Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men...

 Wow!  I take a break for the holidays and to spend some time with Princess Bear (PB) and I come back to all kinds of comments.  Can I say that it is so idiotic to hide behind an anonymous label?  Step up and be proud of who you are and what you have to say.  If you don't have a Google acct and need to use the anonymous setting then put your name.  Just like Hope.  Anyway, time to get to some of these comments I guess!!!

-Pete's girlfriend is Jessica. Tim 's is Maggie, there was 3 girls standing there when they was filming Pete's birthday. I can't figure out for the life if me who the redhead was. Maybe Dan's girl??
left by Anonymous. 
Yes it was discussed in the yoga episode that Pete's girlfriend is named Jess.  Wonder where the "Anonymous" person got their information that Tim's girlfriend is named Maggie.  No word yet on the status of Dan's love life.  Don't forget that Joe has a live in significant other who is the mom to his 2 adorable kiddos.  So since someone in the King camp is deciding to leave Anonymous comments here why don't I give you a chance to reach down grab a pair and answer the questions to the other comments or questions?  I do find it very interesting that Tim and Maggie are serious enough to want to get married but she was never discussed on the show.  Pete on the other hand was more than happy and proud to introduce Jess.  Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

-This makes me super sad :( Also left by Anonymous
Yeah me too but really it isn't like anyone watching the Farm Kings on TV had a shot with any of the King men.  While that is the stuff of fairy tales and they sure as heck are fun to read and even daydream about reality always comes crashing in.  Then again the original fairy tales were rather gruesome.  I digress....while it's a bummer that we can now confirm that Joe, Tim and Pete are off the market they still make great eye candy and I am anxiously awaiting season 2! 

-How old is Tim's girlfriend? Again by Anonymous (anyone else asking WTF yet??? :) just wondering!)
I'm not exactly sure of her age but she was still in high school for the 2006-2007 school year.  So even if we want to do some guessing and estimating here at best she is 25.  That is best case scenario of 2006-2007 being her senior year and she was 18 in 2006. 

-Hi Sarah! I can't believe it's taken me this long to find your blog. I'm enjoying catching up, especially your posts about your favorite hunk & mine-TIM! That's how I found your blog in the 1st place, googling that sexy beast. I'm trying to figure out how to regularly follow you (I'm a bit Internet challenged), but fear not-I'll figure it out. Desperately need to collect every tidbit of info on him, the show...and of course I enjoy your humor very much. Kindred souls I suspect. Keep up the great work & don't forget to pass along the off-season King activities you discover. Left by Hope
Hey Hope!!! Nice to "meet" you!  I'm so glad that you stumbled across the blog!  I know that I'm way behind in season 1 episode recaps and I'm debating whether I even want to do them at this point but it sure is nice to meet another Tim fan!  He is an incredibly sexy man.  As I've said before I sure haven't seen any like that around here!  If you need help with the blog thing as far as following drop an email (click on the teddy bear graphic near the top of the blog) and I'd be more than happy to help you out.  Can't say that there has been much news on the King front other than what GAC has put out there.  Lisa did a great question and answer session and that is when GAC announced that there would in fact be a season 2.  They are supposed to be filming starting this month with new episodes in April (I believe.  If not close to it.  It's late and I'm too tired to go back to the site to verify! Very close if I am wrong though).  So glad that you appreciate the sense of humor.  I often tell people that I went I majored in smart a&$ and minored in sarcasm!  Again, I'm so glad that you stumbled across the blog and enjoy it!

-Hi Sarah-- I think that a relative...could be wrong but heard it through grapevine Again another Anonymous post.
Not quite sure what you're asking or telling here.  That Tim doesn't have a girlfriend?  Really not sure about that.  What grapevine are you privy to and how does one sign up though?  Having the inside track is never a bad thing.

-Actually, Sarah-- just found something else online Left by Anonymous. 
Um ok, I'll bite....what did you find online? 

-Sarah-- where did you find this? Any other clues as to the girlfriend issue? Left by guess who?  Anonymous!!!!
Where did I find what?  Any other clues as far as?  Are you asking how I ascertained that Tim has a girlfriend?  Give me a bit more to work with and I'd be happy to answer you!

SO the comments have been answered.  At least if not answered questioned so I can try to answer them when I find out what the question really is.  So at the end of all this please tell me that I'm not the only one who finds it ridiculous and sees through the Anonymous labels?  I'm off for now.  Talk on you again real soon!

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