Sunday, May 29, 2016

Another one bites the dust!

Another school year that is!  I can say it was actually bittersweet.  Usually I'm so glad to have Princess Bear (PB) at home for 2 1/2 months and not worry about the bullshit happening at school or how broken our school district is.  This year she had a really good teacher.  Not great but really, really good.  One who tried so hard to work with each child's abilities and truly cared about the kids.  It was a very refreshing change.  Unfortunately that teacher is moving to NC.  The teacher from the class that they work in tandem with is also trying to find a job closer to home (She commutes 50 minutes each way).  It may sound awful but I'm hoping that she returns in the fall because the idea of this special needs program breaking in 2 new teachers literally is panic inducing.  My dad & I even discussed the idea of homeschooling PB for her  8th grade year if there are 2 new teachers.  I don't think that's in her best interest.  Let's just say that I'll be watching the situation very carefully.

There are a couple of things we do at the beginning and end of each school year.  Of course there are the pictures:

Then there are the surveys.  At the beginning of the year there are 3 different surveys I found via pinterest.  They are similar but different enough that its worth the time doing all 3.  Questions that PB answers herself about what she hopes for the school year, what her various favorites are, how tall she is and things like that.  Then there is a survey (just one) that covers the same things at the end of the school year.  It's so much fund to pull them out and see how her thoughts have favorites have changed as well as her handwriting throughout the year.

PB's summer is shaping up to be as busy as usual.  We are not babysitting my youngest nephew on Wednesdays this summer.  That might be the only disappointing part of it.  PB and Luke are very close and they really looked forward to their together time.  PB is going to be doing 5 of the 7 weeks at Michael's Camp Creativity this summer.  She's done there summer programs for the past 5 years or so.  The classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to noon.   It's $5 per class of 3 classes for $12 if you sign up in the store.  You can find more info HERE.  She's also starting private guitar lessons.  She took lessons through the park district last summer.  She had a ball but didn't learn very much.  She did meet a lovely girl, Kayla, so that's nice.  My mom and dad are sponsoring those lessons.  She has the first one this Tuesday.  She will have swim lessons twice a week and is continuing her piano lessons.  She did try to convince us that she wants violin lessons (Pretty sure this is because Pete's daughter Jillian from the Farm Kings takes violin lessons). We might add drum lessons into the mix since we still have most of the parts to my old drum set in the attic and my old drum teacher still gives lessons.  I did try to get her into crochet or knitting but that just won't work this summer.  Maybe in the fall.  The lessons started before school was out and were Saturday mornings.  Most Saturday mornings in the summer and early fall we hit one or two of our favorite farmers markets and then spend time putting food together to eat or freeze.  I'm also planing on doing more canning this summer.  PB says as long as she gets her fill in pickles she doesn't care.  PB still has Bible study once a week as well as youth group.  This year she is old enough to be a teen volunteer at VBS so she's very exciting about that.  I spend a lot of time working on my cross stitch projects this time of year since I'm spending so much time waiting for PB while she's doing her various stuff.  I'm working on a great Halloween project  right now and need to get some Christmas projects going.

So here's to another school year in the can and wishing for a great summer!  


Leigh said...

Finishing a school year is always a relief. What a blessing that it was such a good year. Just out of curiosity, why don't you think homeschooling isn't in PB's best interests?

Sarah said...

PB needs the socialization that school provides if nothing else. She is also a kid that does really well with a schedule and structure. I'm not so it would be some serious compromise on both sides. We're going to stick it out in the public school arena for 2 more years. Definitely finish 8th grade and then try High school. If HS isn't working then we'll most likely go for homeschooling.

Leigh said...

We found with homeschooling that there were almost too many socialization opportunities, especially if you have a homeschool group nearby. Schedule and structure are something I had to provide myself! I admit that was hard.

Sarah said...

Really? I might have to dig around some more then! I know that her developmental psychologist is completely against it. I'm at a place where I feel like if it's not working at the public school then why the heck not!

Leigh said...

Look around for a homeschool support group in your town or area. That's where we plugged in a lot. We had play groups, rec day, field trips, 4-H, even some coop classes for things like foreign language and science labs. Then there's church youth groups and community activities like sports, scouts, and such. The beauty of it is that you can tailor her needs and go at her pace. NOBODY knows PB better than you nor loves her more than you and is more concerned for her best interests. Of course the psychologist is against it; they only know the system they've been educated in and are familiar with. The professionals think we parents aren't smart enough or educated enough, but the statistics on homeschooling and homeschooled kids prove them wrong time and again. So, so many challenged and special needs kids are able to thrive once the public school pressure is off. The success stories are numerous and heartwarming.

Okay, so I'm a shameless cheerleader. :) Mostly you need to decide what's best for PB and you and go with that.