Friday, August 29, 2014

Farm Kings Season 4 episode 2

OK y'all.  It's going to be short and sweet!  I'm on enough prednisone to medicate a small country and I need to get over to my sister's to spend some time with my youngest nephew.  So here is my summary of last weeks episode.

-First off my heart was breaking for Sam and the loss of the berries.  He's holding himself responsible but it doesn't seem as though he did anything that made it so the berries didn't make it through the winter.  It was a damn hard winter over many parts of the country.  This year looks a little better per the Farmer's Almanac and I'm happy about that.  Sam takes his work seriously and doesn't want to let the family down.  Again Mama Bear's work ethic and tenacity is showing up in her kids.  Gotta give her props on that one.

-Tim's hair cut.  OK once I got over being amazed that someone hadn't heard of Love of Love I knew I was going to really enjoy this episode.  Who knew that Bitty liked playing the role of the puppet master????  That was a fun twist.  How much did you love Tim instantly being on board with donating his hair?  Go Tim!  You've got a big heart!  He did look seriously outta place in the salon and of course Lisa could have cut it for him but it wouldn't have been nearly as much for fun us viewers then would it?  I do have to say that I'm SOOOO glad that he 86'd the beard.  He was looking kind of uni bomber-ish with the short hair but crazy beard!  Couldn't you have seen if he kept it and then what all his baby's newborn pictures would have looked like?  :)

-The modeling gig thing pretty much rubbed me the wrong way on most levels.  Pete was so completely against it from the word go and so was Dan.  It's not just that they didn't want to do it but it actually made them feel uncomfortable.  That much was so apparent.  Joe of course being led by the almighty dollar and willing to sacrifice anyone or anything (so it seems) was going to push it through and by golly did he!  What was up with telling Pete & Dan that they'd get their fair share?  Fair share?  Hell boy- they did the work, it's all theirs.  Just saying.  Then there was the conversation between Pete & Lisa about the potential modeling gig.  Lisa was absolutely right.  Pete won't have that face forever.  That said are you supposed to sell your soul to pay the bills?  Are things really that tight for them?

-What can be said about the actual time in New York?  I was a bit surprised that the guys were so surprised to see an urban garden.  It was awesome that they helped the little old lady (who had a great name by the way!).  The photographer probably needed a good Gibbs but we won't discuss that.  Of course Pete & Dan looked incredible because they do look freaking incredible.  The photographer would have had to work to screw up those photos! 

So that's what I've got for now.  There have been some interesting comments lately.  Anyone know anything about Dan returning to the family fold or the sudden closing of the New Kensington market? 


Brigid said...

I received this great little book from my friend Monkeywrangler called Square Foot Gardening The garden is based on a grid of 1 x 1 foot squares, with single seeds of plants placed in carefully determined spacing with climbing and sprawling items like cucumbers, pole beans squash and tomatoes growing vertically to safe space It's a perfect idea for a little city place. Glad you are having an interesting summer!

Cathy K. said...

I hadn't heard the New Ken market closed down. That is a shame for the employees. New Ken has to be over a half hour away from the bakery and market. Now I guess all 3 markets are within a mile of each other and the farmlands.

Hope Purdue said...

The very last episode of Farm Kings next week...your thoughts? I'm sad I don't get to peek into their lives anymore, but completely understand. I hope the past 4 seasons have at least brought a boost to their business. I wish them (& every farmer) much success.