could do his pep talk telling me that everything was going to be fine.  We got to the hospital and the fun started.  Oh, first I must say that this area is being particularly hard hit by the flu.  So I get to admitting and give them PBs name.  They hand me a pager and tell me to wait for a regististry agent.  That was a 20 minute wait.  PB is falling asleep on me in the waiting area.  My kiddo is 5'6" and change and weighs 130 pounds and she's curled up on my lap sleeping.  Finally the person calls me back to register her.  PB is a frequent flyer there.  It's were she gets her OT and PT and any and all tests she needs.  First the person tries telling me she can't find her in the computer.  Wrong answer!  Try again!  Then she hits something on the keyboard and papers as in at least 30 of them come flying out of her printer.  She's screaming at it to stop and hitting the power button to no avail.  Honestly at that point I should have taken my child and run for the hills!  I think she has things under control and I try to relax.  Next she literally starts hitting her keyboard and saying I didn't mean to do that!  I'm going to have to call them to fix that.  Oh shit!  I was wondering if perhaps I should have stopped for a mini bottle of wine or something.  She sends me back to the waiting area with PB where every other sick person in the world is waiting to get admitted.  She tells me that someone from Peds will be there to get us soon.  I ask if I can just take her up to the floor since we're more than familiar with it.  Nope.  Access denied.  Once again this would have been a good time to have cut my loses and run.  So there I am in the waiting area holding PB who seems to be disintegrating before my eyes.  35 minutes later someone from transport shows up.  They load PB into a wheelchair and we're off.  Whoa buddy!  You missed a turn!  We need those elevators to get up to peds!   The guy looks at me and tells me that peds is filled.  Actually overflowing.  There is a child using the procedure room as a regular room and they are taking us to a peds overflow floor.  Yeah right!  They took us into the bowels of hell!  Seriously!  Ground floor in the old part of the hospital.  It's a mixed floor of.....everything!

I'm still trying to keep calm at this point.  They take us to a room that PB is apparently going to be sharing with another little girl.  Whoa!  Kids are never supposed to have to share rooms.  Sick kids don't generally do well trying to share spaces and bathrooms.  Kids just don't hold somethings well, know what I mean?  OK, fine we can deal with this.  I hope.  I get PB in bed and comfy and the nurse says I have to come down the hall with her to answer questions.  Seriously?  You can't find a laptop or tablet to bring in the room?  I'm now supposed to leave my kid in a room with strangers by herself.  Yeah I know I'm overprotective.  Shoot me.  She doesn't feel well and I can tel she doesn't want me to leave.  The nurse says there is no other option but she'll be as fast as possible.  She starts asking all this health history questions.  Then we get to questions about MRSA.  Has PB ever had MRSA?  Why yes she has!  She's also been on antibiotics in the past 30 days.  This triggers flags that she has to be tested for MRSA colonization.  Frankly the only time I've ever wanted to to be colonized.....it would have bought her a private room!  So of course....no colonization.  Yes I realize it's a good thing but frankly she spends enough time in hospitals that I can't worry over nasal MRSA colonization.  Plus the private room would have been a huge help.  I ask how soon they're going to start an IV.  Not until the residents have seen her and talked to the hospitalist.  Then they'll start it or wait for the hospitalist to come in.  OK....this child is dehydrated so regardless of what the blood work shows shouldn't y'all be starting fluids?  That one falls on completely deaf ears.  Before we left the Dr's office they emla cream (numbing cream) on a couple of spots so it would be easier on PB when they drew labs and put in an IV.  The down side is that they have to use something with a pretty strong adhesive to get the emla cream to stay put.  PB and I are both allergic to adhesive so we try to use as little as possible.  I explain this to the nurse who gets that she'll have to use paper tape to secure the IV and she seems cool with this.  They also ask me what I want to do.  There is an order for labs but not an IV yet.  They can leave the emla cream on for awhile until the IV order comes in.  Last time we did this she had blisters everywhere the bandage had been.  I almost beg them to just place the IV port and not hook it up.  They can't do that without orders.  So I tell them to do the blood draw and we'll hope for the best with starting the IV.  At that point in time I'm just pissed and ask how long it will take the residents or hospitalist to get there.  Of course no one has any idea.

