Friday, October 3, 2008

Pay It Forward Giveaway!!!

OK...I know I've said for a week I was going to do this but my life is a bit out of control right now (Princess Bear is STILL sick!!!) but this seems like a great way to kick off the weekend! I'm continuing with the Pay It Forward Giveaway that I won from Heather over at Wanting What You Have

First of all here is a peek of the great stuff I got in my PIF box from Heather!

I love getting stuff in the mail that isn't a bill! The candle smells absolutely divine!

So how does this giveaway work you ask?!!!? Its so easy! Leave a comment any time between today and next Friday (10/10) and for each comment you receive one chance at a PIF box. There will be 3 winners! Also if you blog about the PIF giveaway and let me know that counts as a chance! Now before you go and comment away you have to know that if you are one of the 3 winners you have to hold your own PIF giveaway. (Just didn't want to spring that one on you later!) so go ahead and comment away!!!

HM Sarah Siggy

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