Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another milestone for PB

I have forgotten to mention what happened this past weekend! Princess Bear lost her first 2 (yes 2!) teeth! On Friday night she was eating a frozen fruit bar and kept on saying something about her tooth. I thought that the cold had gotten to her. A little while later she was standing in our family room near the den messing around in her mouth. I see her spitting and looking in her hand and then a hear a "blink" on the floor. I asked her what that was and she just looked at me. I don't know if she thought she was in trouble or what but she just stood there. I asked her again if it was her tooth and she nodded yes. I went over there and picked it up and started explaining losing teeth to her. I also being a first time mom had to jump online to see if 5 is a "normal" age to be losing teeth or if it part of her accelerated growth problem. IT IS NORMAL!!!!! So after being filled in about the tooth fairy and whatnot I showed her in the mirror where the tooth used to be. She was very upset and kept on wanting me to pull up the new one. Ummm, sorry can't do that! The next morning she was asking me to pull up a tooth again & I said no and then she started wiggling the other front tooth! UGH! It wasn't ready to come out so I took her to her swimming lessons. That afternoon after fiddling with the loose tooth enough it was loose enough to come out. She looks like the cutest little jack-o-lantern! I started singing "All I want for Halloween is My 2 Front Teeth". She didn't like that too much even when I explained that it was taken from a real song. My baby isn't a baby anymore! :( I will say that she looks incredibly darn cute right now! I'll post a pic soon!

HM Sarah Siggy

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Heather said...

You must post a picture of PB minus her choppers! I love toothless kid pics!