My mom clocked out and made her way to PB's room.  I catch her up on everything.  Everyone and their brother is pushing PB to drink.  Please remember that this kid has a SERIOUS hacking cough.  She tries to drink and almost vomits.  Fun times I tell you.  She goes to the bathroom and the nurse tells me "Yep!  She sure is dehydrated!".  Ok.  Can you please call the residents and relay that info and see if we can get IV fluids started.  No dice.  Then the visitors from my mom's department start coming in.  Most of this people have known PB since she was born.  Whenever PB is in the ER or admitted she has a non stop flow of visitors.  The up side to all the visitors is that it keeps her busy.  The nurse had told me that the MSRA testing takes about 30 minutes so I go to hunt her down and find out that the test was negative.  Then I start asking about when the residents or the hospitalist will be there.  I flat out ask how I can contact the hospitalist directly.  Remember when the admitting Dr. didn't even want me to stop at home first?  So here we are and she's been there for almost 2 hours and no IV has been started.  I'm sure the nurses were ready to kill me.  Ask me if I cared?  I'm out at the desk every 15 minutes asking for news on the residents or the hospitalist.

 Finally 3 hours after we've been in the room the residents show up.  They say that her lungs sound fine but perhaps it's because during one of her coughing fits she could have cleared whatever was making the wheezing sound.  I ask them when they are starting an IV since even if PB doesn't need IV antibiotics she still needs fluids for the dehydration and the potential bilirubin build up.  They say that the hospitalist doesn't want to start an IV until he has the blood work results.  I think the nurses were completely expecting me to flip out and frankly I was damn close.  I start asking if there is any down side to starting IV fluids.  We know the kiddo is dehydrated so if nothing else it will help with that.  Nope.  The hospitalist wants to see how she does with her own fluid intake.  At this point I demand to speak to the hospitalist and they tell me this isn't possible.  So I start calling the pediatricians office but it's gotten late enough that I can't get anyone there to intervene.

Then I try ordering dinner for PB and myself.   Now PBs allergies have been on file forever.  She's allergic to oranges and eggs.  As in she can't eat straight egg but can have things made with eggs in it.  This has never been a problem in the past.  PB decided she wanted applesauce, fresh pineapple, a blueberry muffin and french toast with juice and hot tea.  They proceed to tell me that she can't have any citrus or anything with egg in it.  So basically the kid would have been having applesauce, juice and tea.  Oh hell no.  They want to watch her food and fluid intake but they're making it impossible to order foods?  This mama was ready to start hurting people.  I explain that she just can't have oranges or things like scrambled eggs.  Nope.  The nurse as to remove all mention of allergies.  Since my mom knows most of the people that work in that office during the day she says screw it and goes down there to try to explain things to them because I couldn't even find her nurse.  I finally find the nurse and she does what the dietary people tell her to do and once again I try to order PBs dinner.  Once again they say no.  The nurse does some additional change, my mom had also found someone she knew and we finally got dinner ordered.  That was at 4:30pm.  Remember that time. 

My mom tells me to go home and pack some stuff and feed my cat.  I got back to the hospital about 5:35pm.  I get back to PBs room and my mom announces that they won't be bringing her dinner until 7pm.  This is after oh dear hospitalist says he wants to see how PB does with her food and fluid intake.  The kiddo hadn't eaten since that morning but no worries.  My mom was just going to go to the cafeteria and buy her dinner from there.  Nope.  Gotta have a dietitian approved meal.  Really????  My mom goes home for the night and one of my best friends and her daughter came to visit.  Maria and I have been friends since we were in first grade together circa 1979.  PB is sandwiched between Maria's 2 kids and they've been buddies their whole life.  I was so glad that PB had a distraction!  Actually I was damn thankful for the company.  The girls started doing their nails and having fun while Maria and I chatted.  About 20 minutes into their visit PB tells me that she has to go to the bathroom and wants me to come with her.  OK skip this part if you're queasy.  She had major diarrhea and it was evil.  I spent enough time working in daycare to know that when something smells like that it's not a good thing.  Enough of that.

