Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Time to get political? Yeah, I think so!

Now I didn't get to hear Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention today.  Princess Bear (PB) had bible study.   I was somewhat upset because I wanted to see how Cruz was going to handle the to endorse or not endorse issue.  I'm so damn sick and tired of the politicians that will turn on a dime and endorse a candidate that they were trying to convince the US population was evil incarnate only a short time earlier.  It might get you a cabinet seat but it also makes you look like a shameless sell out.  I've got no respect for the likes of Chris Christie and Bernie Sanders that turned around and endorsed those that they'd been trying to take out previously. 

I had really hoped that Cruz wouldn't endorse.  I don't think we're done seeing great things from Ted Cruz.  In a perfect world in an election cycle or two there will be a Cruz/Gowdey ticket.  I'm glad that Ted Cruz didn't cut off his nose despite his face and sell out.  From what I've read online Ted Cruz was booed extensively when he did not endorse Trump.  I say good on him!  He obviously still cares a great deal about the Republican party and wants to serve the country but doesn't want to stand for something he doesn't believe in.  His stock with me went up.  In a day and age when it's so damn hard to respect politicians this man still has my respect. 

On a side note since I did take so many blog breaks this year I didn't get to post any pics from when PB and I were volunteer workers at the Ted Cruz rally here in Peoria.  It was one of those things that they called and asked if I could do it and I initially said no because it would have been a conflict picking PB up from school.   Then I thought about it and decided it could be a pretty cool experience for PB.  I text her teacher and asked what she thought of PB missing an afternoon at school to volunteer and she was completely on board.  So we got to experience it and I'm so glad that we did.  There were also some perks.  The first row of the rally was reserved for volunteers so we had great seats!!!  Consequently we got to meet him and get his autograph.  It had a pretty profound affect on PB.  She's become more interested in the history of the country and what is going on with the election.  She is not a Trump fan at all but is learning that sometimes you have to vote for someone you don't like in order to not lose something important such as Supreme Court control.  There is a TV series on Fox News by Bill O'Reilly called Legends and Lies.   Last year it was about the Real West.  This season it's about the Patriots.  PB is loving watching this show and I'm loving that she's learning!  Here are some pics from the Ted Cruz rally.

   photo TC1_zpszdtucden.jpg 

   photo TC10_zpsbrja9vi8.jpg

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