Friday, October 24, 2008

WOOHOO & an update!

Ok...I'm so excited! I won a blog contest!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the contests I shared with y'all in one of my listings this week! I won Mommy Calling Cards from Cutie Pie Custom Creations. The blog having the contest was Frugal Mommy of 2 girls - if you get the chance check out her blog as she has some other great giveaways going on right now! Thanks for the great contest Karen!

Today has been one of those insanely weird know the kind that you look back on and can't decide whether its been a good day or a bad day?!!!? I was talking with my mom last night about calling the Dr's office today to get the results of Princess Bears (PB) CT scan or if I should wait until next week. This morning I was eating breakfast, browsing through the newest Current catalogue (man do I love that catalogue!) and the phone rang. My dad was playing hooky from work (actually took a vacation day) and we both answered at the same time. I hear the voice say "This is Dr. X and I'm looking for the family of PB" I take the call and start to worry. I NEVER get calls this quickly on tests results. The Dr. then goes into the whole report on how PB has slight to moderate thickening of the sinus cavities. Not a surprise since my entire family has evil sinus problems but considering she's only 5 a bit early. Then the Dr says that PB has cysts in both of her maxillary sinuses. WHOA! I start to go into panic mode and thankfully the Dr. picked up on that. She explained that this kind of cyst is not at all uncommon for those who have sinus problems. I felt much better after hearing that. PB's adenoids are not huge but enlarged. Based on the CT results the Dr wants us to go to the ENT and see about getting the adenoids, tonsils and cysts removed. Now my big concern is finding a competent Dr to do this surgery. I know that its a pretty easy all things considered surgery but since PB's issues are craniofacial I'm still worried. I'll keep you guys posted as we progress with this.

Today is my big cleaning day so it was time to vacuum the house and hit the bathrooms full force. I've got to confess since I've been making my own cleaning solutions I'm enjoying cleaning a lot more! I also had to make new batches of soft scrub cleanser & toilet bowl cleaner today. I LOVE the recipe I have for the soft scrub! It works so well and smells great! Its awesome all the way around and I can chuck it under the sink and not worry if PB gets into win win! The toilet cleaner on the other hand while working very well just STANK to the high heavens. It has a ton of tea tree oil in it...not one of my favorite scents.

I picked up PB from school and knew immediately things hadn't gone well. She only got 1 of 3 stars and was in a BAD mood. She was just awful on the way home. We get to the house and she decides she wants cuddle time in the car and then screams "PEEPEE IS COMING!". I get her in the house and to the bathroom and the phone rings. I grab the phone and talk to my sister for a few minutes. PB comes into the kitchen and starts foraging for food. Seems pretty low key and you wouldn't think anything was amiss would you? Oh, I forgot to mention that PB was sans pants and underwear. Not odd but still.... A few minutes later PB goes back to the bathroom so I follow her. What sight greets me? PB laying loooooooooooooong sheets to TP on the floor. A floor that happens to be very very very wet. She had an accident & thought she'd just clean it up by herself & I'd be none the wiser. Ok...don't think so! Oh did I forget to mention that one of the dogs pooped in the house earlier today? Another rarity in our house. Let me tell you that when a 85 lb lab/ pit bull mix poops in your house its not a wee little pile!!!!!!!! Think hazmat suit and big pooper scooper. Honestly, are the stars not lined up right today?!!!!?

PB and I went to pick up my mom from work and came home. Now one of my treats for today was my very first issue of Mother Earth News arrived today. I'd never heard of this magazine before. Heather from over at Wanting What You Have mentioned it and am I glad she did!!! I'm so completely in love with this magazine already!!! If you've never read a copy I would encourage you to check it out! My other favorite magazine is the Economist. Another great read with wonderful global views and opinions!

My mom isn't feeling well so tonight has been one of those pins and needles kind of nights. In between that and PB being in a snit I'm truly ready for a glass of wine! I did call my best friend tonight and we talked for an hour and a half.... something we haven't had the opportunity to do it years! It was really nice! A lot is changing in my best friends life and she's really out of sorts so I'm a bit worried about her but she's another tough one and I know that everything will end well...its just the journey that does you in sometimes isn't it?

As for me I'm hanging in. I don't know if I've mentioned the health issues I've been having. I have some permanent nerve problems that result in muscular problems in my back since I was pregnant with PB. When she was about 2 it got to the point that I went to my Dr one day and he gave me a shot of Demerol in the office and told me to take the back roads home. After that I was in physical therapy for 9 months. After I got out of therapy the PT said this isn't a permanent fix...when it gets to bad again come back and we'll start over again. Well my back has been acting up more and more with less downtime between each episode. As of 2 weekends ago I couldn't even stand up straight! A pretty obvious sign that something just isn't right! I made an appointment with my GP because I needed more tramadol and muscle relaxers. My Dr. is great about managing issues with non narcotics (my grandfather became addicted to morphine after his stroke and the thought scares me). I really thought the Dr. would start me on PT right away...nope he wants to try medication first. Ummm, ok if I have no other choice. That was the reason I couldn't attend my uncles funeral. My dad didn't want me and PB making a 3+ hour drive with my back being like this and then driving home again in the same day. I still wish I could have been with my family. Since then I've been taking the meds and I am able to walk upright most of the time! A definite plus! Now today just because I'm me and if its odd and it can happen it will happen to me I've pulled the muscle in the back of my skull/ did I do this?!!!!?!!!!?

Now on the school front I did wind up dropping the chemistry class. I took the test the day that my uncle was taken off life support and I just couldn't concentrate. That was the deciding factor. Time to regroup, reorganize and start again next semester. I am also at a crossroads with what I'd like to do when I grow up. I thought I'd decided on dental hygienist but lately I've been giving some serious thought into becoming a sign language interpreter. Any pros or cons that you guys know of for either job? I'm going to set up a meeting with the head of the sign language program and get more details from him. I know some sign language because that is what we used with PB since she was basically non verbal until she was 3.

I've decided that I'm going to take the time that I would have been in class or lab and concentrate on making bows, bracelets and other goodies. That way I can stock an etsy store and sell that at a salon here in town that has expressed some interest.

So that is the long drawn out version what has been going on with me. Lots of "stuff" and transitioning to get through. So what have y'all been up to?

HM Sarah Siggy

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