Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life and such

Its been its usual craziness around here lately. The weather has been gorgeous so Princess Bear (PB) and I have spent a fair amount of time outside. I think the child would stay outside 24/7 if I'd let her! We planted some lettuce the other day so now I'm really itching to get in the garden! I've also been walking to the school to pick her up in the afternoons and my neighbor Kim lets PB walk one of her dogs home so PB is in 7th Heaven! On Friday I had an appointment with the podiatrist about the stupid bump on my toe. Its a cyst and the Dr told me I'm not to touch it at all! He then numbed it with a general anesthetic and then shot my toe full of a steroid. Since I'm something of a freak of nature and things never go like they're supposed to the general didn't completely wear off for days. My whole foot was numb all day Friday. Weird stuff I tell you!

I'm all set for a craft show in May and really excited about it! I'm going to do mostly the Scrabble tile and bottle cap necklaces with flip flops. I'll have some barrettes and bows with crocheted socks as well but they aren't the big emphasis. This show only costs $20 for a table which is AWESOME!!! and I have high hopes! I'd love to get a local clientele.

Other than that I'm just completely exhausted and can't sleep for shit. It doesn't matter how tired I am but I cannot fall asleep. Its getting to the point of being a problem. Then again between that and PMS that I should be in rare form for PB's IEP meeting tomorrow. I told my mom that I don't want her attending this one. She usually takes notes & gives her 2 cents on things but I'm beyond pissed this year so I don't want to deal with her telling me to calm down & play nice. It is March & I have NO feedback from the Speech therapist or the PT and minimal feedback from the OT. Actually I've never even met the Speech therapist although I did play phone tag trying to get a hold of her for a month or so. PB's supposed to get 30 minutes of 1 on 1 speech per week and then 30 minutes of group which is supposed to be 2 students (including her) once a week. Group has now become 3 or 4 students. PB is less clear in her speech and we're constantly asking her to repeat things. It almost feels like we're back to where we were when she started talking a few years ago. Its so frustrating! So I'm going in riding my bitch stick and letting these women know I'm not happy.

So thats the story here!

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