Dinner finally comes and PB managed to eat the applesauce, some pineapple and some of her muffin.  This kid can usually eat most adults under the table.  She does drink 6 ounces of juice so woot woot!  She then laid back and feel asleep with company there.  Something that she would normally never ever do.  I'm getting a bit worried at that point.  Maria and Emily went home and I waited for the residents to come back.  At this point this is still no IV in place yet.  PB had several more bouts of diarrhea.  I ask the nurse how this will play into her already being dehydrated. I also ask for some pepto or something to help her.  Nope.  Residents see no need.

By 8:45pm it's very clear that they aren't going to start an IV or new antibiotics.  So why in the bloody hell is my child even in the damn hospital?  They are doing absolutely nothing to help with the issues she can in with nor the ones she's developing.  Ok.  We'll try a new approach.  In the past when PB was dehydrated but no severely so they let me monitor her at home.  How much is she taking in versus how much is she peeing out.  It's not fun but its easy and I can do it at home without her being exposed to G-d only knows what in the hospital.  So I ask if I can take her home since they are obviously not going to do anything to actually help her.  The nurse calls the residents and they turn down that request.  At that point I was almost tempted to call PBs vacationing pediatrician at his home.  Something I've not done often but he's told me to do it when I feel it's needed.  I ask the nurse what would happen if I just said fuck it and took PB home.  Apparently in the lovely state of Illinois that means a police report will be filed against you.   SERIOUSLY?!!!???  SERIOUSLY?!!!??

I called my mom and updated her and she said to just hang tight.  She reminded me that the nurse said the hospitalist usually comes in around 6am.  Because really that's when you want to wake up sick kids and their parents.  After a bad nights sleep from getting up every 4 hours so vitals can be taken.  PB had started taking in an ok amount of fluids and for awhile the urine concentration came down to a place that wasn't considered  dehydrated!  Whoohoo!  Let's throw a party!  In the mean time she had several blisters pop up where emla cream and bandage had been applied.  So I ask the nurse if we can get some neosporin and something like benedryl cream because she was really itchy.  Nurse calls residents and residents say "Nope.  Not needed.".  I'm so proud of myself for not actually decking someone at that point in time.

PB took a nap for a little while and when she woke up she was very thirsty.  You'd think a good sign.  She went to the bathroom and again the urine concentration was back to being considered dehydrated.  We're having fun now kids!  I take PB for a walk to where all the snacks and drinks for patients are at.  She didn't want to eat but agreed to try some hot chocolate and soda (I know!  What a freaking combination!).  During our walk a nurse heard PB coughing.  She didn't see us.  She turned back around and asked if it was PB coughing.  Yep.  She couldn't believe that it was so bad.  I mentioned that they weren't letting PB have her prescription cough medicine; just over the counter stuff.  The nurse just started shaking her head.  We go back to the room and she did drink the soda.  The little girl on the other side of the room who was about 3 years old is still going strong with the TV blaring and playing with her toys.  Around 1 am I ask the nurse if its ok to turn off the TV.  She looks on the other side of the curtain and tells me that the parents are watching it so it has to stay on.  Now I understand if the kids are up the TV being on but frankly I thought it was damn rude that both kids were sleeping and they kept the TV on.  The nurse came in for vitals at 4am and I once again asked if it was ok to turn off the TV and this time she did.

My mom came in at 6:10am to wake me up to get ready to deal with the hospitalist.  I'd pretty much decided that I'd ask for another blood draw and if all of PB's liver numbers including bilirubin were fine I was going to take her home.  At 8:20am the resident comes in and starts asking questions.  I ask him about a blood draw and he says they see no reason for that.  He does say that they are on the fence about whether PB should be released or observed for another 23 hour admit.  Yeah buddy- let me answer that for you.  I'm taking my kid home TODAY!  The idiot hospitalist didn't show up until 9:30am and grants me permission to take PB home.  I didn't talk to him other than say I was taking her home.  If I would have tried dealing with the man I probably would have reamed him a new a$$hole. 

