Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inauguration 2013

I never would have pictured myself becoming so completely wrapped up in politics a decade ago.  Oh how things change.  A decade ago I would have identified myself as a Democrat.  Actually, I supported John Kerry and put on sign on a toddler Princess Bear (PB) that said something to the affect "Mommy says that I'm a Democrat.  Go Kerry-Edwards!  Whatever you do just make sure you go out and vote!"  This sign was attached to an absolutely darling PB and was worn all day election day.  I've always been one of those people that understand the importance of voting and making your voice heard.  I actually despise those who do not take advantage of their right to vote.  In my mind it isn't just a personal right but an obligation.  An obligation to the women who fought for women's right to vote.  An obligation to the veterans who have fought in wars to keep this a free country.  Voting doesn't take long and how in the world can you complain about the state of things when you haven't taken the time to vote.  As far as identifying with being a Democrat I was all for gay rights and helping those who needed it through medicare/medicaid and other "entitlement" programs. 

SO, what has changed?  Well, I guess I could say that I've grown up and looked around.  Am I still for gay rights?  Absolutely.  Do I still think the government should help citizens in need?  Absolutely.  What I don't think is that government needs to control each and every aspect of life.  I do think our elected officials owe the country transparency.  I do think the government has to reign in out of control spending.  The out of control spending takes place on every single level of government and must be stopped.  Officials need to remember what people voted them into office not corporations or lobbyist. 

I've said it before and I'll say it many more times.  The problem with the medical and insurance industry in this country are HUGE.  Obamacare will not take care of those problems.  Those industries have to be brought to their knees and rebuilt from the bottom up.  This must be a citizen driven movement.  The election process from campaign donation laws and lobbyists needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt bottom up.  Again, a citizen driven movement.  The citizens need to demand transparency from the government starting at the top down.  How many questions still remain on Fast and Furious and Benghazi? 

Instead what we currently have is an administration that doesn't know to uphold the Constitution.  Rather they trample it at every given opportunity.  The government wants to impose more regulations on the citizens while having carte blanche. 

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My dad came home from his weekend in Chicago around 9am. When it was time for the inauguration to start to be honest with you I had no intention of watching it. I find it almost impossible to watch Barack Obama on TV and not become livid at what he's doing to the country. I am one of those people that makes TV viewing an interactive event. I find myself pointing the outright lies or asking questions to the screen when listing to good old Barack Obama. Lately its gotten to the point that I actually become nausea watching him. So, with all that in mind I really didn't feel the need to watch any of the inauguration. My dad in a not subtle way told me that PB and I needed to bring our a$$es into the family room and watch. Now please know that my dads opinion of Obama is very similar to mine. He was watching it because it is history in the making. I can see that. I remember watching Ronald Reagan's funeral and wondering why? Well because it's history. You need to know your history. That importance of that is indisputable. SO, PB and I went into the family room and watched the inauguration with my dad. I was able to explain the inauguration process to PB so some good did come from it. I was also able to explain to PB that you need to know your history so you can stand up and fight back when history starts repeating itself negatively.

I can say that the country finally seems to be waking up to what is going on all around. Hopefully enough people will "come to" and the pendulum will hit a middle ground. I do not want there to be civil unrest. I do not want things to become ultra conservative. I do want the people of the country to take back the control of the country. How that needs to be done I honestly can't tell you. I wish I knew. So in the mean time I will keep on posting my rants on here and Facebook. As always people are free to like and agree or not. I'm not going to change because it's just not in my nature to remain quiet when I see perceived injustices all around me. I will continue to hope and pray that when things come to a head that it is peaceful. I will also error on the side of caution and know that being prepared is always better than being unprepared. I will continue to question things. I will continue to share. I will continue to learn. I hope you do as well. I'll wrap this up with an interesting video. It's only 8.5 minutes long but certainly makes you question things. Questioning anything and everything is always good in my mind.

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