Thursday, July 25, 2013

Farm Kings Season 2 Episode 6

Wow! I'm sure there is some back story that we don't know about but why in the world is Dan always getting kicked about by his older brothers??!!!?? I still think that Dan should have returned to Polyface. Joel Salatin still had loads to teach him. The way the boys react when Dan tells them how something is done at Polyface is so wrong too. At this point it would be nice if they gave Dan at least the courtesy of listening to him. They are right in that it's Freedom Farms and not Polyface. That said they've also mentioned that Polyface is the example that they are shooting for. The idea of making Dan CEO for the week was kind of fun to watch. Thankfully it didn't backfire on Dan! If the worse thing he did was order to much flour so be it. It gave Dan empathy for what Joe goes through and that's all fine and dandy but that's the role that Joe has chosen for himself. So while I'm glad it gave Dan a chance to prove himself but not messing up and doing the commercial it didn't seem to open up the family's eyes about Dan. Honestly it seems like he is a man of many strengths and can excel at almost anything when given the opportunity. I loved that he spoke up about not knowing about the trip that Tim & Sam went on and the Taste of whatever that Lisa, Bitty and Dale (?) were participating in. I think if Joe had been out of the loop that he would have raised hell. Now on to the Taste of ???? and the competition. Good G-d! Lisa might have the most competitive streak I've ever seen. I'm sure it has helped in throughout life but it also makes you think that she could get ruthless if need be. The sense of competition was fun to watch. It was great for Freedom Farms since they featured so many of the Farms products. Hey Bitty! Can you share that recipe for the meatballs? If you don't want to give away the whole recipe how about just the meatball part? We're mushroom junkies in this house and that would go over so well! The trip that Tim and Sam took was interesting to see in that I want to get more berries in the backyard so it was a bit of a learning experience for me. It was also interesting watching Sam struggle with the decision to to to college or stay and work on the farm. The fact that they have so much trust and respect for him is awesome. Also since he didn't have a clear idea of what he'd like to do with his life other than farming it was a good choice to not spend big money on college. I do think that with college being as expensive as it is and kids of 18 being as immature as they are (and should be at that age) going away is just asking for trouble and winds up blowing money. I did love the way Sam acknowledged that helping his brother grow the business was something special. Again the love, respect and work ethic Lisa instilled in her kids shines through. The commercial in and of itself was probably a great idea. The money aspect of it was something to be considered but it was out of the box for Freedom Farms and a great way to spread the word on when the home market was opening. A few problems though. I get that it was Dan's idea and he was CEO for the week. He should have not featured himself as the CEO and focused more on the family. It was a great idea of showing them cleaning and getting ready to open up for the season but perhaps they could have verbalized it better. The last thing is where in the world did they get that producer??????????????? Ok, he's Polish at least that's what I gathered from the accent and his jacket. As a fellow Pollock he kind of made me cringe but that could just be me. SO- all in all Dan did a great job. I'm sure he'll get no real credit for it and they won't be giving him more respect any time soon. Still nice to see that Dan can handle whatever is thrown his way. It will be interesting to see what niche Dan fills in this year and how Sam does with the fruit production.


BonnieN said...

I agree with everything you have said! I have such a soft spot for Dan! At times, they are all just spread so thin and have so little to work with. I notice they share no recipes! Guess I can't blame them. Waiting for your take on tonight's review.

Sarah said...

Bonnie I'll post tomorrow about last weeks episode. They don't share many recipes but they did share a few around the holidays through GAC I believe. They are definitely spread thin but I think Dan is the black sheep for some reason. :(