Friday, April 24, 2009

Starting our garden

OK...I am going to pick a day to start 30 days of blogging. Probably Monday. I've been doing lots of stuff to start our garden (not that you can tell by looking at the yard). I attended a hour & 1/2 class for beginning gardeners taught by master gardeners. It was such a good use of my time. I really learned a lot. I spent time pricing top soil and deliveries. Apparently by the time I get the pea gravel dug out I will need somewhere between 2-4 tons of topsoil. Our backyard literally has NO grass because my dad hates cutting grass. All well & good until you fast forward 20 years and want a garden! I'm also attending a conference for parents of special needs children that is from 8am to 3:45 tomorrow. I hope I learn a lot there as well! Here is a bit of our seedlings and where the garden will be in the backyard!

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