PB's release paperwork finally came through around 11am.  She has spent most of the day sleeping and coughing.  I know she's not eating or drinking enough but I'll be damned if I take her back to the hospital.  We have a follow up with the nurse practitioner at the pediatricians office tomorrow.  I'll be looking into how to file a complaint since this hospitalist followed NONE of the admitting orders.  I'm just praying that the next time PB is in the hospital a different hospitalist is on call.

So that was my last day and a half.  Hope yours was much much better than ours!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Family is funny

On my dad's side of the family I'm the oldest of the 16 grandchildren.  My sister and I were the only ones raised in Central Illinois.  The rest of the family is in the Chicago land area where my dad grew up.  Well, a few of my cousins were born here but everyone migrated back to Chi-town and the burbs before anyone started school.  As a result I didn't spend a lot of time with my cousins growing up.  We would all get together for holidays and other big events but I certainly didn't see them often.  So while I love my cousins I can't say that I'm close with them.  There are two exceptions.  My cousins Laura and Nicole.  Laura and I have become much closer in the past few years as adults which almost makes it more special since this is a bond that we're chosen to create.  Princess Bear (PB) adores her Aunt Laura as she's been dubbed.  We text a lot and talk on Facebook on a regular basis.  We're very alike in a lot of ways.  Pretty rebellious, love and are driven by music in many ways, adore kids and live for Chicago Bears football (although I'm not sure how I'm feeling about that at the moment!).  The other cousin is a much younger cousin that I just feel the need to look out for.  Maybe she'll be a post another time. 

The other thing that Laura and I have in common is that our entire lives we had a huge drive to become mothers.  I know I've mentioned that I never thought PB would be an only.  My game plan had always been to have 4 girls.  Laura and I are the ones that everyone would always their baby on our laps and walk away.  It was cool.  Hand us a baby, even a screaming one, and we're cool.  It is very second nature to us.  Only time it didn't work is when my uncle handed me both of his 6 month old twins.  That shit requires a tag team thank you very much!  I guess my bottom line here is that there's never been any doubt that Laura and I were meant to be moms and that we wanted to be. 

One of the reasons Laura and I have grown closer in the last few years was the fact that she was going through fertility issues with her first husband and I tried my best to always be there for her even though we're several hours apart.  I would always try to send a text the night before or morning of an invetro attempt.  I'd check in a few days later to see how she was doing and then in a few weeks to see what the pregnancy test results were.  It was heartbreaking for me to see her go through so much and never have a successful pregnancy.  What made the last few attempts even worse is that per the Dr. there was no reason she shouldn't be getting pregnant (the first several attempts had been with her then husbands sperm but due to having testicular cancer he had a very low sperm count.  Then they tried donor sperm.  Should have worked like a charm but didn't).   They spent so much money and time on trying to get pregnant (her then husband refused to consider adoption for some reason).  About a year after their last IVF attempt they made the decision to divorce.  I think in his own way Chris was letting her go so she could find someone else to have a family with. 

After the divorce for awhile Laura was pretty burnt out on men.  I can so relate to that one.  It took me forever and a day to get beyond the head fuck my ex fiancee had administered and I could completely relate to her wanting to be single for awhile.  I think it was a really great opportunity for her to find herself again and work on what made her happy. 

Last November or December Laura started dating Clint.  He seems like a really nice guy.  I met him at a family wedding in May and really liked him.  My aunt has some issues since he's basically covered in tattoos but then again Laura has several.  Once my aunt got past his outward appearance and saw how well Clint balanced out Laura she was completely on board. Like me, Laura has her own demons called depression and anxiety.  It takes someone special to work through those highs and lows.  Clint seems to do it very well.  Things seemed to be going really well for them.  I remember asking her several months ago if there was going to be a wedding or baby anytime soon.  She seemed to think that she didn't really care if she ever got married again but would love to have a child with him.  A few weeks ago they announced there engagement.  I'm thrilled for them.  I'm so glad that Laura has found someone who compliments her so well. 

