Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A new me? The old me reappearing? Hmmmmm

Ok so I mentioned the really great conversation I had with Ryan at Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately no email from him. How disappointing! There is also a guy that I've been the smitten kitten for named Adam. Now why I think this guy is so awesome I'm really not sure but he is quite the sweetheart. He's a pharmacy tech at the Walgreens Princess Bear (PB) and I use all the time. There is another tech there named Mark who is also a complete sweetie and they both really help out above & beyond. Last week when PB was finally released from the hospital I dropped her off at home & went to Walgreens to drop off some prescriptions that needed to be filled. Hit HyVee for some soft mushy food that might entice PB into eating and then went back to Walgreens. There were problems with both of the scripts. Adam knew that I was beyond exhausted so he got on the phone & refused to leave anymore messages attempting to sort out the problem but stayed on hold & demanded answers. Mark helped out as well and they got both problems fixed. I was so grateful! I bought them each a $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble (actually why I went in there on Friday!).

I was in Walgreens 3 times yesterday. I don't even remember why the first time. The second it was to drop off a script for PB so she might be able to avoid an emergency room trip next time she breaks out in hives big time. I worked yesterday afternoon and didn't leave until around 7pm. I saw that Adam's car was still at Walgreens so I went in to pick up the scripts. If nothing else I can always count on Adam to make me smile! I told him I wasn't sure if B&N was an ok gift card for the two of them. He then kind of shushed me up because they can get into trouble for such things. He did say that it was so kind of me and I really didn't have too. He was joking around that I keep PB sick so I can come see him. Well no but its about the only nice thing about her being sick! So I went out to the car and got ready to leave and the brave me came out again. I wrote a note asking him about some coffee he had told me about & asked him to call or text me. Well so far nothing and thats ok. If he does he does and if not so be it.

What I'm more curious about is this brave side of me that is showing all of a sudden. I don't know what has caused this to come out but I'm kind of liking it. I used to be so confident, bold and pretty impulsive. I'm not sure when that part of me went undercover but it has. My friend Susie was the one who reminding me of this. I keep on thinking, racking my brain for some sort of plan so PB and I can get our own place. I still want a little place in the country and am thinking about doing some dog breeding. Not to worry I'm such an animal lover no mini puppy mill here. I'm thinking of having some breeds that cross well with poodles so they are good for kids with allergies like PB. Airedales, Austrian shephards, Bernese Mountain Dogs and my all time favorite English Springer Spaniels!

I also I've been pretty buried in my Christian Kane CD. There is a song on there called: Something's Gotta Give HERE to listen

Here are the lyrics. They reflect how I'm feeling at this point in time.

Faded dreams and blue jeans
A Rangers cap with sweat rings
There’s a hole in the sole of my favorite boots
Well I’ve been at it a long time
Working on that bottom line
And every shirt I’ve worn, the collar’s been blue

One of these days I’m gonna jump off that shelf
Hit that ground runnin’
At least that’s what I keep tellin’ myself

I’ve been sitting on the fence for way too long
Warmin’ that bench as chance moves on
And believe me that ain’t the way to live
And this barely getting by is really getting old
And it’s hard to turn the wrench on a rusty bolt
But someday, somethin’s gotta give

Busted hands and broken land
Black gold turned to sand
And the whiskey is the only well that’s running deep
And the dust devils dancing on the mesa again
At the mercy of that west Texas wind
The tumble weeds they seem to know more than me

They always find their way right out of town
They never turn back
They keep on rollin’ and they don’t slow down

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