Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hanging in there!

Ok...apparently our house is a hotbed of germs! My precious baby girl is still sick but thankfully its nothing too awful. After being off her allergy meds for a week she was sick and so ready for her skin testing to be done. The night before she came down with the virus my dad has....yep no food poisoning for him. Instead a combination GI/ respiratory virus. Princess Bear was a seriously unhappy kid on Wed night. Let me tell was a long night. I cancelled the appointment with the allergist so I was able to get her back on all of her meds. Unfortunately she was well on her way to a respiratory infection due to being off of meds and then being around my dad really did her in. She's such a little trooper...she wanted to go to school on Friday! The child couldn't stop coughing but she wanted to go. The pediatrician put her back on antibiotics even though she's fighting a virus her sinus still aren't clear enough for an infection not to pop back up before we see the ENT this coming Friday to see about adenoid surgery. She's still tired and a bit grumpy but feeling better. Me coming off of the asthma attack and getting hit with this thankfully wound up with the GI part of it more the the respiratory because I don't think my lungs could have handled that. Then again I walked into my parents room last night about midnight muttering something about "Food poisoning my a#s!" along with a few other choice phrases. I'm looking forward to watching my tape of the Unit and then sleeping, sleeping and sleeping some more!

I'm also hoping that a few more days of good sleep gets me in a good place because I need to get my butt going on stuff! My Christmas blog is at a standstill. I've also decided I want to dedicate a blog to doing reviews and giveaways and want to put some time in on that. I need to get things ready to sell at the boutiques around here and its less that 2 weeks until its time to start decorating for Christmas! Jen over at Jenontheedge is talking about a Christmas home blog tour....I'm so stoked! Anyhoo, that is what is going on here. We're all alive and hanging in. Just a bit battered and needing rest at the moment!

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jenontheedge said...

Talking about a bloggy house tour? Girl, I am PLANNING it!!! It's going to happen, I guaran-darn-tee it.