So what's the problem you ask?  The night before we left for Florida a few weeks ago my Aunt called to tell us to have a great time and travel safely.  We wound up chatting for awhile (I've always been super close to this Aunt).  I asked her about what wedding plans Laura had.  She said that she thought it'd be a small courthouse thing with a family party at some point later.  PB was horrified to learn that there wasn't going to be a big wedding and reception.  Such is life little girl.  I don't know how it came up but I asked my Aunt about kids in the future for them.  What she told me next completely floored me.  They plan on having no kids.  They don't want that responsibility.  All of a sudden little warning bells and lights started flashing.  I haven't talked to Laura much since we've been back but I know a chat is coming up.  I don't know how you end one marriage because your desire for children is greater than the love you have for the person you're married to and then you decided to marry someone else and not have any children.  As I type this I'm just kind of shaking my head. 

In my family whenever there was something to be said or a message that needed to be relayed my mom and I are always the loudmouths sent in.  After the conversation with my Aunt I kept on replaying it in my head.  I honestly don't know if she's trying to get me to ask Laura about this plan to remain childless or if it's my own not understanding that it making me feel like I should inquire.  Then there is the part of my telling me to keep my mouth shut (that part will probably lose).  I just suck at being tactful so I'm trying to put some time up before I broach this subject with Laura.  Maybe if I put enough time out there I won't say anything before they're married and I'll just keep my damn mouth shut.  Could be a plan! 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

It was a very quiet Christmas

And it was just lovely!  Ok not at first.  Princess Bear (PB) was still running temps in the high 101* and low 102* range.  She woke up in the middle of the night vomiting. Nothing like having your child wake you up saying "Momma- I threw up in the bathroom sink.  You need to clean it....later.  Now I need you to hold me".  We slept until 8:15am which is completely unheard of for Christmas morning.  I woke up and grabbed paper towels and some Alice's Wonder Spray (best green cleaning general purpose cleaner EVER!!! You can find it HERE).  Now I'll admit that I'm not much of a morning person.  As in unless it's tall, blonde and really good chances are it should leave me alone kinda thing.  There I am in the bathroom thinking "Hey...this isn't bad!  Merry Christmas to me!".    Then I look at the mirror.  It'd taken a direct hit.  Btw, don't use the Alice's Wonder Spray on the mirror (it has essential oils and will streak!).  I came back out to check on PB and this is what I found:

 photo SickKier_zps60927805.jpg

There she was sitting on the couch looking at the pile of gifts while looking completely miserable.  You know when a kiddo is staring at a pile of gifts and isn't already attacking them something is not right.  I gave her some meds and applied some essential oils and we just chilled for awhile.  About an hour later she felt better and wanted to open gifts.  After that we watched the Disney Frozen parade.  They had filmed part of that while we were there which was kind of cool to see!  Tim Tebow is just too damn cute!  After that I started the Glenn Beck book PB bought me for Christmas and we all took naps.  After that it was time to hit Walgreens to try to find some sodas and juices that PB would drink.  With her having Gilberts syndrome it is important to make sure she doesn't become dehydrated when she was sick.  My mom ordered Dolphin Tale 2 from Xfinity and it was a very chill night.

Today it was more of the same.  Thank G-d for Netflix!  Her temp is finally down to a low grade temp so I'm very thankfully.  We ordered How to Train Your Dragon 2 and chilled with that.  It has been a most unusual Christmas for us.  Definitely not the big Christmas Eve hoopla.  Then on Christmas Day we usually get together with my sister, brother in law and nephews and the kids have a Birthday Party for Jesus.  We want to remind them that it's about more than opening gifts.  So we have a birthday cake that says "Happy Birthday Jesus" and we discuss what Christmas is about.  We also at that time pick something that the kids are going to do for in Jesus name for his birthday.  We've picked a charity in the past and the kids would have to do certain chores to "earn money" which we then send in to the charity.

