Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm so over playing nicely

It seems as though the teachers at my daughters school are bound and determined to make me crazy.  Unfortunately for them I don't play nicely when pushed too far and as everyone knows when Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy!  I had a conversation with Princess Bears (PB) principal the first week of school and shared some of my concerns from last year that weren't resolved to my satisfaction.  We came up with a game plan.  She asked me to email all of PBs teachers and ask them to share with me the lesson plans they had so I would have an idea of what is going on in the classroom.  That way I can work on things with PB as well as her tutor.  That lasted for 1-2 weeks per teacher.  I've had 1 of PBs 4 teachers send me her plans every week.  I'm sure it's super tough to send an email.  I explained that PB needs lots and lots of repetition and that it would help her if I could go over the work at home to supplement what they are doing.  I explained that it leads to nothing other than a lot of frustration when they send home what is going to be covered on a test 2 days before the test.  I'm very sure that every teacher had an idea about each chapter before they cover it and what will be included on the tests.  I'm not sure why it is so difficult to get this information to me.  The principal was very sure that the teachers would play nicely and get the info to me in a timely fashion. PB came home and told me today that she had a Social Studies test on Friday.  She had the information in her binder about what would be covered.  It had been written in the planner yesterday that there would be a test but no info sent home.  I was beyond pissed. 

That was the beginning of the flying emails.  I am still CCing the principal on everything.  It has become one big game of "Lets see who I can throw under the bus while saving my own a$$".  I really hate that.  I've also requested a meeting with the principal and PBs homeroom teacher for Monday.  PBs tutor will be at this meeting as well.  I'm done.  Its time for my inner bitch to come out and play.  This teacher wasted a year of my childs life last year and it's not going to happen this year.  The woman has short timers and is counting the days until retirement.  That is also not my problem.  My problem is that my daughter gets the most out of her school year with people that will educate her to the best of their abilities.  If they need me riding them to make sure this will happen so be it.  I wish they had the gumption to do it themselves but if they don't I will make sure they do it. 

Poor PB knows mommy wasn't happy today.  She came home and let her grandparents know that "Momma is listening to her really mad music".  Yep.  Once Rammstein is on a continuous loop know that it's best not to mess with me for awhile.  Some emails have already trickled in from some of the teachers.  It's almost comical if you can detach yourself.  That isn't a luxury I have right now.  So I'll keep on playing Rammstein and kick a$$ and take names.  Mess with my child or her well being you won't know what hit you.  That I can promise. 

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Leigh said...

I commend you for being so diligent! It's important because no one else has your child's best interests at heart, except you. Me? I would have started homeschooling. Seems better to put the energy positively into PB rather than negatively into her teachers! Anyway, I know you know what's best.