Friday, December 12, 2008

Man...I just woke up but is it naptime yet?

I WANNA TAKE A NAP!!! Princess Bear is feeling better but still not sleeping very well and keeping very odd hours. Its enough to make me a bit crazy! She did go back to school today! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she makes it all day but if not no biggie! She was excited to get back! We also had her Christmas pictures taken last night. That kid loves the camera! I will try to post some of the pics later! I've also been going crazy trying to kick off the Christmas Extravaganza at Savvy SAHM Reviews (my other blog). Its got a ton of great giveaways so go over there & check it out. Enter a giveaway or 2 while you're there! The Christmas Extravaganza is Dec. 12-14th! (yep this is shameless plug! I admit it!) Other than that I'm trying to keep my mom off my back, get my child back to healthy and sleep every once in a great while. Although I had great plans I haven't made a dent in Christmas decorating. This weekend for sure. That and about 100 Christmas cards...UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Man...I honestly get scared when I'm this tired! My mom gave me one of her gift certificates for a pedicure & I'm supposed to go in an hour & I just want to sleep. How sad is that? My feet desperately need the pedi though (my ped egg hasn't helped much lately ) so I guess I'll tough it out. (Think they'll be offended if I fall asleep during the pedi?) Ok.... of to clean, go to the post office and then a pedi!


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Susan said...

I know that feeling! Get some rest, hon!