Monday, October 6, 2008

What has happened to kindergarten?

Can anyone tell me what in the world has happened to kindergarten?!!!? Today was Princess Bears (PB) first day back. She always has a hard time transitioning back when missing more than a day or two of school. My daughter was in tears I mean completely sobbing that she didn't want to go to school- she wanted to stay home with me. After a fair amount of bribery I finally got her to school. She was late but at that point I wasn't stressing that! I walked her to her room & explained to her teacher that PB wasn't a 100% yet and very tired. I said that I would pick her up after lunch so it wouldn't be too rough a first day back. I also said that if PB completely fizzled before that to call me (I live a block from the school...its not like its difficult to pick her up!). The teacher just kind of laughed at me. I wasn't a real happy camper but there wasn't a lot I could do. I ran some errands keeping my cell phone out the entire time. No calls so I picked up PB at the appointed time. I saw her class walking to the playground as I got there so I went into the office, signed her out and then walked out to the playground to get PB. Aidan, a little boy who has been with PB for 2 years and just adores her, is in a walker. He fell on the playground on his way over to the equipment. Bre another little girl went to help him up. The teacher got upset with Bre & shooed her away. I about blew my lid right there. One of the best things I can say PB has developed from being in special ed is a wonderful sense of empathy and caring for her friends. Its amazing how much these kids help each other out and to adapt. Its truly heartwarming. Why Bre got in trouble for trying to help Aidan is just crazy in my mind! I picked up PB who was sitting for some apparent reason (she isn't a sit while others play kind of kid). The teacher tells me that in the morning she tried really hard and did ok and then it was like she glazed over and no one was home. Ok I have a couple of issues with this. First off all if her eyes really did glaze over she was having a focal seizure folks! Secondly I said that she was tired & not herself yet so why didn't you just call me?!!? Thirdly don't say something like that and laugh about it in front of my child because you are taking life & limb in your hands. So am I overreacting here? Honestly let me know if I am....I know that I can be overprotective.

Tomorrow (or some other time this week) I'll get into the new kindergarten and star issue in her classroom. I'm too tired to think straight. I have to learn 4 chapters of chem by Thursday! Just shoot me know, ok?!!?

HM Sarah Siggy


jenontheedge said...

Nope, you're NOT overreacting.

My suggestion is that you call a meeting with the teacher and the principal.

Have a written list (including dates and times) of the issues that concern you.

In fact, I suggest that you ALWAYS keep detail records about everything. Keep the records up to date and don't ever toss them out. You never know when this might come in handy.

Sarah said...

Thanks Jen! I'm going to go start jotting things down. I might just pop into the principal's office this week. Fortunately I have a pretty good relationship with her b/c I'm on the PTO. Unfortunately I've heard from other moms who have had problems that she tends to always back the teachers. Ugh!