I can't say that I liked that PB was so sick for the holidays and I definitely missed some of the traditions but it also make me think about what is important and what isn't.  What traditions are worth keeping and which aren't.  Now if the little Princess would just recover so we could spend some time with my nephew! :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I am not the voice of reason

In my family especially but also amount my friends I am not the voice of reason.  I'm the impulsive, impetuous, bullheaded one.  The one that usually flies by the seat of my pants with the basic idea of it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.  The one that often prescribes to the "what the hell.... you only live once!" line of rationale.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Not the one to say "Whoa Nelly!  Back that horse up!  We really should talk about this first!".  On the rare occasions that I am the voice of reason no one ever heeds it because its such an anomaly.

One of those rare occasions has been playing out since we got home from Florida last week.  A bit of back story is necessary here.  To my dad's line of thinking the only place he and his loved ones should be on Christmas Eve is in his house.  Christmas Day is a repeat performance on a smaller scale.  Go ahead ask my Dad if he'd like to do something incredible just as long as it isn't on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  You could offer him the chance of a lifetime but if it requires him not being home on Christmas Eve or Day he'll turn it down.  In all my years on this planet there has been 1, count 'em folks 1, Christmas Eve and Day that we were not home.  We instead were at my Grandmothers house in Chicago.  Didn't matter that we were with family and my grandmother tried her hardest to make it something that could work for my dad.  It wasn't ok and that mistake has never been repeated again.

Christmas Eve has always been a huge dinner at my parents ranging from the original 4 of us to upwards of 40.  If fluctuates every year.  For the last several years my dad's best friend and his family have been in attendance.  We absolutely adore my Dad's best friend Jack.  I mean love him!  We love his step children too.  We just can't stand his wife.  Regardless we know that there will be at least 4 perhaps more if roommates have come home with the boys.  We have a dear family friend that comes every other year.  My mom's brother and his partner usually attend as well.  Actually in years past we've had more Jewish relatives here than Catholics but the bottom line is the same.  Everyone is gathered at our house for Christmas Eve dinner. 

My mom said something to me before we left about still planning to hold Christmas Eve this year.  I asked if she just meant inviting my sister, brother in law and nephews since it was so close to the end of our trip.  Nope she was planning on inviting all the usual suspects and any other strays that came her way.  That was the first time I mentioned that holding our traditional Christmas Eve would be a mistake.  My mom doesn't travel well and this trip was no exception.  Add to it that my mom got hella sick while we were gone and she only slept about 3 hours a night she was not the worlds nicest person or able to accomplish much by the time we got back.

A Dr's visit the day after our return had my mom diagnosed with severe bronchitis and on a round of steroids and antibiotics and me diagnosed with severe edema (another story but suffice it to say the food at Disney is EXTREMELY salty) and I was put on a weeks worth of diuretics and cautioned to watch for signs of kidney problems since that's been an issue my whole life.  I asked my dad since my mom & I were basically down for the count if he was going to cancel Christmas Eve.


A few days ago my dad started getting really sick and mom and I are no where near 100%.  Again I asked if he was calling Christmas Eve off.


Princess Bear started getting sick a few days ago.  This time I said "Really we should just cancel now!".  No!  Just pay no attention to the child running the 102.1* temp.  I thought seeing how miserable PB was my dad would finally cancel.  Nope.  He called everyone that was invited to let them now that PB was sick but they were more than welcome to come over.  Really?  Really?  Today I took PB to the Dr.   Again with the bronchitis.  More antibiotics.  Ok surely this is enough to cancel Christmas Eve.


 I told the Dr. that we were planning on having company over and asked if that was ok.  His response was "As long has her temp is gone".  We as of 10pm she was still 101.6.  My dad is finally starting to come around to the idea that no one will be coming here for dinner tomorrow night.  Instead my mom and I are cooking dinner for everyone that was invited and delivering it to them.

