Friday, September 18, 2009

Ugh...sickness & whatnot

Soon I'm going to just scream if I can't get back to blogging with some regularity! Over Labor Day weekend Princess Bear (PB) & I house sit for my uncle's dogs. Princess Bear & I are both allergic to dogs but we love them & live with 2 of them so I didn't think house sitting would be a big deal. Yeah, by the time the weekend was over I was the owner of a lovely respiratory infection. My mom has been teasing me that when PB & I move out that we can get a poodle (supposedly wonderful if you have dog allergies). Ok, not to upset anyone that has a poodle but I'm just so not a poodle person! Most of my life we owned sporting dogs. My 2 favorite breeds are English Springer Spaniels & Boston Terriers (yes little but they have a big dog attitude!). I like Mastiffs, Newfies, Great anything (danes, Pyrenees(?)) If you haven't figured it out- I'm not much for small dogs. I think I might consider allergy shots!

Other than that life is still the same here. My mom & dad are threatening to toss PBs room at the end of the weekend if it isn't up to their standards. I'm so tired of this room thing! School is going well. I'm only taking one class, ASL (American Sign Language) 1. I was in a panic the first night of class because the instructor is deaf & there is no interpreter. Its actually worked out well & forced me to learn quickly. So that is the short version. I'll be back on Monday & give a long version of what has been going on! Have a great weekend!!!


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