Monday, January 23, 2012

Man its been a long time!

Wow! I really forget how much I love the release of writing things down! :) The blog had been going on wonky on me for months and months. Our computer had been having problems too so I thought it was all related. Nope it just took one of those 2am a-ha moments to figure it out! Then with the holiday craziness and Princess Bear being ill things were a bit crazy. She finally returned to school after being gone since the beginning of December. Thats another post all on its own.

Today I really am doing some thearuptic writing. I stopped in at Barnes & Noble the other night. I had to grab a couple of gift cards to for our Pharmacy techs who have always been great but even more so lately. I also grabbed a copy of Backwoods Home Magazine. Since I was there I was grabbing a copy of Christian Kane's CD. The guy in the music/video section told me I had to check out there but he'd hold my things until I was done. I hate that policy but it turned out to my advantage. The guy in the CD/video department was named Ryan and cute in a very non-assuming way. He made a comment on my Backwoods Home Magazine and proceeded to have an incredibly cool conversation. We seem to have a whole lot in common. As I was talking to him & kept on thinking that I hadn't had an intelligent stimulating conversation with a guy in G-d only knows how long. As I walked away he called after me "It was really nice talking to you". I kept on replaying the conversation with him in my head thinking that it was so odd that I'd felt so connected in such a short period of time. I was also really amazed how similar our views seem. SO being oh so bold, which isn't like me AT ALL (anymore) I grabbed the phone and called Barnes & Noble. I asked for Ryan and told him I was the one in there a bit ago and gave him the exact address for Backwoods Home Magazine and told him again how much I enjoyed talking to him. He said he'd really enjoyed it too. I then got even braver and told him that it wasn't a come on (well not really!) and asked if he did Facebook. He said no he didn't. What???? Then I said I was going to give him my email addy for that and he just said he'd grab my email. WooHoo! I started to give it to him and he said he had to grab a piece of paper. So I gave him my email addy and........

have heard absolutely nothing! :( I can't even tell you how bummed I am. It was also a bit loud on both sides of the coversation so I don't know if he got the info correct but at this point I'm not so positive. I did go back to B&N today because, hey it is one of my favorite places to drop money after all! I've been playing around with buying the book Tomatoland and also want the first season of Haven. So I looked for Haven & asked if Ryan was working. I think I might have just taken myself into stalker territory. The woman started answering that Ryan wasn't there at all today and wouldn't be until and stopped. Ugh!

So in short I've realized a few things
a)slipping into stalker territory is beyond easy to do
b)intelligent conversation is one of the sexiest things ever (well I knew that but this was just a big reminder!)
c)that Barnes and Noble can very well be my downfall. I want to win the lotto so I can just have a field day!

Ok so I'm going to stop ruminating and get to some cleaning. Hopefully I'll be posting with much greater regularity. I have lots of stuff to talk about! Happy New Year!


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