Monday, October 28, 2013

They're back!!!! (soon!)

As a wonderful reader gave me heads up last night the Farm Kings are coming back!!!  Season 3 starts on December 19th!  What a wonderful reason to sit down and relax for a bit in the middle of Christmas craziness!!!!   I think since this is an odd time that it will most likely show the Farm Festival again and perhaps a wedding (or two?).  I wonder if Maggie dearest will make an appearance once she's Mrs. Timothy King.  The big day is less than a week away now!  I also think they'll do a two part season like they did with season 2.  I wish that they would do more episodes.  There is so much more ground that they could cover and by all accounts things are heating up with the Kings.  Tim getting married this Saturday and Bitty and Joe are both engaged now.  I wonder how long Jessi will be content to be just committed to Pete since they all seem to be heading down the aisle now.  I also don't think Tim & Maggie will wait long to add to their little family.  Anyone want to start a pool on that one?  My vote is that they'll be celebrating their first anniversary with an infant in tow.

SO, GAC or Stage 3 whoever is in charge WHEN ARE SEASON 1 & 2 GOING TO BE RELEASED ON DVD?????

Just a bit of eye candy but take a look... a few Kings are missing.

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BonnieN said...

Sarah,here is a link to the
Farm Kings twitter,lots of pics, not a lot of mention of the wedding tomorrow!