Thursday, October 30, 2008

So the motivation bug has bitten me! I lined 30 clippies today. I'm going to go do some more as soon as I finish this post. I feel like I'm a bow making machine! Its kind of nice! I feel as though I'm accomplishing something and I'm excited about the prospect of earning some money! I'm going to finally start listing things on etsy and my beautician is going to carry them in her store! That way I can come up with money for next semester, Christmas and maybe even pay my parents back some of the money I owe them! All is all its just a nice feeling! I'm spending time every evening and then the time that is now free since I'm not in Chem anymore.

Princess Bear is alternating between being excited about Halloween and wanting to stay home and forgo all things Halloween. Is this normal for a 5 year old? Last year she was Goliath from JoJo's Circus. It took a few hours to convince her to even costume up and then she was more interested in socializing with the other trick or treaters. This year she is kicking it old school. During one of our attic cleaning sessions my sister & I found our old costumes my mom made. It saves money and frankly decision making! My friend Maria took her daughter to I kid you not over a dozen stores & Emily couldn't find anything that worked for her. UGH! I'd go crazy!!! I'm looking forward to seeing my nephew in his first costume. So what plans to you have for Halloween?

HM Sarah Siggy


Heather said...

Sarah, you've been "booed!" Come to my blog and snag the "Happy Halloween" button in the top left sidebar. Then pass it on!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love when you get so much done!

We're going trick-or-treating at the local university at 4:00 and then again in our neighborhood after dinner.

Happy Halloween!