Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Political Question

Ok a few things before I start out. I want to thank everyone who left a comment or emailed me about my uncle. Thank you so much, it really does mean a lot. I'm hoping that the family gets through the next few days well. As I'm watching my parents pack I'm getting more and more upset that I can't go up there and be with my family.

On a totally different note I went to my sisters house today & spent several hours with her & my nephew. I usually see my nephew at least once a week but between him and Princess Bear being sick its been almost a month. I was in withdrawal! My sister and I have a very complicated relationship but since we've both become moms its gotten much better. So it was really nice to spend time with them. My sister took me to a store where she lives called Hissy Fits. OH MY GOSH! I was in heaven! If I had money I would have had so much fun!!!! They carried lots of Biscotti & Bebemonde if that gives you any idea. We got my nephew his first pair of squeeker soles!!!

Now on to what I really decided I wanted to post about today. PLEASE PLEASE feel free to comment! If you want to do it anonymously that's ok too. I understand that politics is "one of those" subjects. That said I've always been one that LOVES a great debate. Religion and politics being some of my favorite subjects. I'm also known among my friends for being a bit radical and irreverent in my beliefs (IE Palestine can be blown off the face of the map or any country that knowingly harbors terrorists cannot complain when their country is then attacked (so quit complaining Lebanon) are a few comments I've been known to make in the past). I'm sharing these thoughts not to incite but let you know that I'm not one that is typically shy about what I feel.

That said I must say that this is the first election I've voted in since being of age to exercise that right that I honestly feel its a lose/lose situation. In all honesty I think both McCain & Obama have good points and policies as well as bad. I don't think there is a clear cut "this is the right person for the good of the country". Something else I think that has to be considered is the vice presidential candidates. In all honesty I think we have a better than good chance of that person filling in. The fact is that John McCain is an older man, and Barak Obama if elected can quite possibly become a martyr.

So I'll list a few things I like or don't like about the candidates. What do you think?
-John McCain has experience
-John McCain is a man that deserves respect for his service
-John McCain seems a bit "hot" can be good or bad. You don't want a cool as ice president but you also don't want one that has to be reigned in all the time
-McCains taxation plan is worrisome
-McCains medical coverage plan is not a good fix (neither candidates is)
-Palin...who is she? Another political newbie
-Palin- just busted for abuse of power
-Palin is a hunter. I hate it. I hate that she has killed wolves from a helicopter. Can't respect it at all.
-Palin a mom, not only a mom but a mom to a special needs child. Her journey is new but it will affect everything in her life
-Obama- is an Illinois boy...we take pride in our own! (even if they're a transplant!)
-Obama is a brilliantly dynamic speaker (then again as it was pointed out to me so was Hitler)
-Obama has passion
-Obama has limited experience
-Obama in my opinion needs to decide where he stands as far as race (would not have been an issue but unfortunately his former Reverend made it one)
-Obamas medical plan isn't good. As an Illinois citizen I can tell you horror stories of things happening in this state.
-Biden...honestly I know next to nothing about him...nada so feel free to fill me in.

These are just a few things I've got bouncing around in my brain. There are still a few weeks left for me to ponder this. I do know that no matter what I will vote. I could go off on a tangent about people who don't vote but I'll save that for another day. Although I'll share this with you. In the Bush vs Kerry election I made a sign and pinned it on the front of Princess Bear that said "Mommy says that I'm a Democrat...Go Kerry- Edwards! But whatever you are you need to go vote!" The little old ladies at the voting site loved it!

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Anonymous said...

I confess that I always vote Democrat.

Yes, McCain is a hero and has lot of experience, BUT he would be the oldest man ever to take office and his health is iffy. So, if something were to happen to him while he's President, a completely inexperienced, ignorant, and close-minded person would then have to step in as president, either permanently or temporarily. We just shouldn't take that chance.

I'll admit that I'm not 100% wild about Obama, but between the two candidates, I'll take my chances with him.

Sarah said...

Under the confessions category I used to always vote Democrat. The last few elections I've been more independent and picking apart each candidate and going with the lesser of 2 evils!

In all honesty it would be much easier for me to vote for McCain if he had a different running mate. There are things I really like about Palin but there are things I really don't like about her and that combined with her glaring inexperience combined with his age is a problem.