Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another political rant

So I'm sitting here watching Hannity while trying to unwind for the night.  As you can tell from past posts I'm pretty much a liberterian in my political views.  I think Obama is the worst thing that has happened to this country in the last century.  I think this country is on the cusp of a revolution. 

Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook last month the left wingers have been bashing everyone over the head with the cries for gun control.  It isn't about gun control.  Since the beginning of time people have found ways to kill one another.  Sadly there is always another way so disarming citizens isn't the answer.  How many criminals are going to listen and abide by any new gun control legislation?  It isn't about "assault" weapons.  It isn't about enacting new legislation.  It isn't about disarming people.  It just isn't.  I wish I could somehow, some way get people to understand this.  The sad reality is that Adam Lanza a)didn't use an "assault" weapon b) broke many, many, MANY laws as it stands.   Obviously breaking the law wasn't a deterant for him. 

Cuomo is absolutely correct in that it doesn't take 10 bullets to kill a deer.  That isn't the point.  Moreover if it does you probably shouldn't be hunting anyway.  You're obviously more of a gatherer.  It isn't about the fact that only military "need"  "assault" weapons.  It isn't anyone's place to tell me what I "need" other than me.  Certainly not the government.  I honestly don't see how there is any debate.  It is a PROVEN fact that gun control legislation does not work.  I'm 3 hours from Chicago and I LOVE that city. It has some of the toughest gun legislation in the country and the highest homicide rates due to gunshots.  Just as an example.  There is scores of information showing that gun control doesn't work.  Then there is the simple fact that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  Bottom line. End of story.  Except when you have a President who thinks that with a swipe of his pen and Executive Orders he can make anything happen. 

I had a very interesting conversation with a pretty die hard liberal today.  I love these kind of conversations.   Going toe to toe with someone who is as passionate as I am but on the flip side makes for good entertainment and if I'm lucky an educational experience to boot.  She gave me the standard "Why do you need an "assault" rifle?"   "Do you really think that the 2nd Amendment is still necessary?" At the end of the conversation there was just one thing that we were able to both agree on.  People with moderate to severe mental illness do not need to be gun owners.  Unfortunately the criteria for moderate to severe mental illness can itself lead to a very slippery slope and set a dangerous precedence. 

The scarest part to the whole controversy is the idea so many people hold that "the Government won't do that to it's citizens".  Um, I think the Japanese Americans held against their will during WWII would beg to differ.  I'm sure that the Jews killed during WWII would beg to differ. 

This country was founded because patriots stood their ground against a tyrannical government.  They understood the need for people to have the ability to arm themselves and take the same stand if there is ever the need.  In all honesty I think if the gun control issue is pushed it might very well be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. 

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