Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello! We're still alive...Princess Bear is just one sick kiddo at the moment! Last week we attempted to do her follow up CT Scan. PB had a total and complete meltdown. A far cry from the kid who did a CT a few weeks earlier and had no problems. So after approximately an hour of trying to convince her this test wouldn't hurt we went home. She returned to school and things were ok for a day or so. I was in panic mode with the salon order (don't ask...I remade the clippies & delivered Friday evening). When I picked up PB from school on Friday her racking cough was back so I called the peditrician & she was put back on augmentin. It helped but not nearly enough. By Saturday afternoon she was running a relatively high temp for her, was coughing, and very short of breath. We were supposed to go to my sisters for a birthday dinner for my mom. In all actuality it was a surprise party for my mom. I love the way my family just didn't even mention it to me. Oh well it is what it is right? Sunday PB's temp was up even more and the kid couldn't even walk through a few rooms without being out of breath. I tried keeping her in bed with books & movies but she wasn't down with that. Yesterday I called the peditrician as soon as they opened & was told to take her to Prompt Care. Well the good news is that she doesn't have pneumonia....thank goodness! The bad news is that she does have a huge respiratory infection and there isn't a darn thing I can do that isn't already being down. My poor child is coughing so hard she vomits, she's completely miserable & the advice is keep up the antiobiotics & breathing treatments. Get as many fluids in her as possible and as much rest as possible. UGH! My mom also had one of her "its time to go ape crazy" moments about the condition of our rooms. Neither one took very long but honestly I think taking care of PB is more important than cleaning. So that is the story on this side.

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Heather said...

Poor little Princess! Bee has trouble with respiratory infections too, and it just breaks my heart to see her struggling to breathe! I'll say some extra prayers for PB to feel better soon :)