Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gotta love it! I know I've mentioned that Princess Bear is having rough patches overall in kindergarten. Things run smoothly for awhile and then boom! Enter a rough patch. Princess Bear is having an even harder time since the fire at school and transitioning to the new location. Add that she's been sick as well as everyone in the house & we've got a recipe for disaster. There are a few things that Princess Bear is usually using stars for at school. The most common are talking when she shouldn't, not lining up to come in from recess, not keeping her hands to herself and not participating during learning time. Some of these I understand and others I'm thinking "ok guys she's you want to come in from the outside or keep playing?" We have good days and bad days but all can be dealt with. Unfortunately in her never ending attempt to keep me on my toes PB has stepped up the bad behavior. The ones that have surfaced are she's tried throwing away something that belonged to someone else and today she hit someone in the chest. Well, the throwing away is unacceptable no matter what. The hitting was a result of the person poking her. I tried explaining that she has to use words and tell the person to stop and then tell an adult if it doesn't. My dad called to check on how things were going & to tell me when to pick him up from work so I filled him in on today. He started chuckling and thinks if the other person was messing with PB she shouldn't loose a star for hitting them. Please just shoot me now!

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