Friday, September 17, 2010

OK- I disappeared but it wasn't my fault!

Man- I really am trying to keep consistent here! I feel as if I've had another child or two! My sister has been sick yet again so I'm there everyday helping with the kids. Last week I was sick as all get out starting on Thursday. I mean like praying for death sick. I more or less slept from Thursday night to Sunday morning and then on and off Sunday and Monday. I'm still not feeling as well as I'd like but not nearly as bad as I was!

My birthday was on Tuesday and it was an interesting day to say the least. The day itself was almost perfect! I vegged, watched TV and bummed around in the morning and then went to Steve's to introduce him to Sons of Anarchy around 1pm. I found it almost alarming how at peace I felt just hanging out watching TV with him. We could talk or be silent and comfortable either way. I'm so the smitten kitten for him it isn't even funny. Then I had to pick up Princess Bear (PB) at school. I tried convincing Steve to go but no such luck. He really is a lone wolf kind of guy. PB & I took the car to the mechanics and then she wanted to see Steve. I told her I didn't think he was home. That argument wasn't going to hold any water with her! So I called & left him a message. It still wasn't enough for PB who wanted to see her buddy. We went to Culvers & picked up some ice cream. Apparently her game plan was to go to his house & leave it for him if he wasn't there- small problems with that plan! As luck would have it we were both turning onto his street from different directions. Fun was had by all! After we had our ice cream Steve took PB for a walk on the trail & then to the playground for a bit. She overheated which really seemed to freak him out.

After that I had a PTA meeting that my parents agreed to babysit PB for. I had asked earlier in the day if she needed to be fed dinner by the time I left & my mom said she didn't care. Since we'd been having such a good time at Steve's I decided to stay & let my parents give her dinner. Well that was the first thing that set my mom off. Then my dad felt the need to bitch about some random things around the house. I wound up calling my friend Suzy and bawling. I hate that I let them get me so upset. I also want to know what the deal is because my mom & I always seem to have a conflict on my birthday. After the meeting I got home and my parents had a little cake & gifts even though we'd agreed to postpone the celebrating for a week since my stomach is still not ok. I got Jenny McCarthy's Mom Warriors book. I read one of her other books and she really is a tiger when it comes to her sons autism.

So if we're keeping track of the birthday here is the breakdown-
Prize for giving the most effort to me having a good day goes to Steve
Prize for giving me the most grief & not even saying happy birthday to me goes to my dad
Prize for upsetting me overall goes to both of my parents
Prize for being a total joy and loving my birthday more than I do most definitely goes to PB!


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm sorry you've been sick and then had strife with your parents.

Happy belated birthday!

Sarah said...

Thanks Jen! Like I said all in all until I dealt with my family it was a good day! :) Now if my body would just get over this darn virus! PB is getting something too :( I guess its kind of that season for her