Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Ink or not to Ink

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I saw that & it just gave me a little chuckle. Princess Bear is very used to my tattoos (I have 3 but want a few more). The joke when I was pregnant with her was that she would be born with tattoos. As I mentioned I have 3 and would love more (unfortunately my father HATES them & has laid down the law...I get any while I'm living in their house I'm outta here) and her sperm donor is very inked. Sleeves and other misc. pieces. I wanted a tattoo from the time I was a freshman in high school and saw Nikki Sixx's blue rose tattoo (I don't even think you can see it anymore!). My parents did everything in their power to dissuade me. I had a HUGE variety of temporary tattoos. It doesn't work folks!

So you may be asking yourself...what the heck is this post about? Well, I'm curious about a few things.
-what are your views on tattoos/body art (ie scarification, piercings, etc)
-do you have or want any body art
-what do you think of your child getting a tattoo when they're older
-if you have tattoos is there a story or meaning behind it?

-I have a sun on the inside of my right ankle. I want to add to this & turn it into an ankle wrap. I want the moon on the outside and shooting stars going up the back of my Achilles and a few more stars in the front. I love the whole sun, moon and stars idea. Its also the first thing I usually see in the morning and there is a face in the sun so its like a reminder to have a nice day.
-My second tattoo is a Celtic symbol for love and friendship between people who are separated. One of my closest friends and I got this when I went to visit her in FL several years ago. Mine is filled in purple and hers is teal. I LOVE Celtic knot work and the symbolism worked for what we were looking for. Its on the small of my back and was the least painful. Actually pretty much was a walk in the park until I got on a plane 2 days later to come back to IL...that was not a fun plane ride!
-My third tattoo is a frog holding a rose on my right shoulder blade. My nickname from my father since birth is Rosefrog. I was having a very hard time when Wayne was leaving Great Lakes for California and decided to go get a tattoo. I got my first one when I was 24 then I waited 3 years before I got the second. The turnaround between 2 and 3 was all of a couple of months. It was also by far the most painful. I almost had to have the guy stop and I have a HUGE tolerance threshold. I finally made it through the tattoo and got home. Then the fun begins. I had an allergic reaction to the green soap they use to wipe the area. Thinking about it is enough to make me itch now!

So that's my ink story...do you have one?


Anonymous said...

I love tattoos. I've found they're a great way to learn about people in ways you wouldn't ever learn about them otherwise. People often become vulnerable with their tattoos and allow you a little bit of intimacy with them. And I love people and getting to know people, so tattoos naturally fascinate me. I don't have any myself simply because I really can't afford one, and because I'm a little bit scared of having to show it to my mother. I might get one eventually, but right now I'm not sure. If I had a child, i think I would be supportive of it, as long as I knew they were doing it for the right reasons and because it was something they really wanted, not just because it was a fad or whatever.

good post, I just stumbled in, I'll be sure to thumb you up!


Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I'm not a fan of tattoos and multiple piercings, so I don't have any. If my girls want tattoos, they'll have to wait until they're 18.