Monday, November 4, 2013

Random Musings

For anyone that knows me well you might be wondering why I'm blogging and not completely glued to the Bears vs Packers game.  We've had a rough day here and Princess Bear (PB) is one sick kid.  After a few hours at the Dr's office and a set of chest x-rays the official diagnosis is pneumonia.  So much for rest, lots of vitamin C and trying to stay the hell off antibiotics.  SO, while I do have the game on and the Bears are playing on helluva game, GO BEARS!, I'm also cuddling a sick kid.  She has her phases with liking or not liking football.  Thankfully, we're in a liking football phase!

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In this house we bleed Cubbie and Bears blue depending on the time of year. One of my dads close friends is a die hard Packers fan so my dad & I love to razz him, especially when we best them. Every year when football season starts I have a bit of nostalgia and miss living near the city. There is absolutely nothing better than watching your team in their stadium. Now that said I also really love watching the Sunday pregame show because it doesn't get much hotter than Howie Long and the comfort of watching the game at home is nice. I've spent many a game freezing parts I didn't even know I had watching the Bears play. Soldier Field is right on Lake Michigan so depending on the weather its either cold and windy or freezing and windy!

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 I love this pic!!! I really wish the Bears would have let Urlacher play for one more season. I always look at him and feel bad for his mom. The dude has a HUGE head, no neck and ginormous shoulders. Granted he didn't look like that as a baby but it his head was even the baby version of that he had to be awful to deliver. Ugh! Can you imagine????

Back to PB being sick and out of school I'm really not looking forward to dealing with her school. Things aren't any better at this school and in some ways they are even worse. The woman who answers the phone is such a snot that I wish I could reach through the phone and shake some niceness into her. Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in quickly. PB is allergic to 2 or the 3 major antibiotic categories so its always a scary thing to put her on antibiotics. Will the work? Will she have a reaction? Her allergies have tied the Dr's hands in a lot of ways and he did warn me that if she didn't respond quickly that they would have to put her on antibiotic injections so her body wouldn't build up too much of a tolerance to the drugs she can take. Unfortunately PB didn't not inherit my non-fear of needles. As I said, today was basically random musings. I'm too tired to think straight! Just chillin' and enjoying some football and praying that my baby girl gets better soon!

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BonnieN said...

Sarah, First, your new look is beautiful!!!
But your emil me button does not work!

Gosh, I read PB has pneumonia, that is so bad for her and you!! I have many allergies also, I identify with her problem. Do what you have to to get her well and happy again.In our area, online learning is an option when kids are sick and/or otherwise problems.
Wonmdering if PB wouldlikewatching Pioner Woman on the Food Network,she cooks,that is the least of it,her personality is charming and she lives on a cattle ranchshe and her familhy always have interestings things going on,and they maintain wild Mustang horses for the government so they can run wild, they provide food and water..the program also features her 4 kids, Todd,the youngest one is adorable especially, and it is about the workings on the ranch,feeding the calves,rounding and herding on horseback, a lot for kids to see another way of life. Somehow,I think she may find it interesting,Sat mornings 9:30 and 10AM, tehn repeats on Food Network around 5PM some days,check the schedule,it changes. Just a thought, I dearly love this woman! Tell PB I hope she gets well real soon!