Thursday, September 5, 2013

Freedom Farms- Lisa & Dad's Farm

OK, people have always seemed to wonder what happened to the King father and why his was not part of the picture.  The family seemed to want to stay mum about it which I fully supported as their right to privacy.  It seems lately that they are bringing him to the forefront.  In this interview with Lisa she discusses how the divorce affected her children.  Makes you wonder what really happened.  What happened to a couple that they divorce after so many years and 10 kids together.  Read the interview HERE

Also here is the listing of the farm.  Check it out HERE.  How did they have have 12 people in a 4 room house?  Whoa!  Serious sardine action! 


Where is my Pretty Girl Discount? said...

Hi Sarah, I recently found Farm Kings quickly became obsessed and am so happy to have found your blog! It's snarky and sweet-the perfect mix. I'm in Ill too and have a blog at Please let me know if you'd be open to communicating further... I appreciate it! Best, Lydia :)

Sarah said...

Hi Lydia! Thanks for checking out the blog! I'll stop and check yours out! Where are you in IL? The Farm Kings is an incredible show! My daughter is so completely obsessed! I have created a monster. Feel free to drop a line at

Have a good one!

Rachel Thomas said...

Love your family. Enjoyed watching the show. Thank you for keeping your family down to earth and real!
God bless! Wish you much success.
Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas said...

Fell in love with your family today as I watched all of season one today. I wish you great! Thank you for being real and raising your children to be hard workers and down to earth. God bless!

Sarah said...

Rachel- I'm so glad that you enjoy the blog! Sadly I'm not related to or affiliated with the King family in any way. I just started doing weekly recaps and now it seems to be a gathering place King fans! So please feel free to stop by and chat anytime!