Monday, October 7, 2013

OK....time for another political rant.

No I haven't forgotten my beloved Farm Kings.  There has just been a TON going on here.  Parents with health issues, kiddos with health issues and a significant other with health issues.  I have all kinds of posts rattling around in my brain but this one is going to just keep on pissing me off so in hopes of actually sleeping tonight and working under the theory that blogging is great therapy in and of itself here goes. 

SO, you might ask what is causing this lack of sleep?  None other than our great oh so fearless leader Obama.  The government shutdown started a few days ago.  Frankly the shutdown didn't phase me that much.  Obviously since I'm no longer a Federal employee I really don't have a dog in this fight per se.  As far as I'm concerned the shutdown is fine IF they are trying to work out some sort of budget since that hasn't happened one single year since Oidiot has taken office.  The premise of trying to defund Obamacare while a noble premise to be sure is very misguided at this point.  I think the Tea Party and Republicans should let Obamacare take immediate effect.  Let the country see what a huge and unmidigated disaster it is.  Let it happen BEFORE the midterm elections.  Lets get some more bleeding heart Democrates out of office.  Really I mean the first week of Obamacare was stellar.  It took less than 24 hours for confidential enrollee information to be leaked.  That is for the poor souls that could actually get online and enrolled.  SO let it roll out.  Let people see that it isn't the panacea that it has been touted.  It's not affordable, it's not fundable and its not a good thing for anyone.

So what is really pisses me off about the shutdown?  Hmmm the fact that this administration is trying to make it as painful as possible.  Yep, that pretty much rubs me the wrong way.  It's one more game by Oshithead trying to prove his mightiness to the American people.

Sundays are always a bit crazed here since we have to make 9am mass so I can get Princess Bear (PB) to Sunday school and then get home to tune into the Fox Sports pregame show.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 60 minutes of watching the oh so hot Howie Long and laughing along with the boys.  Seriously Terry Bradshaw is freaking hilarious!  The past couple of Sundays had extra things going on so no time with Howie and the boys.  This does not make for a happy Sarah.  So this morning I had PB up, fed and ready to rock in roll.  We were going to make the 9am mass come hell or high water.  Everything was going along swimmingly.  There was the added bonus that my folks were out when we arrived home after Sunday school.  I decided that I would do dishes and give the kitchen a big time cleaning while while watching Howie and the boys.  At least that way I'm being productive in my "downtime".  At the end of the program Howie made reference to the fact that the games today were not going to be make available to the service members overseas because of the government shutdown.  SERIOUSLY??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????  I'm sure it take all kinds of personnel to make that satalite linkup take place so they can watch the game.

Anyone who is thinking that I'm overreacting and that it's just a football game here are a few more examples of completely idiotic results of the government shutdown. 

The Amber Alert system has been taken down due to the shutdown.  Feel free to go HERE to check this out.  As of 12:45am Monday this site is down and the reason is lack of funding due to the shutdown.  Ummm, since the website has already been paid for and I doubt it takes a lot of man power to run this WHY is it down?  Obviously the almost 700 children saved since its inception are not enough reason to convince someone that it is a necessary thing to maintain. 

 photo 1375281_616307821742012_663752728_n_zps54c463b3.jpg

We can discuss the fact that the WWII memorial was barricaded off and that members of a Honor flight had to break it down so their trip wouldn't be a total waste.  Let's talk about the fact that the Administration knew about their visit and request to visit was rejected.  Really?  I'm sure all kinds of personnel is needed to attend to open air venues.  NOW please don't point out that Park Rangers do watch these spots.  I'm aware of that.  What is the salary of a couple of Park Rangers?  These men were already in DC why make things difficult for them?  They have 2 guards posted at the barricade.  How many more would it take to keep a bunch of elderly WWII veterans in line?  More HERE.

This picture brings on a whole other post on the protection or lack thereof at the Border. That should also be a reminder to everyone that while the news on the government shutdown is the top of the news and talk of the town that we really need to keep watch on what isn't being discussed or covered. Again another post.
Shall we discuss that Park Rangers have been told to make life as difficult as possible?  More on that HERE

 photo 1375634_568225286564974_1388849399_n_zps80712227.jpg

Has Camp David been shut down or the golf courses that Obummer plays on shut?  Nope!  Those are completely necessary.  Commissaries for service members and their families to get their food at?  Nope go ahead and shut those down.  More on that HERE and HERE

For more reading on the shutdown feel free to check out these articles.  HERE and HERE.  The last gives a state by state idea of what is happening due to the shutdown.  This is not a complete list by any means. 

Again this Administration is up to their usual tactics and trying to see how the game of manipulation and scare tactics can possibly sway people to their way of thinking.  It's a great way to make friends and influence people don't you agree? 
So I'll get off my soapbox for now. For now- probably not for long because the sheer stupidity of the way this is being handled probably won't let me in good conscience keep my mouth shut.


Cayla Coley said...

Hey Sarah! I was wondering if you knew where I could watch season 1 of Farm Kings? I love the show! Thanks!

Sarah said...

Hi Cayla! Thanks for checking out the blog! I don't know where you can catch up on Season 1 of Farm Kings unfortunately. I really wish that GAC would release it on DVD. I have 24 episodes on my DVR right now. I'd much rather buy a DVD and clear up some space on my DVR. My daughter watches episodes constantly so getting rid of them isn't an option for me. I wish I could help you out more. I do know that before the start of season 2 they did a marathon airing all the episodes so you might want to keep your eyes peeled for something like that. I can't wait for Season 3!!!