Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eeeeeh gads! What have I done??!!!??

My beloved little daughter, Princess Bear (PB), has become a full on Farm Kings fanatic.  I'm not talking about just a little.  It's big time.  She loves Pete.  She really really likes Tim.  Ok, I really don't remember being boy crazy or crushing on TV guys until I was older.  8th grade or freshman year (I think).  First it was Kirk Cameron but he was quickly replaced by River Phoenix.  Ok, now that I've really dated myself here back to the story.  Over the weekend we were serious bums and did a lot of chilling since PB was running a temp and we were stuck inside.  There is only so much water color painting, reading or game playing I can persuade her to do.  So the first thing was she wanted to go online and look for pictures of Pete.  Seriously?????  Then she wanted to print one to put in her fun book (a book of pics of things she likes that has been previously filled with things like piglets, otters and dolphins).  Then she wanted to watch all the Farm King episodes.  Please bear in mind that she spent the 2 days after Christmas watching the Farm Kings episode on GAC. 

She also decided it's time to start planning her birthday party.  Hmmm, little one your birthday is in June.  You're kind of jumping the gun on this one.  She starts telling me what themes she wants to go with and who she wants to invite.  First she wants a Princess theme.  Ok boring since you did it last year but ok.  Then she decides that she wants to revisit the horse theme from 2 years ago.  On third thought lets go with unicorns.  This is why I never take any theme seriously until 6 weeks before her birthday.  I'm not spending money I don't have on party supplies just to have her change her mind.  The she looks at me super excited and screams "I want to have a Farm King birthday party and invite all the Kings.  Lets play football with them too!"  So I try the rational approach for shooting this down first.  I tell her that while the Farm Kings are pretty cool they have not reached the elevated status of having a birthday party line of their own yet.  She then reminds me of the custom print plates she saw online last year.  Yes I am serious- couldn't make it up if I tried.  I also explain that there is no way on G-d's green earth that the King Family is going to make a 9 or 10 hour trip to Illinois for her birthday.  She then tells me that she'll ask very politely and really practice her handwriting before sending them a letter. 

At this point I'm getting desperate.  I need to find a theme to get her off this Farm Kings kick.  Princess Bear loves fairies and she has a fairy garden all her own that the fairies visit all year (sans winter when they vacation of course) and leave her little gifts.  I find a flower fairy party at Chasing Fireflies.  Now if you're not familiar with Chasing Fireflies it is an absolutely incredible catalog of kids stuff.  Mostly clothes but some toys and things like party sets.  The only downside to Chasing Fireflies is that they are a bit pricey.  At least for where I'm at in my life.  She still occasionally gets things from there though and we love looking through the catalog.  So being the really nice mommy I am I figure that if she'll go for this Flower Fairy theme that I'll sell plasma or something but I'll make it happen.  Here are a couple of pics of things from the Flower Fairy birthday set. 

 photo 34152_p_zpscc937e95.jpg

 photo 34146_p_zpsa4a30229.jpg

Cute, huh?  She looks over it and ponders it for awhile.  PB announces that she neeeeeeeeeeeeeeds to have a Farm King birthday party.  Heaven help me....I have no idea how I'm getting out of this one!  My child is as obstinate and stubborn as the day is long.  If anyone has any ideas for a rockin' 10th birthday party theme please, please, please share!  Until then I'm going to go beat my head into the wall a few times and get scared at the prospect of the upcoming teen years and lament the fact that I had no, none, nada, not a single gray hair until I became a mom!

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