Sunday, October 5, 2008

Color me excited!

Sorry I've been lacking in the posting department. Things have been a bit crazy here. Princess Bear (PB)is still not at 100% and was home from school all last week. The fact that I haven't pulled out all of my hair is truly a testament to the patience that a parent can muster up!!! PB is one of those kids who gets sick and stays sick. Once we determined that it wasn't the chicken pox I was really ready for things to calm down. Instead we were at the Dr's office again last week to check things out since she still had (has) welts and a temp. The temp is low grade enough that I'm going to attempt to send her for a half day tomorrow...this mama needs some downtime!!!

Not all was a total loss with PB being home though. She did actually start out 3 nights sleeping in her room. (She has been sleeping in my room since Feb). The first night it was a bit odd and I kept on waking up waiting for her to call me. By the third night I was just thrilled! It was so nice not having to fight for space! (I only have a twin size bed). Please note that I said it was in past in she has resumed going to sleep in my room! AAAAUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This of course happened after my mom took her to Teddy Set ....Go and let her stuff her own animal of choice that can only go to bed with her when she's sleeping in her room. Evidently only a few nights of Elephant Sarah (yes my daughter named her new beloved stuffed elephant after me...don't know what to make of that!) was enough to keep her in her own room. I did set up the Princess canopy to go over Princess Bears bed. I won this great bedding set on ebay for Princess Bear after deciding we were going to go with a Princess theme for her room
Now, am I one of those people that KNOWS and willingly admits that I'm not good with putting things together, following written instructions or generally handy in any way. PB decided that she really wanted the canopy up so in a moment of sheer stupidity I decided "Sure! I can do this myself!" Now this canopy was bought used off of ebay and came with hand-drawn instructions. Flat, nondimensional, not very clear instructions. Can you see where I'm going with this?!!!? Swearing is one of those things that is generally accepted in my family. PB knows there are words that she isn't allowed to use. She heard each and every one of them when I was trying to put this &*@# (@*$$ canopy together!!! Some of them she heard multiple times!!! At one point I tried calling my best friend to have her come give me a hand. I also considered calling my friend Maria & asking her to send over her hubby to give a hand (she & her husband are wonderful to me about giving a hand when my family pulls the if you had a husband you wouldn't need our help card). Since it was going on 9pm I opted out of that. PB actually decided she was tired and threw her mattress down underneath the structure...that was falling apart every few minutes! After much trial I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the very best part is that it has stayed up without any problem! WOOHOO! I'm very proud of myself!

Other than that things have been relatively low key. My folks went to Chicago on Friday and stayed until Saturday afternoon. It was a welcomed break for my parents and I but PB didn't fare as well. My dad wanted to check in on his baby brother who is still listed in critical condition and was taken into emergency surgery on Tuesday morning. They removed 1 gallon of blood clots from around my uncles heart and lungs. Its really amazing how much my uncle has been through and keeps on going. My dad wanted to go there and spend some time with him. Unfortunately my uncle is completely sedated and therefore not responsive but my dad stayed in his room for about and hour and a half just talking to him. I think it did my dad a lot of good to be there and sit with him for awhile.

On there way home my parents stopped in Oak Brook to shop. One of our favorite malls in the Chicagoland area. They also brought home Malnati's pizza. This stuff is to die for good pizza. I'm not kidding die for good! So good that you can literally call a 800 number and have it sent to you anywhere in the USA. Its packed in dry ice and shipped. For my dad's 60th birthday one of his cousins sent him a few pizzas from there! As I said it was generally nice for all of us to have some down time from each other!

So that is the story here! Don't forget to leave a comment sometime this week to be entered in my PIF giveaway!!!

HM Sarah Siggy

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Anonymous said...

My girls would have killed to have a princess set-up like that when they were PB's age!