Really?  Really?  If someone  would have listened to me like a week ago this would be so much easier.  Just sayin'

Monday, December 22, 2014

As a country we are so close to being FUBARed

I was going to continue the breakdown of our Disney vacation.  Really I was.  Then I started watching my Facebook feed in response to the 2 police officers that were gunned down in NY yesterday.  To say I'm disgusted with the response of some people is putting it extremely mildly.  Frankly I'm scared about the people that can say such horrible things in response to a human death.  I'm scared for the future of the country when so many people a) think like that and b) feel comfortable feeling that opinion publicly.

The idea that killing an Asian and a Hispanic cop will somehow make up for the deaths of Michael Brown or Eric Garner is completely uncomprehensible to me.  The idea of killing a police officer is something I can't even begin to make sense of in my head.  I get being upset with the government, police, and laws.  Really I do.  I completely get protesting in a way that is going to get your point across.  By the way violence never will.  I get movements in which people try to right what they perceive of as being wrong.  Actually I applaud it.  It is one of the things that makes this country incredible.  Having that simple right is a gift that so many will never be able to enjoy.

Where you lose me is when you start being violence or plain stupidity into it.  If you didn't read my post on Ferguson MO you can find it HERE.  I still stand by my main point in that post.  Police deserve respect.  Bottom line, end of story.  If you can't give them the respect they deserve then please go someplace where you can get along with the rules of the land.  Now I'm not going to say that there aren't bad cops out there.  There are.  There are also bad teachers, bad executives, bad nurses, bad yada yada yada.  The list goes on and on.  There is always some good with some bad.  You can't have perfection when you're dealing with human beings.  It isn't possible.  That said what I teach my daughter is that you always obey and respect the police.  You listen to and do what they say.  Even if you think it's not quite right.  If things go hinky it's better to have your butt in jail where Mama can come bail you out and then hire a lawyer to go after a bad cop then someplace where things can go very wrong very quickly.  Just listen to the cops. 

We live in a society that expects us to respect some things and laws need to be at the top of that list.  With that comes respecting the police and those who try to make sure everyone is upholding the laws.  Frankly in many ways it's a thankless job and the very least they deserve is to not have to constantly fight to uphold peace.  Please reread that last line because it's damn important.  If we didn't have police we would not have peace.  We would have total chaos.  So you might not like them but you need to respect them or get the heck outta dodge.

Living in this country is a choice.  One that many people take for granted.  You don't like the government?  You hate the police and the laws of the land?  Then why are you here?  Pick up a globe and spin that fucker until you find someplace else that suits your sensibilities.  Then don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. 

This country isn't perfect.  My mom served on a jury several years ago for a murder case.  Black man killed a white man in a drug deal gone bad.  Guess what?  The prosecution didn't do their job and PROVE that the black guy committed the murder.  He walked.  Our justice system isn't perfect but it is what we have and must stand behind.   I've been damn outspoken about the current President and this administration.  I'm sure I'm on a watch list.  Fine. So be it.  I also know that even with the current fool in office there isn't anyplace else I'd rather live so I will respect the laws of the land and that includes those who uphold those laws. 

If you're wondering what got me so riled up today here are a few of the things I read:

 Really?  This is what kids are being exposed to at institutions of higher learning?  G-d help us all!  Moreover what is wrong with the staff at Brandeis that they are putting this young woman in a position of student leadership?!!?  Lastly, if you hate this racist country you have 2 choices.  One- try to POSITIVELY change things.  That doesn't not include finding joy in anyone's death or Two- LEAVE!

Really?  Mrs. Old Bae needs to figure out what racism is before spouting off against it.  Hats off to Brad Thor!  I've never read any of his books but after this I'm feeling an urge to hit my local Barnes and Noble!

Again I'll mention positive change or leave.  Bye bye!

I'm sure if you're a reasonable, rational human being that reading those 3 links left you shaking your head and pondering the state of our country.  Since I don't want to leave you on that note with such a bad taste in your mouth another Chicks on the Right share.  

Being a cop isn't easy.  Just ask any police officer or their wife/husband and family.  The least we can do is give them the basic respect they deserve and raise our children to do they same.