Saturday, December 15, 2012

There just aren't the right words

I was almost glad when Princess Bear (PB) came home from school and I turned off the coverage of the school shooting in Newtown CT.  What a horrible tragedy.  I think every parents worst nightmare is burying their child.  I can't even begin to imagine the angst of waiting to find out if my child is alive or dead in a situation like todays.  I can't begin to understand how mentally ill someone has to be to do something like this.  It is truly the definition of evil.  Regardless of it being based in mental illness or not it is most definitely evil.   My prayers go out to all the families that lost a love oned today.  My prayers go out to the first responders who will never ever forget the horrors that they saw today.  My prayers go out to the surviving children who will be so impacted by this most likely for the rest of their lives. 

Of course in the aftermath of the tragedy today many people are calling for stricter gun control.  Really?  Last time I checked anyone who had truly evil intentions was going to do exactly what they want.  They might have to change the method or do some illegal moves but they would probably obtain the weapons they want.  I won't even go into the Constitutional aspect of it.  Although that should be the beginning and end of it. I will go into the fact that disarming good people who might possibly have been able to diffuse a situation like todays if they were there would have been the best outcome.  I live in IL and was very glad when the conceal carry laws were overturned this week.  How many times lately have we heard of a homeowner protecting themselves from intruders because they were also weapon owners?  That is a perfect example of why we don't need stricter gun control laws. As cliche as it sounds guns don't kill people, people kill people.  The amount of leftist, liberal Hollywood types that are calling out for more gun control makes me sick.  First of all I believe there is a time and place and this isn't it.  It's time to come together as a country and support those in Newtown.  It's time to come together as a country and find the goodness and love in one another.  I really believe in many ways we've become an isolated society.  Neighbors don't know each other any more.  They don't look out for each other anymore.  People don't want to get involved in case things go south.  This should be a call for communities all over to bond with one another.  So tonight why don't we all say a prayer for those precious little angels that never got a chance to live their lives and for our country as well? 

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