Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mondays have so few redeeming qualities

Ack!  I am not a fan of Mondays on a good Monday.  Then there are Mondays like this one that make me want to curl up in bed with some good tea and a few good books.  I'm on day 3 of a whooper of a headache.  I probably should take my migraine meds but I really don't feel like not being part of the world for between 12 and 24 hours.  First thing this morning I called the school and asked to talk to Princess Bear's (PB) teacher.  Over the weekend my parents and I were very vigilant about not having the news on so she wouldn't hear anything about the shooting incident in CT.  The child has anxiety issues and I just didn't think it would help.  I wanted to touch base with the teacher though to see if they were planning on mentioning it.  If so I felt like PB should hear it from me first.  All the teachers and the principal had a meeting this morning on how to address the issue.  They observed a moment of silence for those in CT and didn't offer any details.  That worked.  I babysat my nephews this morning and G-d knows I love those little boys but it was rough today.  Tyler was in a mood and I wasn't in a place to make it a fun day for them.  Tyler wanted me to read but Aunt Sarah on 3 hours of sleep, a mega headache and her glasses no where to be found is just not conducive to reading time.  I got home around 1pm and tried to some housework and then just veg until it was time to pick up PB. The child does not know how not to leave a trail in her wake or how to not argue constantly.  She wound up being grounded from both TV & music today.  I think it was more of a punishment for me. 

I'm just hoping to get more than 3 hours of sleep and that this headache decides it doesn't need to stick around anymore.  Until then there is lots and lots of Excedrin in my future.  Have a good one!

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