Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to life

Well last week I finished up with the outpatient program where I was working on my depression & anxiety issues. I learned a lot of really great tools including the fact that if given time I could really become a mediation junkie! Things are moving along at their usual life is never boring pace. Princess Bear was sick as all get out over the weekend and beginning of this week. She woke up running 103* on Monday morning- never a good sign. I gave her Tylenol and put her in a tepid bath. After all that she was up to 103.6* It wasn't our best day ever. I took her to the Dr. on Tuesday and she was already perking back up by then but the cough has moved to her chest. We're on one more round of antibiotics and hopefully she'll be ok for awhile after this. I just got done with another round of prednisone and antibiotics as well. It just seems as though there is so much "ick" around right now. School is going a bit better for PB which is making me happy beyond belief! She is actually the star student this week! I'm so proud of her! She's also able to identify most of her letters by sight now!!! WOOHOO! The one and one tutoring she's getting is going so well! She also wrote her name for the first time the other day. Yep, I'm one proud mama!

As for me I've spent a fair amount of time since last week trying to get my other blog back up where it was. Its hard to have put so much effort into something and then watch it dwindle down. I know that I needed to take the time off for me so I just need to keep on reminding myself of that! I've also been on a big magazine & book reading jag. I'm reading Final Justice by Fern Michaels...I'm really hoping it isn't the end of the Sisterhood series. I love the premise of it! I also read I can make you thin by Paul McKenna and am going to start his hypnosis CDs. I feel like I'm really ready to take control of my life and start moving it along. First up... cleaning up PB's room! Ugh! I think it would be easier to just dump everything and start over! Well, I'm going to go take a relaxing shower and curl up with Fern Michaels for awhile!

HM Sarah Siggy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm....

Have you ever had an encounter with someone in your life and you know that if you were smart you would walk away from it and not give it as much as a second thought? You know that there really can't be anything good to come from it but you still can't walk away? Honestly I would love to know what it would take for me to listen to those signals. Am I just a sucker for misery? The only reason I'm not really beating myself up over this one is because I'm sure of how this is going to wind up and it has me in one piece so I'm ok with it. More than anything else it once again has me questioning my judgement in people.

Ok...enough of that one! I took Princess Bear for new tennis shoes today. I figured 2 nasty notes from her PT about crocs not being "safe" was about has much as I could deal with. Man, can I tell you that Stride Rite shoes are insanely expensive?!!!? PB has wide feet and although I regularly scour the Walmarts & Payless Shoes in our area I seldom have luck. So that said I'm thinking of buying stock in Stride Rite. If you can't beat them, join them right?!!?

So that would be the story in this neck of the woods. Now I'm going to go attempt to find my room within the mess!

HM Sarah Siggy

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Musings

Wow! So tomorrow starts my 3rd week in the PHP program. I feel as though I'm learning a lot which is really good. I also feel a bit like I'm realizing things but not knowing how or what to do with that knowledge. I'm feeling a bit like a fish out of water with that one.

Other than dealing with trying to get myself on a good track for healhy living I'm just working with Princess Bear who is having some really behavior issues and problems at school. I don't know if I mentioned this or not (If I did- sorry!) My daughter kissed a boy at school last week! The fact that the teacher didn't have to pick me up off the floor after telling me that is somewhat remarkable! When I asked PB about it she said she liked him and he was her friend. Um ok! Shake his hand, give him a hug! I didn't think I would be addressing this with my 5 year old! Then this past week PB lost a star for taking too long in the bathroom. My poor baby who has been chronically constipated since birth. I could have really done a number on the teachers. The mama bear in me was out and roaring that day.

Other than that life is kind of just the same old same old. PB is sick (a big surprise I know!) so this weekend was very low key. The Pro Bowl left much to be desired and I didn't manage to get any of the Grammy's except the beginning. I must say Jennifer Hudson sounded great and I truly admire her courage!

Well that everything on this side...I'm gradually trying to get back into the swing of things!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Another sweet you tube moment

Ok this really is cute (but a bit too long!)