Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its the little things

Princess Bear had a very rough night last night because she is still not feeling well. Actually I think she's taken a tour for the worse and whatever this ick is in now buried in her chest. She was up at 1:30 am screaming about her nose hurting and trying to kick me out of bed. Man, I don't even need to have a partner to have bed sharing problems!!! I finally got her back to sleep but it was a pretty fitful sleep. This morning my mom was home...hmmm? I woke PB up and discovered she was running a low grade temp. I was going to keep her home but my mom axed that idea. I figured worse case scenario the school could call my mom (I had lab & class today) and my mom could pick her up. My child is such a little drama mama. She walked into my moms room wanting some grandma sympathy and goes "Poor Princess Bear" (ok she used her real name but you get the idea) and hangs her head all woe is me like. She then looks at my mom and tells her "its going to be a very hard day" Goodness where does the kid come up with this?!!!? We finally get going and I drop her off at school where she refuses to give me a kiss :( and I head for lab. We usually have a prelab quiz. I'd read over everything once but wasn't quite ready. Thankfully no prelab quiz today! YEAH!!!!!!!!! Oh, before I forget I also saw my professor on the way to lab and told him that I was making an appointment to take my test on Tuesday...another YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this morning things were going fairly well. I like pleasant mornings. Especially since I'm not in any way, shape or form a morning person. If you want someone to talk to between 11pm and 2am...I'm your girl! You expect reasonable, rational and pleasant the hours of 6am to about 11am are exempt. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and don't try to change it, ok?!!!? Back to lab, I have a really nice but not so intelligent lab partner so I tend to do all the work. Today we were doing radiation testing and plotting half life charts. I LOVE LAB! I wish I could just hang out in a lab all day running tests! I then went & hid in the computer lab at school which turned out to be a very good move. I just was trying to avoid my mom in all honesty!

I finally head home & call my mom to see if she's heard from the school. Nope but she is all in a rage. Huh? Yesterday I was uber productive. I did a few loads of clothes that I plan on listing on ebay and hung those on the line. 2 loads of my clothes and 4 of Princess Bears (since she's not feeling great she's taking multiple baths or showers per day....that really adds up on the laundry front!) Since I didn't know that my mom had taken the day off I left everything hanging on the line. The evidently was bad. Very, very, very bad. Dang... sometimes I feel like I really can't win with my mom! They say I don't do enough and want me to keep track of my time and then when I do two buttloads of work she isn't happy. My mom also decided that it was time to do some deep cleaning today. My plans were to come home and study chem for a few hours before picking up PB. Clearly not happening. Sensing my moms grand mood I call my sister on my way home. Nada. I wait about 10 minutes and call her again. I figure she can come over with Tyler and run some interference. What I didn't know is that she'd had her own run-in via phone with my mom (since my sister is the golden child this is very rare). I ask my sister to bring over little dude anyway and her response is NO WAY! I tried reminding her that she would need something someday but that one didn't work. UGH! After several joy filled cleaning hours with my mom we picked up PB and then headed downtown to get my dad from work.

They tried us off & went to run errands. PB was exhausted and beyond a little moody. She loves our next door neighbor Mary Jean so we went to visit Mary for a bit. On the way there PB grabbed some stale bread crumbs to feed the birds. She then filled the bag with fallen leaves to do some art projects. I love, love, love the family fun website! Its awesome! I printed out a Halloween countdown calendar for PB and got some great fall and Halloween craft ideas. They also had some amazing Halloween costume ideas. Including a washing machine and bubble bather. Some need to keep those in mind for another year! PB spent about an hour gluing and re gluing leaves and grass on a piece of paper. I love that she loves creating so much! She finds such joy in little things!

So I've got to say, other than wanting to sleep my mom a sedative at one point, today was an ok day!

HM Sarah Siggy

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