Thursday, July 18, 2013

Farm Kings Season 2 Episode 5- FINALLY

Why FINALLY you ask?  Hmmm, because I'm finally getting around to the post?  Perhaps.  Definitely because that little hiatus was a KILLER!!!  What was that all about GAC????  I'm wondering how far they will go with episodes this time.  Fall festival again?  Still no mention of Tim's upcoming November 2nd wedding either.  Hmmmm.

So what happened and what did I think of this episode?  As usual I think that Dan is getting screwed 30 ways to Monday.  I was so proud of him for making the decision to go to Polyface and work with Joel Salatin.  Yes I understand that losing him for a summer would have been rough on Freedom Farms.  I also know that what Dan would have learned and brought back to Freedom Farms would greatly outweigh the inconvenience and stress of having him gone for the summer.  Alas we'll never know because Dan cut his time at Polyface short.  Let's backtrack a bit though.

The Freedom Farms Cafe is broken into.  This absolutely sucks and is an unbelievable tragedy for the King family.  No doubt about it.  It was best put by Lisa saying that whoever did it was stealing from her kids.  Personally I believe in karma and I hope it really b#$chslaps whoever decided to break in.  I don't think there is anyone that would deny that the King family is hard working, dedicated and determined.  The certainly did not deserve to have to go through something like this.  As they also found out the robbery extends much further than just that day.  There is a sense of being violated and fear that is left after an event like that.  Lisa was wonderful when she was talking to the employee and checked to see how she was.  It was a glowing example of mama bear meets business women and it meshing beautifully.  I also felt so bad for Joe when he talked about how he had to tell his brothers.  Joe is very much a typical first born and takes his responsibilities to family very seriously.  That said he wasn't responsible and I hope he doesn't beat himself up too badly over it. 

After the break in Lisa called Dan to fill him in.  He was worried about the family and employees.  After that there really wasn't much he could do from Virginia.  Why Lisa said that they needed him I'm not sure.  I'm willing to bet it had nothing to do with the robbery and everything with wanting Dan home.  So not cool.  He was learning so much and having so much fun that it wasn't cool whatever the reason.  It's not like he was going to catch whoever broke in or be able to help the situation in any way.  All she did was guilt him into coming home for no real reason.  I'm also wondering why she hadn't talked to Dan in awhile.  In this day and age when cell minutes are easy to come by especially on a family plan which I'm really hoping the Kings have there's no reason they couldn't have been talking on a regular basis. 

So Joe, Tim & Pete go about installing a new safe and upping the security around the Cafe.  I did love Tim's method of checking the safes sturdiness.  I also thought it was wonderful that Joe was opening the Cafe with the employees since they were nervous.  It was the right thing to do but that doesn't mean that many bosses would have done it.  It did but a lot of stress on him which sucked.  It was really awesome that Joe took everyone to the self defense class.  I mean if I had a daughter old enough to have a part time job I'd certainly feel safe if she worked for the Kings. 

Then we got to the point of Dan's return.  Joe's response was so completely shitty and not appropriate.  To say he was awful to Dan is an understatement.  I'm really hoping that it was a lot of editing and that Joe isn't that big an a$$hole.  Not holding my breath though from past things with Joe.  Dan came home because Lisa told him he was needed.  Complete BS and he walked into the lions den.  Now it did seem like there was a 2 week gap or so from the robbery and Lisa's call asking Dan to come home and his arrival.  Only way of catching that is if you follow the whole birth of the pigs thing.  For as much of an AH Joe was Pete was a complete mensch when Dan showed up.  He seemed genuinely happy to see him and the love was apparent. 

A side note if we're keeping track of the King boys that chew and it can be confirmed either from the show or pics its now Joe, Tim & Dan.  WTF guys?????  Lisa smack those boys of yours upside they head and use some of the mom guilt on this topic. 

At the end of the episode it seemed like Dan was not going to be returning to VA.  I really hoped he was just home for a visit and then would go back and continue to soak up that knowledge from Joel.  Not to be. 

So those are my thoughts and feelings on episode 5.  So glad it's back on and can't wait to see what else happens this season!  I wonder if Tim will talk about his fiancee at all or him he'll just show up in season 3 rocking a ring.  What do you think? 

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BonnieN said...

Love reading your thoughts,they echo mine exactly! Wondering if the wedding will be the season finale? Totally missed the chewing by the boys! Just love Dan,he needs some respect from the family! Wished he would go back with Joe to really learn what he needs to,it will help them all...loved him enjoying breakfast with Joe and his wife!